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Shine No More

In 2009 this was one of my guilty pleasures. I even thought the Netherlands had a chance at qualification. Here’s just a few of the comments… Mickey Paul My brain is still trying to comprehend how…. how is such an …

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Alf Poier – 6th! WTF?

Following ScandiAndy’s epic revelation, we had to showcase this true Eurovision classic. It is a phenomenon. BOOKMARK US!  FOLLOW US!  LIKE US!  & SPREAD THE WORD!

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Slovenia: Eva Boto – Verjamem

Slovenia have chosen Eva Boto with ‘Verjamem’ to represent the country at Eurovision 2012. It’s another dramatic song entering the fray, which is a welcome relief from the dance songs. How often can we say that? As for the song… …

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Netherlands: Joan Franka – You and me

[youtube id=”UqlJaubki0o” width=”600″ height=”350″] Joan Franka has won the Dutch selection with the song, You and Me. It’s an American inspired Country song, but the confusing part is why she’s wearing a Native Indian headdress singing a cowboy song? The …

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Sailors – Sunk & Washed Up

I thought sailors was a fantastic entry into Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2012. It was fresh, immediate and very radio friendly – I’ve even got it in my car! I’m quite taken to the dancing, which makes the song feel …

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Ireland: Jedward – Waterline

Jedward will grace Eurovision yet again in Baku with Waterline. As with Lipstick, they rely on backing singers to carry the majority of the vocals. There are a few moments where it gets a bit ropey and there are certainly …

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Austria: Trackshittaz – Woki mit deim Popo

Non-qualifyer. It’s too far in the realms of novelty and that constant monotonous chanting will just turn most televoters off. The juries will detest it too. This is going nowhere. Shit by name, shit by nature. BOOKMARK US!  FOLLOW US! …

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Belarus: Litesound – We Are The Heroes

Belarus have entertained us yet again with yet another song switch! Why do they bother with selection shows? I like this one less than Alena Lanskaya’s ‘All My Life’. Even so, this one does provide some variety to a very …

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Turkey: Can Bonomo – Love me Back

To start, it’s not what I expected. I anticipated a song with a more mainstream sound and western influences, even though I was well aware of Bonomo’s quirky style. I thought we’d get a Dum Tek Tek stomper, but Love …

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