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Ping Pong: Israel’s Forgotten Weapon

There are many controversial things to come out of Israel, and without putting my foot into a political-shaped turd, this entry for Eurovision 2000 could singlehandedly repel Ahmadinejad and other dogmatic enemies of Israel. Here’s the plan: Load a few …

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1963: Denmark – Dansevise

Welcome to a song that shouldn’t have won. Or should have. Anyway, it did. In 1963, the UK hosted Eurovision for the second time, despite never having won it. The hostess – naturally – was the multilingual Katie Boyle (born …

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1983: Turkey – Çetin Alp – Opera

Since the current scoring system was introduced in 1975, there have been quite a few songs scoring the dreaded nul points. None, however, quite as peculiar as this one. Until their winning entry in 2003, Turkey had generally had a …

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1997: Sweden – Bara hon älskar mig

The Swedes, eh? They know their Eurovision, don’t they? Well, sometimes they get it wrong. 1997 being a prominent example. I remember 1997 as the year I graduated from university. Musically it was the year of OK Computer by Radiohead …

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1976: Finland – Pump-pump

Which country has the worst Eurovision record? Currently, the main contender is Portugal. Been competing since 1964, but have never figured in the top five. However, the previous holders of the record were the Finns. Their first entry was in …

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2012 – Sweden

Way back in February 2012, Loreen stunned Eurovision early birds with a rousing 90s inspired trance/house song that sent forums and chat rooms alight, whilst also sending betting markets spiraling. It was Rybak moment all over again. Many Eurovision commentators …

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2011 – Azerbaijan

Another controversial win. Fans and punters have suggested there were far superior songs than Ell & Nikki’s Running Scared. Many say it was Azerbaijan’s turn to win, regardless. I believe that Denmark, Italy and Sweden could all have won had …

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2010 – Germany

Another controversial winner that divided opinion. Whilst Lena’s Satellite was well written, catchy and undeniably popular, her performance was out-of-tune with poor pronunciation. Her school disco bopping was hardly Eurovision quality either. Concerns about Lena’s ability to perform and ultimately, …

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2009 – Norway

The greatest ever Eurovision song? Debatable, but certainly the most successful. Alexander Rybak’s, Fairytale scored a massive 600,000 votes more than its second placed challenger and went on to reach the top-10 in over 15 countries. Not bad for the …

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