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Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2019 Final Lineup Complete

The Melodifestivalen 2019 lineup has been completed with tonight’s four andra chansen qualifiers.

The running order for next Saturday’s final is as follow:

  1. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Norrsken
  2. Lisa Ajax – Torn
  3. Mohombi – Hello
  4. Lina Hedlund – Victorious
  5. Bishara – On My Own
  6. Anna Bergendahl – Ashes to Ashes
  7. Nano – Chasing Rivers
  8. Hanna & Liamoo – Hold You
  9. Malou – I Do Me
  10. John Lundvik – Too Late for Love
  11. Wiktoria – Not with Me
  12. Arvingarna – I Do

We’ll have our annual Melfest final preview article published early next week.

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  1. Catriona Colville

    So, goodbye to Jon-Henrik, Mohombi and Bishara? Looks like a 2 horse race now. If that.

  2. I think

    The winner is John Lundvik or Wiktoria.

    Malou Prytz – 2-3 place
    Lina Hedlund – 3-5 place
    Anna Bergendahl – below 5 places

    • I agree and Lundvik is so fake its unreal.The way he looks at the camera makes my stomach crawl.He has very little stage craft.However the streams etc and the likely right on PC jury support might see him home.As for ESC god help us if thats 2nd fav.Id say that would be the worst Swedish ESC entry i can remember in 40 years..Wiktoria is a class act here,but she might not quite have the song to get over the line.If i was the jury id be torn on her.Id want to score her high for delivery,but id be pulled back by the fact its all a bit dated and back off.
      Lisa has her critics,but i though she has been fantastic in delivering the song.Iv very little staked on MF this year and havent increased it.For me its not much better than last year.Very weak.If this ESC year was stronger i think people would see how low rate MF is here.Sweden had become a parody of itself almost.

      • Yeah Sweden has been poor since Franz IMO. Theyve replaced their shlager entries with persistent attempts to be relevant and contemporary, and so we get a lot of hip hop inspired, somewhat urban stuff that for me lacks soul. This has not always been what they ended up picking, however parody is probably the best word for stuff like mockney Franz or Ingrossos head bobs. Especially since Norway keep coming up with something interesting and Denmark at least seems to feel its music.

        When i heard Bishara, Liamoo, Wiktoria I kept thinking, ‘Is This It’?

        Especially sad since 2016 had so many crackers in one final. Get Dinah Na I say.

      • Yes, I also think that the presentation of Lundvik is repulsive. The presentation of Wiktoria and Malou appeals to me, but their songs are weak. As a result, the winner of the ESC is not found here.

      • I think it’s a very strong entry and very joyful one. Not like most other entries more emo and heartbroken. I think he’s adorable and not a fake in any way. If fake is on then most entries wouldn’t make it. Jeez, this is about making a good show, to reach out to the viewers and nothing else. I have no problem if this would win, as a matter of fact I think this should win. All black people on scene giving their very best, and yes, it’s the best I’ve seen for many years in Eurvovison. End!

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