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Tout De Moi – But Not Enough

They’re still baying for blood in various corners of the internet, so I thought I would give this non-qualifier its moment in the spotlight. Tout De Moi finished second from last in the 2005 Eurovision semi-final, which is surprise given …

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2B – Or Certainly Not 2B

Further to our brief look at Lise Darly’s, Tout de moi, we pointed out that this Portuguese horror scored 30 more points, yet, thankfully, still failed to qualify. How this even got to Eurovision amazes me. It sounds as if …

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Kom… I Nearly Did!

Anna Bergendahl didn’t do it, so this is what I considered to be the next best thing. That strong uplifting hook with four confident smiling girls would have gone much further in the competition than Bergendahl stood there holding back …

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Vampires Were Culled

Beanie: The song works until he gets involved…I might buy my apples from him down Ingliston market on a Sunday morning, but I’m not about to believe his tall tale about vampires. She does well but the song just seems …

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Azeri 2011 Pre-Selection Abomination

Adil Baxişli, perhaps the worst pre-selection entrant in the whole of Eurovision history. This is badness on a stratospheric scale. Even when he persists in singing “I’m your anus!” 4:00 onwards is priceless, it’s that high-pitched tuning the radio noise. …

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United Kingdom 1983

We showed them how it’s done eh? This could’ve scored more points than Josh Dubovie! MickeyPaul said: The chorus is unbelievable and the choreography….oh and the key change! I can’t believe people ever lived like this. I’m already turning that …

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Belgium 1980, A Viral Classic

Belgium was represented by synth-pop band Telex, with the song ‘”Euro-Vision”, at the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 19 April in The Hague. Telex were the winners of the Belgian national final for the contest, held on …

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Be Sure To Sing In Tune

It’s like an ill-timed fart – nothing kills the moment more than a bum-note or a croaky voice.  The juries’ votes are based on the second dress rehearsal, so an act’s success depends on two perfect performances.  Reading blogs and …

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Swingfly “Hot Like The Smokin’ Gun”

A Melodifestivalen 2011 reject now.  MickeyPaul went berserk for this… I’m such a hypocrite. I really like that Swingfly one too despite it having a TWAT rapper. It’s all about the… groove daddio. I like the sound and feel. They’ve …

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Switzerland National Final Song Reviews

The Swiss selection is nearly complete and the line up scheduled for December 10th 2011 has been confirmed. There are 14 acts in total and each will compete for their place in Eurovision history at this year’s contest in Baku. …

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