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Eurovision 2018: Final Preview

It’s safe to say that this has been the most unpredictable Eurovision of recent years, and once again, our market leader started rehearsals at huge odds. The market leader hasn’t won since Måns Zelmerlöw clocked up Sweden’s sixth win in 2015. Even writing this preview now, I couldn’t tell you who wins, so it’s best to have green positions on anyone who you consider a potential jury or televote winner.

So starting the country-by-country rundown:

01. Ukraine

Mélovin may have done extremely well from the semi-2 pimp slot. His metrics are well clear of his closest challenger, Alexander Rybak. Having said that, the 21-year old has an army of fans, so the YouTube views and likes shouldn’t be taken at face value. Given the ex-USSR wipeout in the first semi-final, as well as a Russian exit, there are only three places for eastern votes to go: Ukraine, Norway (Rybak was born in Belarus) and Moldova (Russian star Kirkorov is behind the song an production and DoReDos are from the Russia-leaning Transnistria region of Moldova).

Top-10 could be within reach, but the view here is 9th-13th, but the odds of 4.33 from Ladbrokes could be traded out of Betfair given there’s an early run of eastern juries awarding points.

02. Spain

There was national outrage in Spain when they learned that Swedish producer, Christer Björkman, had allocated them slot 2 in the final. Wars have broken out for less! Amaia & Alfred’s Tu canción is perfectly pleasant, but Alfred’s wooden performance along with the plastic-y Richard Clayderman arrangement, I don’t think the juries or the televote will improve Spain’s recent run of dismal Eurovision results. Since 2013 they’ve finished: 25th, 10th, 21st, 22nd and 26th. I would have Spain in your ‘last place’ portfolio. Circa 10.0-13.0 is available.

03. Slovenia

Lea’s backing track malfunction continues into the final, so this gimmick will likely fall flat. There will be some regional support for them, but taking their most recent final performances, they could be another last place contender. Hvala, ne! feels more like a Round & Round [25th in 2014] than a Here For You [14th in 2015]. Ladbrokes are offering 5/1 for last place.

04. Lithuania, 05. Austria & 06. Estonia

Ieva was rumoured to have done extremely well with the juries in semi-1. Likewise, Austria’s Cesár Sampson’s Nobody But You was similarly ‘jury friendly’. Both songs sort of cancel each other out from this point in the running order, though it is still expected that Lithuania could nab ‘top-Baltic’ from what was a poor favourite, Estonia. Those odds were as high as 7.0 during rehearsals, but are now down to 1.50. Lithuania for top-10 could land at 1.8 – I have a range of 5th-11th at the moment. When We’re Old isn’t charting particularly well, but we know the Lithuanian diaspora does turn out for their better entries. Donny Montell landed an unexpected 9th place in 2016.

07. Norway

There was something of an overreaction to Rybak on the markets during Thurday’s second semi-final, most of it from British viewers and gamblers. What were people expecting given his national final performance had been available to view since March? The eastern vote has to go somewhere and Rybak could score very well from both the juries and the televote. Top-10 seems the most likely, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him much higher given the unpredictability this year. Ladbrokes are offering 1.7 for top-10.

Interestingly, the first three countries to award points are Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Belarus. I’d expect Rybak to score well in those regions, which may see a rapid price fluctuation on Betfair. The same may also apply to Lithuania.

08. Portugal

Despite the wonderful etherial sound to O Jardim, the host nation will probably default to their traditional vote share. In 2015 when Austria were host nation, they finished last. Likewise, Ukraine only finished 24th. It’s expected that Portugal will struggle to escape the bottom 5, so they should be another consideration for last place, currently 10.0 at Ladbrokes.

09. United Kingdom

SuRie tries her very best with Storm, but the song lacks so much energy. The writing has been on the wall for a long time, and despite the slightly later than expected running order slot, bottom 5 looks nailed on.

10. Serbia

The diaspora helped Serbia escape the semi-final. Going into the final, I expect Albania to take most of the Balkan votes.

11. Germany

Another one of the dark horses of the last few days. Michael Schulte delivered an emotional rendition to the juries at last night’s jury final, but to do well, I feel Germany needed a second half slot given there are several songs pushing emotional buttons without reaching the heights of previous winners of the genre, Jamala and Salvador. Top big-5 has been the play for me and is currently 2.88, down from 7.5.

