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Eurovision Winners

1998 – Israel

Quite how Dana International won is remarkable considering she was out of tune through much of it. Imaani’s Where are you Now was a far superior song and should have racked up a second successive with for the UK.

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1996 – Ireland

Ireland win again with Eimear Quinn, beautifully performing The Voice. Well anyone would deserve to win with such a mesmerising song. Surely one of the best winners of Eurovision?

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1995 – Norway

A controversial winner with barely a minute of vocals. Nevertheless, Secret Garden’s, Nocturn registered a second win for Norway and acted as a one year excursion from the over-familiar shores of Ireland.

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1993 – Ireland

This is the second of an Irish hat-trick of wins with Niamh Kavanagh, performing In Your Eyes. I reckon this is the time where Eurovision was forever tarnished, and wrongly in my opinion, with the image of favouring ballads.

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1992 – Ireland

Another Johnny Logan song, this time, Why me? performed by Linda Martin. I have to be honest, I reckon the UK’s song was better in 1992. Anyway, we can’t leave this without highlighting Petra Mede’s hilarious drag queen comment:

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1991 – Sweden

The 90s, where we start to see much more going on with the stage presentation and choreography. Here’s Carola, performing Fångad av en stormvind.

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1990 – Italy

Toto singing Insieme. I think I’m right in saying that he drove Europe insane the following year by presenting the ESC show. I was right. Here’s some Toto and Wogan magic..

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