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Denmark: Melodi Grand Prix Lineup Presented

Danmarks Radio have unveiled this year’s Melodi Grand Prix hopefuls competing to represent the nation in Tel Aviv.

The Betfair market was quite optimistic for a Danish win until about 10-days ago when the price started to drift.

The lineup – in running order – is as follows:

  1. Simone Emilie – Anywhere
  2. Jasmin Gabay – Kiss Like This
  3. Rasmus Faartoft – Hold my Breath
  4. Marie Isabell – Dancing with You in My Heart
  5. Sigmund – Say My Name
  6. Humørekspressen – Dronning af Baren
  7. Julie & Nina – League of Light
  8. Teit Samsø – Step It Up
  9. Leonara – Love is Forever
  10. Leeloo – That Vibe

I struggle to get through most of these songs. They are either unsuitable, underdeveloped, or they are poor pastiches which is a common trait for Denmark.

Rasmus’s Hold My Breath stands out as a powerful challenger if the juries overlook the repetitive elements. It’s wonderfully moody and dramatic and could be good on TV if his vocal holds up. Leonara’s song was flagged up a while back, but it doesn’t really do much for me. It’s an inferior Suitcase and would get lost in what is expected to be a competitive Eurovision semi-final 2. Why the French and German? Jasmin appears to have the only competent upbeat song, yet it really depends on how strong her vocals are and how well she can sell the song – not everyone can burn like Eleni Foureira. Julie & Nina have a very scandi sounding song and are also capable of making the super-final – this sort of song is very appealing to Danish televoters.

Over the last few years the winners have come from slots 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8, so the fact Leonara is so late doesn’t guarantee her the win, it just means she will more than likely make the super-final. Last year slots 2 and 3 made the super-final and ended up 1st and 2nd overall.  I would go for one of slots 2 and 3 with 7 and 9 making the super-final.

I’ve sat out of betting on this year’s Melodi Grand Prix given the lack of contenders or even a song that is remotely enjoyable to listen to. It’s worth waiting until some rehearsal reports are on Friday, as that may unearth some last minute value in the markets. The final will take place on this Saturday..

Please MGP 2020, give us some creativity.

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  1. Catriona Colville

    I do agree about the lack of contenders to do well, but remember you were massively against Rasmussen last year and he ended up top 5 with the televote. But I don’t think they have anything as daring as Rasmussen this year.

  2. A very average field definitely and some awful lyrics straight out of the cliche Eurovision song archive. “league of light”? Please. I can think of a few more fitting rhymes for that one.
    Anyway, ‘Kiss Like This’ is the strongest to my ears but I’m also worried about how fitting Jasmin is to perform it- it could easily be embarrassing. There’s maybe 3 or 4 who could take the win but whoever it is I worry for Denmark in the first half of semi 2.

  3. I didnt check the songs for 5 days after they were released because of all the negative comments.
    Leonaras songs isnt comparable to suitcase its catchy and very very cheesy, it reminds me a lot of croatia 2017. Cheesiness sometimes works on eurovision and with a good staging she could end up close to top 10 in the final.

    Also why was there no thread for the first semi of melo? Thanks again Gavster for all the effort you have put on this website.

  4. Any chance of an Australian national final preview gav?

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