12. Albania

Juries like to reward exceptional vocals and I expect Eugent performed strongly on that side of the vote on Tuesday. Going into the final, he is well placed to land top-Balkan, provided Bulgaria isn’t as fancied as the odds suggest. Albania are 8.0, down from the 40s available earlier this week.

13. France

I’ve never been a fan of France’s song. I felt it lacked an emotional trigger like Germany, plus it doesn’t really deliver with the same intensity as Jamala or Salvador. As alluded to above, the top Big-5 market now looks quite competitive between France, Germany and Italy. I would favour France and Germany to perform stronger on the televote.

14. Czech Republic

The Czech song has really run out of momentum going into the semi-finals and grand final. Download stats have disappointed, which suggests Lie To Me is more of a jury song. Even so it’s difficult to see Mikolas landing a better result than top-10, which is presently circa 1.7.

15. Denmark

The Vikings may have escaped semi-final 2 thanks to the televote, but I reckon the lack of jury support might hold them back in the final. Traditionally, only two Scandi nations make the top-10, which this year points to Norway and Sweden. And one also has to recognise the cancelling effect of Finland too.

16. Australia

Jessica was again disappointing in last night’s jury rehearsal, so she may have lost a few marks on that metric. Encouragingly, though, We Got Love has been popular on the downloads. There is also a sense that the public enjoy her ‘try hard’ approach and seem to be ‘willing her on’ in the same way they supported Blanche last year. Top-10 is well within reach at odds against given Jessica’s performance now feels bigger and more epic.

17. Finland

Saara will get points from the UK, as well as from the Scandi bloc. I’m not sure where else her support comes from. I reckon a finish similar to Kati Wolf’s 22nd and Cascada’s 21st.

18. Bulgaria

The Betfair bot has finally run out of money and Bulgaria have drifted out to a sensible price in all markets. The chance of them just nicking a top-10 place remains, so I have closed out my position. However, a more realistic finishing position would be around 12th-16th given the televote is expected to be low.

19. Moldova

If there was potential for a televote dark horse, this is it. Back in 2012, Russia’s grannies finished 11th with the juries and 2nd overall, thanks to storming the televote. Moldova’s comedy routine isn’t quite as loveable as Russia’s grannies, but it’s the sort of song that could garner a lot of televote support. Add in the Kirkorov and dream-team links and you have Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Cypriot and maybe even Ukrainian links. The first three nations to reveal jury points tonight are ex-USSR, so might Moldova be in for an early crash? My head says top-10 is the absolute cap, but there’s just this nagging optimism that they are capable of nicking a place.

Odds against for top-10 is a great bet. 100/1 on the outright may also be decent along with 4/1 for a top-5 finish available at UNIBET.

20. Sweden

There’s a chance Benjamin Ingrosso could do very well with the juries tonight, only to fall back on the televote. Having said that, Dance You Off has been climbing the downloads chart, so if we are looking for a compromise winner, Sweden might be it. 20/1 each way at Ladbrokes is value, but 30/1 on Betfair for trading in-play looks the best option. I detest the song, but recognise it’s ability to do well with the juries.

21. Hungary

AWS have a great USP and standout at this point in the final. Their sound might be a tad too niche for the average televoter, but the juries should recognise its composition and performance quality. Top-10 could be within reach, but my range is more along the lines of 10th-15th.

22. Israel

Netta was the market leader since Toy’s release back in March. There has always been a sense that it was a poor favourite and perhaps too confusing and frenetic for the televote and juries. Nevertheless, Israel has been rooted near the top of the market and doesn’t show any sign of losing strength. Netta delivered her best performance to date during last night’s jury rehearsal, so I expect her to be in the top-5 whatever happens tonight.

There has been a lot of buzz about Google Trends, where the term ‘Eurovision Israel’ has been well ahead of ‘Eurovision Norway’ and even ‘Eurovision Cyprus’. However, if you swap the terms to ‘Netta’, ‘Rybak’, ‘Foureira’ and ‘Fuego’ and also search YouTube requests, the stats shift in favour of Cyprus. It’s safe to suggest that it is close near the top. The stats also fail to recognise that Cyprus has been well ahead in music downloads, which has always been a fairly reliable barometer.

