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Eurovision 2019

Israel: Kobi Marimi – Home

This year's hosts, Israel, have released Kobi Marimi's song, Home. Home is the sort of song a host nation sends to Eurovision when they have zero ambition to win again. In Kobi they have a great vocalist who has a pleasant …

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Malta: Michela – Chameleon

Malta has presented Michela's song, Chameleon, for Tel Aviv. There are now three competitive, radio-friendly upbeat pop-songs in the Eurovision lineup from Cyprus, Switzerland and now Malta. Controversial opinion coming: Malta is perhaps the most daring and original among them, yet …

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Armenia: Srbuk – Walking Out

Srbuk will represent Armenia in Tel Aviv with her song, Walking Out. Walking Out probably has one of the strongest choruses in the Contest, but it is let down by a weak 30-second mid-section, plus the jump from chorus to verse …

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Russia: Sergey Lazarev – Scream

Russia has just presented their Eurovision 2019 entry from Sergey Lazarev, who along with the Dream Team, has unfinished business. Judging by the response so far, the market and fans were expecting a typically saccharine Eurovision-by-numbers peace-ballad that would cruise …

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North Macedonia: Tamara Todevska – Proud

The newly renamed North Macedonia has presented Tamara Todevska's Proud for Eurovision 2019. The video to Proud is attempting to shoehorn itself into the diversity and empowerment movement, which seems to be the stock PR blurb for most of this year's …

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Poland: Tulia – Fire of Love

Poland has finally confirmed that Tulia will be performing Fire of Love at Eurovision in May. I was quite pleased when I heard that Tulia would be representing Poland. I was less happy when Fire of Love was chosen as the …

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Azerbaijan: Chingiz – Truth

Azerbaijan has presented Chingiz for Tel Aviv with the song, Truth. My initial reaction to Azerbaijan's song was that it was too edgy to be considered a serious challenger. Nevertheless, Truth is contemporary and could exist in many western music charts …

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Ireland: Sarah McTernan – 22

Sarah McTernan's song, 22, has just dropped before its official first play on Irish radio. News reaches us that this was a late selection hence the slightly rushed video. RTE are also working on a slightly different ending to the song …

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Austria: Pænda – Limits

Austria's song, Limits, by Pænda has finally reached YouTube after being premiered on radio. This is quite an unconventional song for Eurovision and I can understand the reported reluctance of the selection panel put their faith in it. It is so …

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