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Eurovision 2014: Final Rehearsal Notes

So Ukraine start the show with a bang, well the hamster-wheel guy did when he lost momentum and landed shoulder first. Mariya was fine, but it was a somewhat low key performance. TEO’s Cheesecake dampens the mood somewhat and despite a …

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Semi-Final 2: Dress Rehearsal Notes

Yesterday’s second rehearsal from Ruth Lorenzo has precipitated a flood of precipitation over the streets of Copenhagen. Thankfully, calm has returned to the press centre after last night’s storm of enthusiasm. On the subject of storms, I hope you all …

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Eurovision 2014 Rehearsals: Day 6 Review

Denmark’s Eurovision shuttle buses continue to frustrate. Getting to the arena is fine, but Denmark’s deep-rooted punctuality is seriously tested when it comes to exit the venue. Last night I had to rely on a generous ride home from the …

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Eurovision 2014 Rehearsals: Day 5 Review

Malta started us off today with Coming Home. The staging remains in first rehearsal form, but the camera angles and visual impression has improved. Towards the end of the song, the stage lighting turns white to emphasise the climax. Should …

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Eurovision 2014 Rehearsals: Day 4 Review

Last night Rob (EntOdds) and I went to Euroclub and enjoyed live sets from Sebalter, Suzi and Paula & Ovi. Sebalter was easily the best and he’s a really down-to-earth-and likable chap. Rob still preferred the drag act’s version of …

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Eurovision 2014 Rehearsals: Day 3 Review

With the spate of internet connectivity and live-feed issues in the press center, I discovered today that the Eurovision shuttle buses carry free Wi-Fi. So my suggestion is that they annex the press center to the coaches in the car …

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Eurovision 2014 Rehearsals: Day 2 Review

The coach driver had an interesting and somewhat sobering fact for us on arrival this morning. As we approached the B&W Halls the coach suddenly stopped and the driver pointed out two stumpy buildings on the Swedish horizon. He explained …

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Eurovision 2014 Rehearsals: Day 1 Review

A cracking start to the first day of rehearsals today. All is forgiven Malmö! The first three run throughs of Armenia were missed due to the live feed not being available in the press center. Luckily Tobbe Ek was tweeting about …

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