23. The Netherlands & 24. Ireland

Sweary backing dancers and a sweary Waylon make Netherlands a must see act. They are being used as a ‘cool down’ buffer after Netta, before Ireland drops the tempo even further. Remember, these songs are merely separating the two market leaders and are there to provide contrast. Ireland probably did well with the juries in semi-1, but downloads have been disappointing and news stories are mostly UK-centric, which tallies up with the betting market feeding frenzy. Nevertheless, 6th-11th should be achievable for what is an impressive and memorable stage concept.

25. Cyprus

Cyprus were over 100/1 before last Tuesday’s rehearsals and were still as high as 50/1 for the semi-final win before flying out to Lisbon. Fuego is this year’s most accomplished song and staging package. It’s as good as you’d get from the Pussycat Dolls or Beyonce. The dance routine, hair flicks and drops on the off-beat are exhilarating to watch, and like Sweden, Cyprus has music-video appeal.

Will the juries go for it? The visual impression is unsurpassed. The term generic has been latched on to, yet it’s more musically relevant than Sergey’s You Are The Only One. Vocally superior too. I really can’t see Cyprus outside of the jury top-5 and it should be top-2 with the televote, so Eurovision could be heading to sunny Limassol next year.

You can get 33/1 for Cyprus to win Eurovision by clicking here.

26. Italy

Last up we have this year’s most confusing package where one has to be a polyglot to understand the meaning. This is last year’s Requiem, not seen as a contender, but goes after one of the perceived favourites. I suspect an Emma Marrone-type result might be on the cards.

So that’s it; nearly six-month’s work building up to tonight and I actually can’t call the result with any confidence. We could potentially see several jury vote leaders tonight with the televote picking from five potential winners. Bloc voting could be crucial.

My three potential winners are: Cyprus and Israel with Sweden a compromise winner. I have Moldova and Norway as songs capable of storming the top-5 and even upsetting the top-3. One of either Germany, Lithuania or Ireland could replace one of the upbeat entries. At this point, my winner is Cyprus, though.

Good luck and share your thoughts below.

About Gavster

ESCtips Owner   I’m a qualified designer and dedicate a lot of my free time to keeping the ESCtips show on the road. My family routes allow me to support the UK, Ireland and Italy.


  1. Don’t you think Gavster that solely Netherlands is used as a ‘break’ between Hungary/Israel and Ireland/Cyprus? Christer Björkman did shuffle until the very last moment with Netherlands. In the video you can see Netherlands getting a 14th running order spot earlier. Never a good sign.

    I can’t see Netherlands scoring higher than 16th now. However, I think you’re gravely underestimating Ireland. The “gay” message to me resonates heavily. I also think that this year’s predictors -Eurojury, ESCtracker (both for Spotify and iTunes)- feel a bit less accurate as previous years. Indicating that this could be the most open year since 2011.

    I also start to think that this year’s winner will probably gather not more than 475 points. A starck contrast between the victories from 2016 and 2017.

    What do you say Gavster?

  2. Ireland were 3rd on iTunes fro Tuesday to Friday?

  3. Thanks for all your work Gav. My first time attending Eurovision and have loved every minute.

    Thoughts in brief.


    Cyprus and Israel look the most likely winners, but this year I think the value lies in the solid (if unspectacular) chartable songs that should do well on both sides of the scoreboard and secure a top 5 spot. Underlying itunes/Fb stats have been reasonable for both sweden and czech republic(less so) and i think the juries will support them too.

    1. Sweden
    2. Israel
    3. Cyprus
    4. Norway
    5. Czech Republic

    So Sweden and Czech each way for me at todays prices.

    Top 10

    Albania was vocally outstanding at the jury rehearsal and i wouldnt be surprised to see it go top 10. I dont think it does as badly on the televote as odds suggest. Been backing from 10/1 down but anything over 5.00 still good. All over the top Balkan too.

    Good luck all 🙂

  4. Thanks Gav,no handicap market this year to pay the car insurance).Incredible year this one and traders will never get an easier year to trade the swings or be handed get out of jail cards.

    Cyprus should win,its superstar standard,juries will surely reward the combination of the delivery.It will be a huge hit and great for ESC.The routine is simply amazing.Crazy the price stayed so high for so long after the evidence was on view.
    Israel still a challenger and she has done a great job,very talented young woman.
    Germany might surprise (and like you say Lith as well).Both superb in their own way.Lith a highlight of the year for me.
    Moldova or Ukraine might shock and grab a place.
    Iv turned most of the rest green as it was so cheap now.
    I must put a shout out for Bulgaria,they did a fantastic job of creating a perfect trade.A bit like the Russia one that kept Jamala at 25s just before the off.
    Good luck everyone.

