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About Us

ESCtips was launched in 2012 as a dedicated Eurovision analysis and betting website offering lighthearted opinion, commentary, song reviews and podcasts in an honest and upfront manner. We’ll tell you if we like a song. Likewise, expect us to be brutally frank if a song doesn’t meet expectations or has been over-hyped.

It’s important to acknowledge that a number of factors can change in the time between song release and first rehearsal. Our journey starts in December, but as late as May, running orders, vocals and staging/fashion concepts can all dump a favourite or elevate a rough diamond. Always be open to changing your mind. It happens.

We cover most of the main pre-selection shows with greater emphasis dedicated to Melodifestivalen and the other Nordic national finals, along with solid Sanremo insight. Our analysis is short and concise, but we expand on theories when the situation calls for it. In 2013 we covered Eurovision rehearsals for the first time and have travelled to the event ever since.

If you want to get in touch, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

Please note that we do not publish sponsored articles.

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