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Australia: Jessica Mauboy – #We Got Love

After this week's song leak, Australia has finally published the Eurovision version of Jessica Mauboy's #We Got Love. Jessica will perform in the first half of semi-final 2. It's fair to say that the reaction to Jessica's song has been mixed with many suggesting We Got Love will finish well outside of the top-10 and shouldn't be considered a contender. Others have greater confidence, citing Australia's historic jury support and the positive feeling of the song. I wouldn't say we are in a low-quality year, but I would highlight the district lack of entries capable of instantly sounding like top-5…
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Salvador can't win every year. Sometimes Europe wants fast-food and fireworks! 

User Rating: 3.28 ( 49 votes)

After this week’s song leak, Australia has finally published the Eurovision version of Jessica Mauboy’s #We Got Love.

Jessica will perform in the first half of semi-final 2.

It’s fair to say that the reaction to Jessica’s song has been mixed with many suggesting We Got Love will finish well outside of the top-10 and shouldn’t be considered a contender. Others have greater confidence, citing Australia’s historic jury support and the positive feeling of the song.

I wouldn’t say we are in a low-quality year, but I would highlight the district lack of entries capable of instantly sounding like top-5 contenders. So many songs have negatives, yet one of them has to win and four more have to make up the top-5.

In previous years, the market has always reacted negatively to Australia’s song. Tonight Again, Sound of Silence and Don’t Come Easy all caused Australia’s price to drift on release. We Got Love is the only Australian song to shorten for both the leaked release and the official release. I am told by a reliable source that there were two songs in contention this year and that the Australian Head of Delegation waited until the last possible moment to select the song. This says a lot about Australia’s intent this year: in selecting such an upbeat song that combines a positive uplifting melody and powerful vocal, they are surely going to Lisbon to win. I say again, Australia are going to Lisbon to win.

There are many factors that could go against Australia in Portugal. One of them is Azerbaijan’s slightly similar X My Heart which boasts a similarly positive, anthemic melody. Interestingly, the market drifted to 100/1 for Aisel, yet shortened for Jessica; probably because We Got Love is much more chart-worthy and impactful, and is likely to be rated higher by juries outside of the ‘let’s-mark-down-our-competitors’ bloc. The song just keeps building and building and then it just soars after that percussive bridge.

Most of Australia’s points have tended to come from western Europe and Scandinavia, but in 2016 even the likes of Azerbaijan, Moldova and Belarus were willing to send decent points down-under. If the song is good enough, it’ll score points regardless. The main debate at the moment is that some people see We Got Love as being too generic to win. In that case Heroes was generic. Hey Mamma was too yet finished 3rd; as did You Are the Only One and that was a vintage first bottled in the noughties. Salvador can’t win every year. Sometimes Europe wants fast-food and fireworks!

Many people have also flagged up Jessica’s poor performance in Copenhagen a few year’s back. I have to admit that this was my initial concern when she was first announced, but after some basic research I discovered she had blossomed as a performer. Here are just a few of her recent live performances:

Having seen those videos, I think even the loudest of critics can concede she has improved since 2014.

So until we get to Lisbon, my advice would be to not underestimate Australia in such an open year.

  • Positive, radio-friendly melody
  • More jury friendly than other upbeat songs
  • Vocally more secure than in 2014
  • Televote not guaranteed for Australia
  • Azerbaijan fishing for same votes

Is this Australia’s route back to the top-5?

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  1. Uplifting anthem with international sound.

    The professional gamblers seem to rate this a lot higher than the fandom.

    I know on which side I want to be on.

    • Forget fans and gamblers. Try to be on the side of the voters. This is bland 80s nothingness. The pro videos are usually much more slick than the stage presentation, unlucky for Oz if true in this case.
      YT: 1K likes, 580 dislikes.

    • Gamblerwank? =)

      For me it’s just a addition to the (pretty long) list of possible winners, nothing more than that

      Rehearsals are gonna be fun…

  2. For this one, we need to hear live really. She ain’t no Dami in vocal ability and her lower register was problematic. But then jury was historically favorable to Australia with even worse package on offer, so hard to judge.

  3. Yeah I probably underestimated Jessica as a choice based on her pitchy Sea of Flags performance. This should get a very healthy level of jury and televote support as long as she holds her nerve on the night. Can’t say for sure yet if it’s a winner but it’ll be up there with the best of them.

    • “the best of them”…..is not an easy phrase to engage with Ben in ESC 2018…!

      I don’t think this is anything special.

  4. ‘Returning’ female artist with an uplifting “banger”, the fact that the fandom doesn’t seem crazy for this is a definite red flag. Maybe alot of backers of this are simply ticking boxes as this has a lot of ingredients that should work. Maybe that’s how Australia picked this?

    I don’t understand the support for this. It’s Australia’s weakest song yet and Australia is already proving to be a country underachieving on the televote as it is. Then in the final this has to potentially compete against the other uptempo female songs from Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Finland. And this song is no better than any of those, or at least not so much better to be talked about as a top 3 or whatever.

    Jessica is likeable, and Australia will get a lot of jury love but beyond that, this is a hugely average package and I don’t see more than a mid table, just on the left hand side finish for this.

    • I think the fandom doesn’t go as crazy for Aussie entries because they still want the country kicked out of the contest. Also probably because musically their entries aren’t European (read: cheesy) enough for their tastes.

