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Eurovision 2018: Day 8 Review

It was the second rehearsal for this year’s automatic qualifiers today before things start getting real tomorrow.

I think it was dress down day for Portugal today. Vocals more secure and camerawork more effective during the songwriter reveal and outro.

The BBC have worked wonders with the camerawork for Storm. It’s such the shame the song is so forgettable, though. SuRie works the cameras well, which was always her main strength going from her national final performance. Regardless of the first-half/second-half draw, it will still be difficult to prevent a bottom -3 finish for the United Kingdom on Saturday.

New outfits for Spain with Alfred in an Airforce-Blue suit and black shoes with no socks (again!). Amaia’s dress looks like it was passed down from Montserrat Caballé and is most unflattering. We’re joking on the betting table that they should have staged this like Verona. The camerawork and interaction is much better, but Alfred always looks like he’s thinking more about how to walk than singing.

The weakness of Germany has been Micheal’s inability to land the opening note. He managed it for every one of today’s rehearsals. This is looking fantastic on camera in terms of its ability to connect on an emotional level. Germany back in the game and now a value contender in the ‘top big-5’ market, but slightly hampered by the first half draw.

France remains the same in style but with some slight alterations to start. Monsieur starts just behind Madame and doesn’t look at all weird or stalker-y. The presentation didn’t really work for me until the final run-through when smoke was added. I can appreciate the chic visual and musical appeal of Mercy, I just haven’t seen where the televote support comes from yet. This might be my blindspot this year, so I’ll be keeping France well green.

Italy really on for their worst result in years. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them match Emma Marrone’s result from 2014 when she finished a lowly 21st. Nothing much more to add here.

The draws so far are: Portugal (slot 8), UK (1st half), Spain (1st half), Germany (1st half), France (1st half) & Italy (TBC).

That brings to a end our daily report of rehearsals. Coverage will now be on Twitter as prepare for tomorrow’s semi-1 jury rehearsal. Our semi-final 1 preview will be published on Tuesday.

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  1. Catriona colville

    France can still win from first half, as I assume they’ll get 9th to 11th place. Germany can probably still salvage something from that. Spain and UK are in trouble.

  2. France must win. It’s just beautiful and touching.

  3. Spain unfortunately stopped working for me. I love their song, especially in English. But Lithuania has a similar performance and it touches me more.

  4. Italy will not have much success in my opinion. Their performance on Sanremo was pleasant to me more.

  5. The semi final 1 preview will be easy to write if you’re going to publish it on Wednesday. 😛

  6. Yes, Italy really struggling, that second half draw the only good thing for today. It’s too Italian, indulgent, un-voteable. 18th-23rd looks about right.

    UK, Spain both still in trouble as mentioned here. Bottom 5 for both.

    Portugal could do OK, I don’t see it coming in the very last places.16th-20th.

    France has never done it as a winner for me either, I don’t think I’ve even had it top 10 at any stage this year. Draw hurts it too, 10th-15th.

    Germany is decent but can be forgotten and I don’t see a shed load of televotes regardless of the running order. Not as competetive as many others- somewhere around 14th-19th maybe with a good jury performance.

    • UK bottom5 for sure but no Spain this year my dear. Bottom will be Portugal and Spain mid table even top 10 and well deserved.

  7. Who will win the whole thing

  8. I’m going to feel sorry for Surie, and I expect the UK press to have their outrage articles ready – but what can we expect? It just isn’t up there, particularly in this era of more emphasis on respectable, “current”, entries.

    Not scientific at all, prone to abuse, and hope it is okay to share, but I made the exact same question this time last year and Portugal came out top closely followed by Bulgaria then Italy. Pretty interesting results so far.


  9. Norway look the value bet for the win. All the top songs have big negatives and positives but his performance stands out and the song is an earworm. As long as it isn’t Estonia!!

    And France doesn’t seem a winner to me especially after a first half draw. Conchita and Salvador won by sheer personality as well as a decent song. France is great but has no immediate impact for me. Low top 10.

  10. France are now out of the picture imo, not strong enough to win from the first half. If Norway draw second half at this rate and get a 20-26 in the running order its game over I’m afraid.

    • The favourites tend to get a good position in the running order. Conchita, Salvador, and Mans all won from the first half. The effect is overblown.

      • Yeah but so will Norway & Israel if not more, France just doesn’t stand up to either if one of them gets a 2nd half draw.

  11. Norway is definitely winning the televote whatever half he is drawn in but don’t see him in the top 3 of the juries

  12. Pure guesswork but I think the top 5 will be:


  13. Estonia is the dark horse… NOBODY knows what the reaction from the juries or televotes will be and they could turn everything upside down… While yes the song may seem cold and niche, her staging is incredibly impressive and we dont know how that will translate to the casual viewer… One thing we can all agree on is that her act is memorable!

    Its interesting that even though Israel is the favourite by a fair margin, we hardly talk about Netta here lol. Is everyone really that confident she has less of a chance to win it? Or are we being so casual about it because of what happened to $3 favourites Sergey and Francesco in previous years…

  14. I am just going on the reaction of myself and every single person I have played it to. (Israel). No-one liked it on First listen, no-one liked it on First viewing. Novelty, chicken, aggressive, take a too long to get started and various other comments.

    I can see why it’s popular but to me the price is ridiculous and it’s unbackable. I have personally laid it at mid 2s and am currently happy with the red. Ate the public really going to lap it up? Not for me. Are the juries having this song with chicken noises as top 3? I’m not convinced.

    For me it’s The Emperors New Clothes and no one wants to say it’s actually a pretty average song and Shes a but annoying. Fanwank to the extreme.

    Cue a massive victory lol

    • I agree the first 20 seconds with the chicken noises and wing flapping will turn it into an instant novelty act …TV viewers will be baffled

      Its Estonia for me ; they hit the high notes and have the impressive staging with the dress to create a WOW moment

  15. I have to admit the Albania entry makes my skin tingle. Eugent hitting those high notes is like wow. Surprised Albania doesn’t get a mention

  16. Cyprus the new favourite! Does she have the FIRE to win??

  17. Greece performed badly on the show for the jury. I think Belgium will now take its place.

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