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Your Important Eurovision 2018 Dates! (finals shown in RED)


07th – Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) artist reveal.


23rd – ALBANIA


08th – Czech NF artist reveal
22nd – Denmark & Serbia artists and songs presented
23rd – Spain songs released
27th – FRANCE
29th – CZECH REPUBLIC, SPAIN, Semi-Final Allocation Draw


03rd – MALTA, Melodifestivalen Heat 1
10th – DENMARK, ITALY, Melodifestivalen Heat 2, Ukraine Semi 1, Söngvakeppnin Heat 1
16th – BELARUS
17th – MONTENEGRO, Melodifestivalen Heat 3, Söngvakeppnin Heat 2
18th – Ukraine Semi 2
20th – SERBIA
22nd – GERMANY
25th – ROMANIA


03rd – ESTONIA, ICELAND, FINLAND, Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen


08th – Live Semi-Final 1
10th – Live Semi-Final 2
12th – Live Grand Final

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  1. Good to see a decent spread of dates already.Not good news though on Sweden and Denmark having the same final night.I guess our heads will be hurting after having those two big finals at once to figure out.Very strange for Denmark that they would want to split the ESC audience though with the MF final.Might we see a change there?,I hope so.

    The week before with MF Andra Chansen and the Estonian final as well will be very interesting.
    Both have proved happy hunting grounds.

    It will be interesting to see if we get any/many more in that Christmas period.

    Im not sure if Italy will select from San Remo this year.Most of their best artists were there last year and its very rare an artist returns to San Remo two years running.
    San Remo is the best quality festival in Europe at the moment in my opinion due to the fact Italian music is going through a golden era.
    If we see a returning artist into the big 14 at San Remo is would be a big indication they were the ESC selection.
    If not Italy might select outside San Remo.
    My way way early outside crazy punts on the selection (if there were prices),,,Malika Ayane and Annalisa Scarrone.Both however were at San Remo last year so unlikely.

  2. Gav and I divvied up Finland and Norway last year (same night), so rest assured you will get your accustomed level of coverage here on esctips when Denmark and Sweden clash.

  3. Seems very strange though Andy that the host country would stage their final the same night as the MF final.You would think theyd want as big an audience as they could get, but clashing with what is to many people (not me) the premier pre ESC event seems crazy.

    From a betting side Denmark is pretty much a straight forward back the top 3/back the winner event so nothing to worry about.However from an audience angle it seems bonkers.

  4. agree durham its a shame really from a viewing and betting perspective with the clashes.
    i love mf so danish final will probably be taking a back seat

  5. It will depend for me on the quality and betting.If it was this year id of been 100% on the Danish final as I was very heavy Emmelie of course.
    MF I do very little research on and Scandi music isn’t my strong point and this year relied very heavily on Gav and Andy who luckily had a great year with MF/Finland etc.

    It could be the Danes want a more cut back selection show to concentrate the cash on ESC.

    Whatever lets hope they have a better jury this year.If it was up to the jury Emmelie would of lost,,,they only failed to spot the ESC winner in front of them.Terrible.Luckily the Danish televoters understood music far better than the jury.

  6. After watching 5 weeks of heats for mf it will always win this battle for me.
    Just hope they are not on at exactly the same time

  7. Great! On 1st Feb we have the following to monitor: first Melodifestivalen heat, Lithuania’s second semi and three national finals. Expect some confused reporting along the lines of “tonight, Latvia’s entry was chosen in the UMK final in Malmö”.

  8. Youl have already given us the Finnish winner Andy,we are counting on you.Krista Siegrids your bookie busting tip this year has just had a no 1 in Finlands iTunes chart with a fantastic Ballad “Can you see me?”.Worth checking out on Youtube.We expect a repeat next year from you).Gav will secure us the value in the MF heat long before the show.Latvia on past history is best avoided for betting as they seem to choose anything in shiny shirts,.Switzerland is also looking very dodgy, though Gav thinks the hairy bikers have a sniff of making the national final.

  9. I’ll try my best with Finland, but I’m promising nothing. Sadly YLE’s website is always chronically slow in updating Eurovision news – it currently states that entry for UMK 2014 is open (it actually closed a month ago).

