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Eurovision 2016

San Marino: Serhat – I Didn’t Know

San Marino have just released their Eurovision 2016 entry having internally selected Turkish singer, Serhat, some months ago. Serhat will perform I Didn't Know in the first half of semi-final 1. It's hard to understand the decision processes taken at …

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Croatia: Nina Kraljić – Lighthouse

Nina Kraljić has just presented Croatia's song for Eurovision 2016, which sees the nation return to the Contest following a two-year break. Nina will perform Lighthouse in the first half of semi-final 1. Lighthouse wants to follow in the footsteps of …

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FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi – Dona

Kaliopi has just presented her Eurovision 2016 song, Dona, on Macedonian TV. The 2012 returnee will perform her Balkan power-ballad in semi-final 2. The return of Kaliopi has sent fans into a frenzy, and watching the song presentation, one gets the …

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Estonia: Jüri Pootsmann – Play

In what was a wide open Eesti Laul this year, the Estonia public resisted the staging gimmicks and went with the early favourite, Jüri Pootsmann. Jüri will perform in semi-final 1. The following review has been written by regular commenter, Ben Gray. …

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Montenegro: Highway – The Real Thing

  Montenegro has just presented their Eurovision entry having internally selected Highway back in October. Highway will perform The Real Thing in semi-final 1. Every genre of music has it's fans, but as Finland discovered last year, these alternative sounds …

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Netherlands: Douwe Bob – Slow Down

Expectations were high and the Netherlands has just presented Douwe Bob's much anticipated song. Douwe will perform Slow Down in semi-final 1. When Douwe Bob's Slow Down was released this morning, the Betfair market reacted quickly. The day before, The …

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Israel: Hovi Star – Made of Stars

Hosting extra long national finals seem to be the fashion this year, and despite starting at 20:00 CET, a final consisting of just four artists took over two hours. In the end, the Israeli public selected Hovi to represent them in Stockholm with …

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