  5. Battle of Cyprus and France with the victory of the latter.

  6. I’ll just post my top 10 here, I do expect Cyprus to win at this stage:
    1. Cyprus
    2. Sweden
    3. Israel
    4. Ireland
    5. Moldova
    6. Norway
    7. Bulgaria
    8. Lithuania
    9. Czech Republic
    10. France

    Bulgaria, Sweden will be heavily propped up by juries- Moldova, Norway reliant on tv. The other ones look more stable.
    Agree with everything you say regarding potential trades. Best of luck all.

  7. This is google’s projection : https://googletrends.github.io/eurosearch-2018/

    They got 4 of the top 5 right last year. Maybe Cyprus haven’t wrapped it up yet

  8. Gav, most of your analysis I agree with. I’ve pasted mine in below. I accept I might have overestimated Ukraine for the reasons you give. I still think it’s a good bet for top 10 over Moldova. I don’t understand the market surge for Ireland. I’m not sure the evidence of a good televote is there and I would be surprised if it even goes top 10.

    I hope Sweden doesn’t win. I went into the local bookmakers today and I turned to the wife and asked her if she would like me to put a bet on for her. She said ‘I’ll have the one with that young guy dancing in front of the light tubes’ . If after all my weeks of number crunching, video watching and reading your reviews, she ends up with a higher profit than me, I’ll never live it down. Now to the analysis:

    As has often been stated Eurovision voting is ‘a game of two halves’.

    The televote is relatively easy to predict as there is evidence out there. I can reasonably confidently say:

    1. Cyprus
    2. Israel
    3. Ukraine (probably – and a good way back)
    4. Norway – quite a way behind Cyprus and Israel and maybe even Ukraine
    5. Serbia (probably)

    The juries are a different matter altogether, especially this year. Will they (a) vote for the top televote songs:

    Cyprus? – in normal years an ethno-banger such as this would struggle to make it into the jury top ten
    Israel? – particularly in its live form – will juries view it as an innovative slice of modern pop with a message or Golden Boy Mark Two
    Ukraine? – a coffin and a fake eyeball – it will be lucky to make jury top 15
    Norway? – as we’ve known from the very beginning, Rybak’s song is insubstantial, however brilliantly he performs it
    Serbia? – ethno-wailing c 2005 accompanied by a club beat from the 1990s and an aged musician straight out of ‘Love Love Peace Peace’ – this won’t be far off the bottom when the jury votes are announced

    or (b) will they opt instead for more traditional jury catnip:

    Australia? – but the dress, the dancing, the vocal!
    Bulgaria? – the dark impersonal staging, the mimed note at the end, and the fact that four out of the five on stage are not very telegenic
    The Netherlands? – too aggressive, too divisive.
    Sweden? – modern sound, well staged and performed but clinical and soulless, and maybe a case of we’ve had all this before and we’re growing tired of it
    Czech Republic? – too esoteric for a good many jurors
    Germany? – as a big five nation, an untested and unknown quantity which the market now seems to be blindly pinning its hopes on
    France? – as per Germany. Also we need to remember this only came third with juries in its national final, so it might not be a jury song at all

    For all the above jury songs, Czech Republic apart, there is little or no evidence that they will receive high numbers of televotes

    So where does that leave us? Probably with a winner from whichever of the big televote songs does best (or perhaps least badly) with the jurors.

    My predictions are as follows:

    To win: Between Israel and Cyprus. For Israel to win it needs a reasonable jury lead over Cyprus. As I don’t have strong grounds for believing this will happen, I’m going for Cyprus

    Remaining Top 5: Three from Norway, Ukraine, Sweden or Czech Republic

    6th – 10th – One from Norway, Ukraine, Sweden or Czech Republic, and then to complete the top ten, Australia, Lithuania, Serbia and Bulgaria. France may replace one of the last three if it does better than I expect with the juries.

    Last – UK

    My final and most confident prediction is that, however wins, it’s going to be a cracking show tonight.

  9. Thanks for all this year Gavin. Even if Cyp win I think perhaps the ESC bubble has affected thinking somewhat. Eleni is in no way a better singer than Sergey Lazarov – not even close.

