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Eurovision 2013

Croatia: Klapa S Mora – Mižerja

[badlist] May seem old fashioned to some [/badlist] HRT officially presented their Eurovision entry for Malmö in a press conference this morning. As previously reported, Klapa S Mora are representing Croatia with the song Mizerja (Misery). I have to admit …

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Ireland: Ryan Dolan – Only Love Survives

[badlist] Instrumentation is dated Backing singers are off key [/badlist] Last night, Ryan Dolan was selected to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Only Love Survives opens to distinctive Irish percussion and mystical sound that suggests some early …

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Russia: Dina Garipova – What If

[badlist] Ex-Soviet bloc vote will be diluted [/badlist] Russia’s entry to Eurovision 2013 has been officially unveiled. What If was produced by Swedish writers Gabriel Alearson & Joakim Björnberg, in collaboration with Russian musician Leonid Gutkin. After last year’s geriatric …

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Greece: Koza Mostra – Alcohol is Free

[badlist] Juries will mark it down a tad Won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. [/badlist] Watching with amazement tonight, I witnessed Alexander Rybak dig himself a crater-sized hole by telling the Greek public that it’s OK they don’t have any money, …

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Austria: Natalia Kelly – Shine

[badlist] Austria short of friends and very reliant on high jury score Fighting with other ballads from similar poorly support nations Needs a kind draw [/badlist] The Austrian public have tonight chosen Natália Kelly with the song Shine to represent …

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Germany: Cascada – Glorious

[badlist] Dated arrangement Typical ‘fan wank’ song, will perform strongly in the polls, but fail to pick up top points To date, press has been negative [/badlist] After weeks of build-up, the German public chose to send Cascada to Malmö with …

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Slovenia: Hannah Mancini – Straight Into Love

[badlist] Song isn’t up to Eurovision standards Slovenia will struggle to win over juries Weaker of upbeat entries in semi-1 [/badlist] Today, RTVSLO presented their entry to Eurovision 2013.  Straight into Love by Hannah Mancini is an electronic, dub-step song …

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Cyprus: Despina Olympiou – An Me Thimase

[badlist] Not many friends to call upon for support Song isn’t exciting and weaker than other songs in the same genre Jury support will be limited. [/badlist] Cyprus broadcaster, CyBC officially presented Despina Olympiou’s love song for Malmö, called An …

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Finland: Krista Siegrids – Marry Me

[badlist] Upbeat songs tend to fail, despite apparent poll support The chorus can be misheard as ‘I f**k you!’ Choreography will be dramatically altered for Malmö [/badlist] Krista Siegfrids, ESCtips’ first ever interviewee, has been selected to represent Finland at this year’s …

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Norway: Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love

[badlist] We still haven’t heard a fully live performance without playback assistance Backing vocals will sound very different in Malmö Will struggle with an early draw, as it doesn’t possess as big a climax as other market leaders. [/badlist] The bookies …

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