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At 14:14 today, confirmation of ESCtips accreditation to Malmö was received! What does that mean for you? We’ll be bringing you streaming audio of rehearsals, in addition to our popular chat room and live blog, where we’ll share breaking news, …

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Greece: Listen to the Songs UPDATED

Greek broadcaster ERT, have released the four songs competing for selection to Eurovision 2013! What’s more, there’s a market open for this and we’ve published the odds below!  The songs are now shown in running order: 1. Thomai Apergi – …

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Norway: MGP Final Analysis

The Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final is just days away, and with a smorgasbord of scintillating songs to select from, both Andy and I have written some sage advice to follow before making your minds up. The running order is less important in Norway. …

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Melodifestivalen: Heat 1 Snippets & Odds

With your skills sharpened and your instinct honed, welcome to heat 1 of Melodifestivalen 2013! Regular readers will have read our early value articles assessing each act’s potential in relation to the running order and Christer Björkman’s grand plan.  Some of …

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ESC Juries – The Anti-diaspora Vote?

Every year eyebrows are raised and ‘OMFG’s muttered at certain Eurovision results which appear to defy logical analysis. More often than not, these can be traced back to the unpredictability of the jury vote – while throwing up a few …

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Be Sure To Sing In Tune

It’s like an ill-timed fart – nothing kills the moment more than a bum-note or a croaky voice.  The juries’ votes are based on the second dress rehearsal, so an act’s success depends on two perfect performances.  Reading blogs and …

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Ballads Don’t Always Win

It is a common misconception that Eurovision is overrun with ballads and that ballads attract more recognition from the juries than any other genre. The truth is that any genre can win Eurovision, provided it meets certain criteria and can …

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Eurovision Polls are a Waste of Time

During the build up to Eurovision, punters will find the internet inundated with polls each claiming to represent the majority or boasting the best accuracy.  Once analysed, these spurious claims transpire to be a piss-poor crock of shit concocted by …

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