    Think you have oversteimated Cyp (even if she wins) and underestimated both Ger and Fra imho.

    Enjoy 2nite and thanks it’s been a blast 🙂 🙂

  10. OK Showlad’ verdict:
    It’s a 4 horse race between Cyp, Isr, Ger and Fra. Ireland will do really well but lower Top 10 is their best hope imho and the hype is OTT and unfounded in the actual lovely but lightweight song. Lit would have been right up there but that draw is a killer imho.
    It’s all about…the juries 🙂 🙂 …a runaway Dami Im lead would make it possible for France and especially Germany to get away from Cyp. Will juries punish Cyp for the poor vocals and, as some perceive, trashy/slutty elements? Indeed very possible and a defo to some degree in favour of the likes of Germany.
    Isr I feel will be stronger with juries and Cyp more accessible and easier to digest with Joe Public.
    Germany has much more power with the public I feel than Fra and should be there or therabouts with Fra in juries.
    Ger is the outstanding value bet and I’m going to stick with my prediction and realistically can see them mopping up with juries and public alike. Albania is the steal with a strong chance of landing a Top 10 place @7/1. btw Sweden would be the totally s***e default winner.
    Thanks to all and enjoy tonight 😉 🙂 Me off out to friends who are hosting a Eurovision Party.
    Good luck all 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Gavster, who the f..k enters the terms ‘Foureira’ and ‘Fuego’ on youtube!!!!? Only Greeks. Please compare apples to apples and pears to pears

  12. Again, I think this is a ‘different’ year than previous years. Perhaps a bit comparable to 2011. The top favourite before rehearsals (Israel) is most likely not going to win. Just like 2014 (Austria), 2016 (Ukraine) and 2017 (Portugal). I think because of all the analizing and trading, people sometimes tend to forget to let their emotions…..their heart speak. Eurovision still is very much an “emotions” contest. Which entry will touch the strings of your heart -to quote Croatia 2001- best?

    Also, one thing that strikes me a lot this year: I haven’t seen the betting odds, and its favourites, changing thát much as during this year. Really, over the course of three weeks I have seen Israel, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Czech Republic, France, Ireland and Australia entering the TOP 3. It shows how ‘insecure’ the market is and that perhaps this year’s winner will only accumulate 475 points…….or less.

    Having said that, this is my full prediction:

    01. CYPRUS
    02. IRELAND
    03. SWEDEN
    04. GERMANY
    05. ISRAEL
    06. MOLDOVA
    08. AUSTRIA
    09. FRANCE
    11. Norway
    12. Estonia
    13. Hungary
    14. Ukraine
    15. Lithuania
    16. The Netherlands
    17. Portugal
    18. Bulgaria
    19. Denmark
    20. FINLAND.
    21. ALBANIA
    22. SERBIA
    23. SLOVENIA
    25. SPAIN
    26. ITALY

    And please dear countries from Eastern Europe. Try to send something more authentic to Eurovision next year. It’s a bloody shame that most likely this year’s TOP 10 will only feature ONE nation from Eastern Europe.

  13. My views:

    So, we’re getting a version of Toy without looper, but without the looper-sounds fully on the tape. So they have to mime these, especially in the beginning. This comes across so weird, without actually using a looper. Thesame for the chicken noises and the looper-stuff in the middle of the song.

    Not only this, but compared to the video and studio version, what’s shown on stage got way more a circus/clown vibe. A lot of stupid facepulling by Netta AND dancers. Also the chicken dance is way more in your face compared to the music video. Vocally she’s fine, but not that great sometimes, it looks/sounds messy now and then. Just the final note is a great plus.

    – Miming/recreating the looper (without using a actual looper) (not only the Ree – Ouch – Hey)
    – Weird stage and outfits
    – Lots of facepulling
    – A lot of the chickendance
    – The song didn’t really chart after the semi final, like people were telling me before
    – Shouldn’t overrate the song and message, I mean rhyming Toy with Stupid boy, it’s not that great
    and classy. Live it’s not as impactful as the music video…

    Agree with the red flags about Cyprus (song and vocals not that amazing and relies a lot on the sexy and performance-aspect for juries), but in my opinion the ones for Israel are much clearer. The performance takes EVERYTHING out of the song and charismatic/strong performer, while the performance of Israel makes it much weaker. Plus Cyprus is doing much better on likes, youtube and charts, even made the viral top-list on Spotify. How it’s shown on stage I think it’s more jury friendly compared to the Israeli ‘freakshow’.

