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Latvia: Supernova 2019 Open Thread

LTV has just published next year’s Supernova songs competing to represent the nation in Tel Aviv next May.

They’re not particularly brilliant, but Tautasdziesma stands out to me.

The 16 acts will compete in two semi finals. The top three in each semi will proceed to the final.

Who do you think will make the cut?


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  1. A lot depends on how these develop over the season and you are banking on surviving long enough to improve.I think Adriana Miglane has a good chance here.She is a very talented performer who is still learning her game,but has big big potential.The song is far too flat at the moment to show her off enough and is a bit of fluff of course.Id expect them to lift the tempo though on the shows as Adriana will easily handle that with her strong vocals.She is better than the song,but that might be enough.

  2. From what I’ve seen so far the Double Faced Eels stand out by a mile in a very poor selection, with Adrian Miglane the best of the rest. But as Durhamborn says, a lot can happen between now and the final.

  3. I personally hate Dziļi Violets featuring Kozmens, but they have constant publicity in television due to them being a band in a local late night show. They even got to present their song on said show way before official announcement of this year’s songs. Plus, Latvians have exactly that sense of humour and attitude towards Eurovision that they can vote for this band to win.
    Adriana Miglāne was the runner-up in last year’s local X-Factor and her vocals are strong. The song itself is cute if nothing special. But I guess it’s my favourite this season.
    Anyway – we have to wait til semi-finals. Lights, staging and live vocals will change everything. Laura with Funny Girl was on no one’s radar before live performance last year.

    • I think Adriana’s vocals are really strong Ruudisss.Lots of potential with her to deliver a technical up tempo song,or even a contemporary ballad.The song itself leaves her to do all the work though and could do with more layers over that simplified beat.Is she doing the Voice in Lithuania now?.

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