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Norway: MGP 2019 Lineup Presented

Norwegian broadcaster, MRK, has just presented the Melodi Grand Prix 2019 lineup with one familiar face.

The final will take place March 2nd.

  1. D’Sound – Mr Unicorn
  2. Chris Medina – We Try
  3. Carina Dahl – Hold Me Down
  4. Anna-Lisa Kumoji – Holla
  5. Erlend Bratland – Sing for You
  6. Adrian Jørgensen – The Bubble
  7. KEiiNO – Spirit in the Sky
  8. Mørland – En livredd mann
  9. Ingrid Berg Mehus – Feel
  10. Hank Von Hell – Fake It

We’ll have a betting roundup as soon as odds start to appear. Song 6, 7, and 8 sound the best at this point. Hank von Hell is a little dangerous in slot 10. Full versions can be heard by clicking here.

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One comment

  1. Firstly, the line-up is so much stronger than last year. I imagine it will be between KEiiNO and Morland.

    Spirit in the Sky is Fanwank with a capital F but I can see it grabbing loads of televotes both in Melodi Grand Prix and Tel Aviv.

    En livredd mann is quite difficult to get into at first but after a few listens I started to wonder if there is something quite unique and special there. And you just know that Morland will elevate it live.

    My personal favourite is Ingrid Berg Mehus – Feel, with that soaring chorus and gorgeous violin. I suspect, however, that the live performance will not live up to the studio version.

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