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Switzerland National Final Running Order

The Swiss broadcaster SF, has announced the running order for this tonight’s national final. Those who follow esctips, will be familiar with the rules that govern voting patterns for live televote shows. 1. Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves – Real …

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Melodifestivalen 2012 Tips

Introduction Sweden’s Melodifestivalen is the biggest of all the Eurovision selection processes. The viewing figures in 2007 for instance, saw a staggering 44% of the total population of Sweden tune in to witness who would represent their country at the …

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Anggun to Represent France

Massive news broke today announcing Anggun as France’s representative for Baku. Anggun is a massive world artist and this surely signals France’s desire to win Eurovision 2012. Anggun also has a new album due for release later this year called, …

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Brainstorm – My Star

What did this guy take? I guess there’s nothing wrong with the song, or that Morrissey style singing, but he looks like he smoked the whole of Columbia before he arrived on that stage. This got 3rd place in 2000. …

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Verka’s Very Own, Lasha Tumbai

In my humble opinion, one of the finest and most  infectious Eurovision songs of all time, which is why we couldn’t refuse using her as our site mascot.  But of course, there were those that disagreed… Beanie: Yuck yuck yuck…its …

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Novelty is only for Televoters

Eurovision wouldn’t be the same without the eccentric and outlandish novelty acts. They have that irreversible jaw-dropping first impression that grows and becomes ever more infectious. Resistance is futile against these viral jokers, no matter what defenses you employ, you’ll be humming that song …

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Tout De Moi – But Not Enough

They’re still baying for blood in various corners of the internet, so I thought I would give this non-qualifier its moment in the spotlight. Tout De Moi finished second from last in the 2005 Eurovision semi-final, which is surprise given …

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2B – Or Certainly Not 2B

Further to our brief look at Lise Darly’s, Tout de moi, we pointed out that this Portuguese horror scored 30 more points, yet, thankfully, still failed to qualify. How this even got to Eurovision amazes me. It sounds as if …

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Kom… I Nearly Did!

Anna Bergendahl didn’t do it, so this is what I considered to be the next best thing. That strong uplifting hook with four confident smiling girls would have gone much further in the competition than Bergendahl stood there holding back …

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