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France: Destination Eurovision 2019 Open Thread

The Destination Eurovision 2019 lineup has now been presented with snippets for each song.

This year’s semi-final jury will consist of five-person jury, which increases to 10 for the final. The public gets a 50% say throughout the contest. Four songs will qualify from each semi-final, with the grand final scheduled for January 26th.

Semi-final 1 – 12th January

  • Aysat –Comme une grande 
  • Battista Acquaviva – Passio
  • Bilal Hassani – Roi
  • Chimène Badi – La haut
  • Lautner – J’ai pas le temps
  • Florina – In the shadow
  • Mazy – Oulala
  • Naestro – Le brasier
  • Silvàn Areg – Le petit Nicolas

Semi-final 2 – 19th January

Final – 26 January

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  1. best chance for France is Ace Wilder – On cherche encore

  2. So Bilal Hassani with the ‘Roi’ wins Eurovision 2019 I suppose (I mean the whole thing). The lyrics video was posted yesterday and got viral

    • I think most of Bilal’s songs rack up 1-2 million hits quite quickly. With nearly 700k subscribers, it wouldn’t require much effort to amass over 1-million hits with the most hardcore fans watching the video more than once.

      Roi is certainly chart-worthy and Bilal is capable of building a narrative, but there are many more songs to some and there are 2-3 songs in with a chance of winning Destination Eurovision.

      • So what songs do you think have the chance to win? I’m thinking Bilal, Florina and Seemone. Battista is a total wild card. Could get knocked out in the semi or romp to victory.

  3. I think Seemone is one of the most talented young French female singers iv heard in a long time.She has that voice that injects the French Psyche’ into a melody and wouldnt of been out of place in Sylvie Varta’s shoes back in the 60s.The song uses the piano chord progression to great affect and carries the whole song forward along with Seemone’s vocals for company.The final chorus delivers the emotion and has no need to lead into a refrain,but simply ends the song with piano,vocals and wind instruments bringing the melancholy.I hope they get the staging (camera work and lighting) right for her.
    Bilal is horrible in every way so i hope something can get in front of him as i dont fancy having to “enjoy” it in May.Florina had a good song and fluffed it where it matters,delivery and vocals.Lots of work needed for her to improve.Chimene is a very decent singer,but she might just lack that something to win.
    15s on the outright?,Non je ne regrette rien.

    • The fans have the wrong favourites and are missing how talented Seemone is and anything over 2.5 was value.She should be winning this if they get the staging right for her.Im a sucker for young female vocalists and consider myself a very good judge and this young lady is top drawer.This Youtube video shows how perfectly she delivers a song over a piano driven melody.The knack is to be slightly detached from the music,yet slightly higher in the mix to get the melancholy just right and she nails it.Its very very difficult to get right as you need to get right down low in pitch.France have the chance to send a real quality artist here,not an ESC winner,but maybe a left hand side.I just hope the jury and public spot it.Bilal looks bottom 4 at ESC.

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