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Melodifestivalen 2019: Preview Podcast

We’re joined by Aftonbladet’s Tobbe Ek for another year of exclusive gossip in the run up to Melodifestivalen 2019.

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  1. Well, here’s my ranking:
    1. Holly Tandy with “Bigger Than Us”
    2. Anisa with “Sweet Lies”
    3. Jordan Clarke with “Freaks”
    4. Michael Rice with “Bigger Than Us”
    5. OG3NE…ehhh….Maid with “Freaks”
    6. Kerrie Anne with “Sweet Lies”

    But to be very honest……these (three) songs don’t do it for me. Vocally Holly and Anisa manage to bring these songs to some ‘newer’ levels. A pity no singer-songwriter could be contracted on this year’s ‘BBC You Decide’.

    Also, most of the compositions seem to be a bit ‘overproduced’ to my ears. Sometimes ‘less is more’. And most importantly, melodies are the key to success. It needs to ‘touch’ emotionally, and you do that by writing Original, inventive key-changes and modulations.

    I was hoping for UK’s last year in the European Union, to hear a true banger. Alas, I didn’t hear it. If this keeps going on, then please let the UK participate in the semi-finals.

  2. For me Nano and Wiktoria were the standouts in tonight’s semi. Maybe Nano’s song is a bit of a grower, so it might come strong out of Andra Chansen.

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