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Slovakia Chooses Miro Šmajda

News sources are reporting that Miro Šmajda, will represent Slovakia in Baku. As a graduate of Czechoslovak Idol, Miro has growing popularity in neighboring countries. Song details will be announced as soon as we know. Watch some of Miro’s live …

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Hot Eyes – Visual Torture

I’m not sure what creature made her head its home, nor am I sure what species of bird is hanging from her ears. What MickeyPaul would make of this doesn’t even bare thinking about. Who dressed this woman? Even in …

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Who wants a 7ft Gyrating Genghis Khan?

No, it’s not a new sex toy, it’s Germany’s Eurovision entry for 1979. You can’t help but wonder why the Germans would want to sing the praises of a genocidal maniac? Inappropriate? :rotfl: Great moves though! BOOKMARK US!  FOLLOW US! …

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Feminnem’s Alternative – Valungari

Valungari’s happy ska song finished 3rd to Feminnem at Croatia’s national selection in 2010. Whilst I doubt they would have progressed any further than Feminnem, I think this song is a true gem and belongs in the ‘best songs not …

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Ballads Don’t Always Win

It is a common misconception that Eurovision is overrun with ballads and that ballads attract more recognition from the juries than any other genre. The truth is that any genre can win Eurovision, provided it meets certain criteria and can …

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Jedward Are Back!

Did they ever go away? After much speculation, today, the twins broke their silence and confirmed their return to represent Ireland for a second year at Eurovision. Louis Walsh has apparently amassed a collection of songs and the twins are …

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Latvia Chooses for 2012

Latvia has begun it’s selection process for Eurovision 2012 and has published all 70 entries on its Eiroziesma site for people to vote. The public vote will not be final, but will form only a recommendation. A panel of seven …

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Everything Is Easy – Not For Feminnem

Feminnem’s, Lako je sve, was an early release for Eurovision 2010 that made Beanie and I have a nibble at some very generous odds available in only March! We were sure this engaging, modern and well constructed ballad would attract …

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