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ESC Juries – The Anti-diaspora Vote?

Every year eyebrows are raised and ‘OMFG’s muttered at certain Eurovision results which appear to defy logical analysis. More often than not, these can be traced back to the unpredictability of the jury vote – while throwing up a few …

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Israel: Izabo – Time

Studio version Live Version This is the official Eurovision version of Izabo’s Time. I quite like this. It reminds me of the Flaming Lips with a dash of Arcade Fire. Quite how this will play out on the Eurovision stage …

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Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus – Euro Neuro

We have a full song and whilst this isn’t a traditional Eurovision sound, the video is sure to attract a cult following. We were perhaps a little hard on Rambo after listening to the preview clip released some weeks ago. …

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Ukraine: Gaitana – Be My Guest

You’re not likely to forget the lyrics to this song in a hurry. Gaitana has been selected to bring carnage to Eurovision in Baku. ‘Be my Guest’ makes an absolute mockery of the contest. It is every dance song from …

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Latvia: Anmary – Beautiful song

It’s Latvia and a girl who’s eyes are trying to eat her face. Just see for yourself… As Mickey and perhaps Beanie would say, the old bontempi keyboard has been dug out to create this dated song. I know she’s …

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Croatia: Nina Badric – Nebo

Nina Badric was chosen as Croatia’s representative at Eurovision some time ago. However yesterday, the song Nebo, meaning Sky, was officially unveiled. It sounds like another Albania, but with a more acceptable radio-friendly sound. In other words, there’s plenty to …

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Tooji Early to Say

The February Eurovision silly season is upon us where crazy punters lump big money on the first competitive song they hear and proclaim they have backed a certain winner. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the experienced Eurovision betting fraternity …

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Norway: Tooji – Stay

As predicted! We got it! You heard it here! Tooji’s floor stomper that should be a very strong contender saw off the early favourites Plumbo. The song Stay was produced by the same team that brought us Eric Saade’s Popular …

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