  10. Looks like the Ukraine final is on December the 21st and a big one with 20 songs.
    They were going for the win this year with Zlata and the effort they put in.Will next year see the same push?
    The eastern big guns are putting their cards on the table early,Russia and now Ukraine before New Year.

  11. Cheers for the tip, Durham! I’ll update the calendar as soon as I can log in to the site – I’m experiencing some (hopefully temporary) issues at the moment.

  12. I note the Latvia dates have also changed.

  13. Ukraine on the 21st is a great early Christmas present.Id like to see Renata back with the right song.Another top quality artist would be NeAngely.
    However thinking of Copenhagen the artist with the wow factor and massive ESC win potential to me is Illaria,,hugely talented.The most contemporary artist in Ukraine.A sound that often infuses folk elements,traditional instruments and acoustics a huge bonus.
    I just hope she puts herself forward.If she did and got the selection shes be a contender in Denmark for certain.She knocks the socks of Zlata.

  14. You might be in luck as the following artists have a expressed an interest in taking part:

    1.neAngely ( NF 2007)
    2.Mariya Yaremchuk( NF 2013)
    3.ILLARIA(The Voice 2)
    4.group “Time&Glass”
    5.Matias( NF 2010,2011)
    6.Stas Shurins( NF 2010)
    7.Viktoriya Petryk( JESC 2008)
    8.Eduard Romanyuta( NF 2011,2012,2013)
    9.Denis Lyubimov-“Love” (Fabrika Zirok 4)
    10.Vladimir Tkachenko (X factor)

  15. That’s great news Gav,.If its true that ILLARIA (and neAngely) have shown interest surely the producers would want them in.
    Just that 10 you put up is full of quality and room for 10 more.This Ukraine final could be very very strong.
    I would think as well ILLARIA could maybe enter a song in Ukrainian.
    Vremya & Steklo (no4) would be very strong on televotes as they are hugely popular but a disaster for Ukraine at Esc so the producers might not want them in the final and side step them.
    Wel have no markets up though I doubt that early.

  16. Ireland have announced the same format as recent years. Final Fri 28th Feb.


  17. Breaking news from Finland: next year’s UMK is going to be… exactly the same as this year’s. Same judges, same final location (the 8000-seater Barona Areena in Espoo).

  18. Looks like France is going back to a small selection show.A jury selects 3 entries from all submitted and they go forward to Natasha St-Pier’s show Les chansons d’abord on France station 3.The audience (televote?) then vote to decide the one to be the ESC entry.
    Interesting as well there is going to be a competition with ESC questions and a draw so 1 member of the public becomes a jury member.

    So although the selections are within the wrapper of another show it is still a public selection.

    Natasha St Pier also represented France at ESC back in 2001 in Copenhagen and finished a very good 4th.Its interesting that she sang one of the verses in English,and with her great vocals that helped secure a top finish.So its not true the French entry always sings in 100% French.

    I think his bodes well for France this year.The jury,the public selection and Natasha being involved all points to an improved performance on the scoreboard.

  19. Fantastic news for the ukraine national.
    Max barskih an entrant ive been calling for for the past couple of years is entering with his song nebo ,max finished second in ukraines 2012 with his song z dance which had an awesome zombie video which could have transfered brilliantly to the esc stage.

  20. Crackin effort by max i think ,and possibly the first entry we have to take seriously
    Dark and eerie with some nice ethnic sounds thrown in this has the potential to be quite powerful,max is also a hell of a dancer and you can expect a great stage show if this is selected

  21. Looking at the rumours of entries pimpin youd have to say its looking like Ukraine might have the strongest selection show of anyone.There are some real top drawer artists rumoured/confirmed.Max might not have the vocal quality needed to win such a strong looking line up, though his televote will surely be very strong,maybe just miss out again?.
    If the jury/televoters get it right youd have to think whoever wins selection from such a quality field would be win contenders in Copenhagen though.
    Im hoping ILLARIA is in there as well.
    Ukraine should/will lay down the gauntlet to everyone else I think very early.

