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Owner & Chief Editor   I’m a qualified designer and the official geek in the crew, dedicating most of my free time to keeping the ESCtips show on the road. My family routes allow me to support the UK, Ireland and Italy.

Eurovision 2018: Day 7 Review

Starting with Russia this morning and Yulia remains on top of the mountain. You can’t see her wheels but you can see the mountain’s. Yulia looks more at ease on camera, or at least not as off-putting. The ballet dancers …

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Eurovision 2018: Day 6 Review

I think Brian Blessed was in the room next to mine last night, so I’m a little red in the eyes this morning. After a few strong coffees – courtesy of sending Tobbe on a drinks run –  Sevak took …

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Eurovision 2018: Day 5 Review

Azerbaijan kicks off this faster paced run of second rehearsals and Aisel appears more confident performing X My Heart. The staging is more sparkly and the camera angles have improved during the middle-eight and outro. What is Azerbaijan’s gain could …

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Eurovision 2018: Day 4 Review

A change of position for us today: the hosts have opened up another room with a proper TV screen. We are now commenting on performances in HD. Georgia kick of proceedings today with their take on Croatia 2013. Vocally it’s …

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Eurovision 2018: Day 3 Review

Today started with the feeling that we might get a new Eurovision market leader given Alexander will surely impress and Australia could tick all the right boxes to earn victory. Day 3 is the day of kitsch and the kitchen …

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Eurovision 2018: Day 2 Review

Day 2 got off to a glitchy start with the press centre monitors looping a Visit Portugal promo while FYRoM were rehearsing. We managed to catch the final run-through, though. Marija wears a pink tunic-type back-to-front jacket. Nothing is left …

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Eurovision 2018: Day 1 Review

It’s the first day of Eurovision 2018 rehearsals live from the Lisbon rabbit hutch that is this year’s press centre. One could say it’s cosy. Anyway, a barefoot Aisel starts the show for Azerbaijan dressed in a white negligee. The …

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Eurovision 2018 Match Bets to Gobble Up

We stumbled on a new bookmaker today. Karamba are predominately Casino-led, but they have chucked together some nice Eurovision match bets in their ‘sports’ section. Many people use https://www.bettingnews.com/sites/nba/ to do their betting. Registered in Malta, they are still available to …

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