    So I think Cyprus is the deserved favourite. Hard to say if the odd is fair, but it’s not mega short in my opinion.

    Because of the buzz it’s understable Netta is second favourite. It’s still the most talked about in the mainstream view, because it’s simply the singing chicken. Therefore it’s more googled. But based on likes and views it’s loosing against a few others. Stil, I don’t believe in it and it could be like Gabbani (outside the top 5).

    It’s really hard to call the others. I had a longshot on Ireland, but he might be a bit too short now because of the UK/Irish punters, but really happy I saw the potential in it 🙂 Think the EBU news didn’t spread enough to really be in for the win, but still a dark horse for me and hopefuly it’ll make the top 10 for me (posted the top 10 on ESCtips earlier at 40+).

    France, I don’t know… The song is too weak, it’s a bit early in the running order, but the armsign looks to work great and could create a moment. I don’t think they’re super charismatic for votes though, and the song isn’t that votable and a bit dull in my eyes.

    I can see Sweden being the compromise winner. It has so much less red flags for the juries, and if they can score big there, who knows. Also Germany could be a deserved dark horse. The staging is pretty nice and intimate and many many people can relate to the song. Also it’s a more juryfriendly song than Lithuania in my opinion.

    My top 10:
    – Cyprus
    – Sweden
    – Ireland
    – Germany
    – Moldova
    – Israel
    – Hungary
    – Czech
    – France
    – Lithuania

    Anyway, good luck everyone! I got a really great book this year, Really big wins on Cyprus, Ireland (would be my highest odd ever), Sweden and Germany. Decent wins on Israel and Italy and break-even or small loss on the rest of the field. But that’s just the outright, fingers crossed 🙂

    Don’t think there’s any value left at the moment (well, not obvious ones I can spot), just think Sweden is worth a small bet at 30+.

  14. Good work as always Gav.It’s that time of year to see how right or wrong we are. Heading in to rehearsals Australia was my main play as I thought it was the best song in the contest. Personal favourite is Israel and I have never had it green in the outright. Still have it level stakes mind. Normally I would have personal fav green as a mug bet I place every year. I couldn’t see juries go for it at all and still don’t. If the last 4 years betting properly on this have thought me anything it’s that you have to be open to changing your mind. If performance and stats say so. That’s where Cyprus comes in. Red before rehearsals now my biggest green. It wins both jury and televote in my opinion. The performance of Eleni is the best I have seen for this type of song in all my years watching Eurovision. Australia is Blanche of Belgium last year if the song is good enough it gets votes. Book is looking good this year compared to last year thankfully. Having trouble picking a top 4 outside of Cyprus and Australia. So not confident of 2nd and 3rd. Value bets are Sweden, Australia and Czech Republic for a top 4 finish. Best of luck to all.
    So Predictions are
    1 Cyprus
    2 Israel
    3 Sweden
    4 Australia
    5 Czech Republic

  15. Thanks Gav for everything this season. You have given great insight all along.

    This has been a really odd year, the market really hasn’t had a clue and it’s been fascinating to watch.

    My picks for what there worth:

    Winner: Cyprus
    Places: Israel, Sweden & France
    Top 10: Germany, Norway, Moldova, Ireland, Lithuania & Australia
    Last: Spain

  16. 1. Cyprus.
    2. Sweden
    3. Israel

  17. Hi Gavster, wanted to say a huge thanks for your hard work, has kept me hugely amused for the past three months. Long time lurker, but first post. Just back from Lisbon having attended jury final last night. Have followed Eurovision for years but never been so confused as to who to back.

    Winner: haven’t got a clue
    Top 10: Cyprus, Israel, Norway, Moldova, Estonia, France, Sweden, Australia (If she sings well), Germany and I’m going to chuck an outsider in as it went down well in the hall every time I heard it.. Denmark. If Australia not good, then Sweden. I just don’t find it that strong although it is radio friendly.

    • Thanks for the kind words and glad you’ve taken the time to post.

      It has been the most draining Contest for me yet. I’ll be happy to get back to the UK tomorrow and just sleep.

      Sweden is a strange one because it’s actually doing quite well on downloads. But I’m with you, it’s one of my least favourite songs.

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