  22. So what do you think about max’s song db?

  23. The song itself has everything in there to hit the heights in Copenhagen I think pimp,,.Mixed right it could be really powerfull and has a haunting hook,,its got massive vote potential,,i do worry about his vocals though.Its not a huge issue in a song like this but hes a bit creaky.
    The main worry is in the selection there are the best vocalists from Ukraine this year .The jury wont miss that,,.Saying that the best vocalists will cancel each other out a bit where Max offers something more than just vocals,
    Its a great entry though as is the line up.Most of the line up would win most other selection shows.

  24. http://realityshow.blogosfere.it/2013/12/sanremo-2014-cantanti-annalisa-scarrone-antonio-maggio-noemi-giusy-ferreri-dai-talent-show.html#more

    Rumours from Italy on the San Remo entrants,,(google translate)

    ,”A little more than two months after the Sanremo Festival in 2014 begin to leak rumors about the cast of competitors. TV Smiles and Songs in the issue on news stands Tuesday anticipates the list of probable Big.

    The cast of singers include Nek, Arisa, Giusy Ferreri, Naomi, rapper Mondo Marcio, Giuliano Palma, Mango, Francesco Sarcina, Chile, Antonio Maggio, Annalisa Scarrone, Raphael Gualazzi, Alex Britt with White Atzei”

    Annalisa is my favourite artist in Europe right now,but very very rare anyone returns to San Remo in the big section two years running so it would be a surprise if shes back.If that rumours true though and Annalisa is in again its 80%+ shes got the ESC ticket.(new album early next year,massive record label support,OGAE Italy choice this year,similar profile to Mengoni,).

    Fan head on,,please be true.It could be like Copenhagen 1964 all over again,,Fan head off.That list looks suspect as some expected to be there are missing.

  25. Hope gualazzi is back,loved his song sai last year it was a masterclass 🙂

  26. That’s what seems strange Pimp,its very rare for any to return to San Remo the next year,,sometimes you get the odd one but from the newcomers,,not the big artists.However I did say after this years San Remo they would struggle next year as nearly all of the best acts in Italy were at San Remo this year.So it could be that we are getting return artists.
    If Annalisa and Gualazzi are back next year youd have to think one of them is the ESC entry.
    Or could there be something even better,,a duet?.Annalisa is with Warner Music and Gualazzi is with Sugar Music,,i wonder if Warner distribute for Sugar?

    We will have to wait and see when the San Remo artists are announced,,im not convinced by that list,,but hope its right.,,no not hope its right,,,,,PLEASE be right).

  27. In that esckaz intervierview i sent you a while back durham, gualazzi sounded like he definately wanted sai to go to esc last year, so possible he could still be interested , when do you find out for sure? The confirmed lists ?

  28. 18th of December is the supposed date pimp,,though it could slip if they are still trying to get a few contracts etc.Yes in that interview it seemed he would love to do ESC again.You would have to think a duet with him would be fantastic.We have seen lots of Italian class since they came back but a duet with top Italian class could be something else.Just seems strange those names being on when they were there last year,,why?,,,
    Running ahead of ourselves though,,wel just have to wait and see.

  29. Andy Mikheev ‏@ESCKAZ 22m
    #Eurovision #Russia preselection moved to March. New application deadline is 28 February. Usual RTR selection scheme is applied.

  30. Here’s Ovi & Paula’s ESC entry. Just in case it vanishes from YouTube.

  31. A few names linked to DMGP:

    Maria Lucia
    Julie Berthelsen

  32. Estonia semi final names and make-up will be announced on 4th November around 18:30 CET.Rumours of a few very strong names if true.Best not to point Nordicbets odds compiler to them yet.

    Albania looks a decent line up so should be great viewing over xmas.A lot of poor X-Factor/Voice filler mixed in though it seems.Klodian Kaçani & Rezarta Smaja are interesting.”Love to Eternity” though as a song title does make you worry its a sickly ballad that could flop.Worries will be less if Klodian Qafoku has wrote the song.Fine line to get right a duet,but they have the talent.I always thought Rezarta would win a FiK at some point.Lindi Islami and Aslajdon Zaimaj are probably the strongest x talent show artists here.

    One who also really interests me is Teuta Kurti.She came through around the time of Rona Nishliu,but went away for a few years to have her family.She was stunning in this years Top Fest 12 for her return.If Threedots production are involved in her song i expect her to do well.
    Among the others they would need the killer song to challenge/win unless the producers have their eyes on one or two.

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