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Eurovision Winners

2008 – Russia

This is Russia’s controversial winner. Many believe the victory was won through political voting as there were arguably far better songs from Greece and Serbia to name but two. Nevertheless, the Russian entry was slickly performed and won. That’s all …

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2007 – Serbia

A decent year at the top. A powerful ballad winning, followed by a dance-floor classic performed by a Ukrainian drag act. I preferred the latter, but I can understand why Serbia won. This is Marija Serifovic, performing Molitva.

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2006 – Finland

Now for one that took Eurovision by surprise. Even on finals night, this was considered an outsider. Of course, I cleaned up with a nice little profit at the bookies. This is Hard Rock Hallelujah, by Lordi.

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2003 – Turkey

Whhhhaaaarrr! This is out of tune! That’s an infectious rhythm though and it rightly beat Belgium’s ‘Enigma’ wannabee! This is Sertab Erener, Everyway That I Can.

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2001 – Estonia

Perhaps one of the worst songs to win Eurovision in my opinion. It sounds so dated and the white guy looks as if he was dragged from the audience to sing. It’s embarrassing to think this was from 2001!

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1999 – Sweden

A proper uplifting party song for Sweden from Charlotte Nilsson, performing Take me to your heaven. This is like two big fingers stuck up at Ireland’s ballads!

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