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Eurovision 2013

Italy: Marco Mengoni – L’Essenziale

RAI have finally confirmed L’Essenziale as Marco Mengoni’s song for Eurovision 2013! Italy has a lot to be proud of since their return to Eurovision two years ago.  Raphael Gualazzi surprised with a second placed finish, while Nina Zilli finished a …

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Latvia: PeR – Here We Go

[badlist] Not enough allies to pick up support Song is 90s sounding and very dated Juries will hammer this [/badlist] Latvia have tonight selected the group PeR with the song, Here We Go, to compete at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest …

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Azerbaijan: Farid Mammadov – Hold Me

[badlist] Vocals are shakyand very nasal Song isn’t particularly strong in comparison to others of this genre  Betting markets are unmoved [/badlist] Farid Mammadov has won this year’s Azeri selection with the song, Hold Me! I don’t see Azerbaijan as contenders this …

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Moldova: Aliona Moon O Mie

[badlist] Language changed to Romanian Entry is rather unambitious and doesn’t stand out There are better songs of this genre in semi 2 [/badlist] Moldova tonight chose Aliona Moon to represent them in Malmö with her song A Million. Although …

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Montenegro: Who See – Igranka

[badlist] Wrong genre for ESC Haven’t seen a live performance yet, though I’m expecting it to be messy Better upbeat songs from other nations [/badlist]   Montenegrin duo, Who See, have officially presented their song (I use that term losely), …

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Netherlands: Anouk – Birds

[badlist] No climatic moment Needs a late draw to do well [/badlist] Anouk’s Birds was officially presented at 10:00 CET this morning! We waited a long time for Anouk to present this haunting, melancholy masterpiece to us, and like her …

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Sweden: Robin Stjernberg – You

[badlist] Choreography needs work Scandinavian bloc vote is split [/badlist] The finale to a mega selection season was concluded tonight with the final of Melodifestivalen 2013!  The Swedish public and an international jury selected Robin Stjernberg with the song You …

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Romania: Cezar – It’s My Life

Eurovision wouldn’t be the same without at least one divisive entry that plays on the Eurovision’s credentials to entertain and shock. Cezar is a masterful vocalist, reaching notes others only dream of, but no doubt he’ll be causing widespread pain …

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