      • There’s definitely a lot of anti-Australian sentiment but Dami Im was still 3rd in Ogae and had a decent reception with a song much less cheesy.

      • I think the majority of fans love Australia in the competition even if the detractors are vocal. It shows that the competition is as popular as ever and cautiously growing.

        Australia have had 3 incredible years – 5th, 2nd, 9th – but some of that was novelty factor and their honeymoon period has to end sometime. I think this year will be their worst result yet.

  5. We are currently judging a studio version and the official video, but the way she will sell the song is definitely the make-or-break of Australia’s entry. The song in itself is neither bland, nor an earworm, but it has its merits. However, is Jessica votable? There are some red flags in the video (e.g. – the first 10-15 seconds in she is just straightfaced or the chandelier on her head), while Gav also pointed out on Twitter her tendency to miss notes. This is one to watch in the first rehearsals. But I can’t see it worse than Isaiah’s effort.

    • I believe I’ve only be pro-Jessica on Twitter, Walrus. Vocally, she’s come a long way since her appearance in 2014. I feel people have been too fixated on that Sea of Flags disaster. Watch some of her recent live performances and you’ll appreciate how brilliant she has become.

      • Catriona Colville

        I imagine you are right about her vocals, but the seems like a lot of nothing. It’s solid, but I can’t see a lot of televote support for it. There are plenty of songs similar to it this year. It could become something during rehearsals, but at the moment I would doubt a top 10 finish, even in this shocking year.

    • Every fan that I have seen respond negatively about her song and her chances immediately points to 2014 Copenhagen interval as the reason.
      As an Aussie who has actually seen her career since then, there are a few points to pick out why I disagree.

      As Gav has indicated, the last 4 years has seen Jess develop and mature as an artist. Not only has she been gathering a number of music nominations, had a starring role in one of the highest rated TV shows here (‘The Secret Daughter’ where she plays a up and coming singer and from which she has had two CD soundtracks released that were number 1 on the charts and some of the biggest selling albums last year), plus a sell-out large scaled tour in Oz, loads of live appearances on TV…

      Secondly, its the actual decision of her and the delegation to go back to Eurovision when she is riding extremely high as the best selling Australian female. With such a career-high, why would you choose now to risk it with the chance of bombing out at the contest? She doesn’t need Eurovision, she WANTS Eurovision. And the delegation wants a win.
      The press here are making a big deal of it. The announcement last night and screening of the clip on the broadcaster reiterated very loudly and repeatadly, this is a real chance to win.
      Broadcaster wouldn’t want egg on their faces, and if she failed, the press here would absolutely slaughter her. You just wouldn’t risk it.
      If there was a feeling of any risk factor in even getting out of the semi, I doubt you would have Jess in the lineup.

      So people, where do you think you’ll be going in 2019 when Jess wins?

      • You’ve made a good case for “Jessica the comeback” but said little or next to nothing about the song. OZ sends good vocalists.. That we know. But I think many will find this song plateaus at 2 mins and lacks that final cutting edge. I see her nearer to Isaiah than Dami when the votes are in.

        • Fair play.
          I will say that I thought Dami had an average sounding song too. But her live performance elevated it.
          This song has the hallmarks of average pop song that ticks a lot of Eurovision boxes in the same way that I felt ‘Only Teardrops’ did.
          I think Jess will elevate the song and make it shine far brighter live.

  6. Plastic throw away pop that is well produced and aimed at a stadium/ESC stage.A lot depends on what they have in store for that drum bridge.The jury will probably over rate this,the televote might be decent as well.Iv got it slightly green on the outright for now and il probably leave it at that.Personal taste is that this is utter rubbish,but i still respect it doing ok/well because the build might be really powerful.
    Nice to see Francesca Michielin’s box dusted off as well.

  7. I think both Azerbaijan and Australia have great entries this year.

    Azerbaijan flows in a kind of lyrical pentameter which is very immediate, and is all very catchy and bouncy. The structure is good too. Australia has a shade more positivity and feelgood to it. Between this, and that both countries stage hits more often than duds and I dont think there is a hair between them.

    Only weakness in either is that they repeat throughout the final minute rather than trying something new.

  8. I can’t say I have the love for We Got Love. It’s ‘fast food’ pop as Gav says and some of the lyrics are seriously clunky. (It doesn’t even have the excuse that this is an entry from a non-English speaking country) That said, this has the potential to do well with both juries and televoters and there are not too many songs this year that fall into that category.

    I can also imagine this coming over well on the Eurovision stage. It is the sort of number you can visualise the end credits rolling over.

    At this stage it probably has the edge over similar entries this year, but as Walrus cautions, we really need to wait for the first rehearsals.

    So, I would go as far as to say possible winner – and I really hope I’m wrong about that.

  9. Eurovisiontales

    I like this, its solid, and I can see this being top 3 in the jury vote. I think the song is a bit anonymous to storm the televote tho. Its certainly a grower, doesnt hit you instantly. Australia is not winning, but another top 5 placement is highly likely.

  10. This song’s strengths (composition, vocals, arrangement) are betrayed by the weakness of its vapid lyrics.

    “Heroes” had character, a sense of storytelling, and vivid lyrics: “We are the heroes of our time, but we’re dancing with the demons in our minds.” I find that colorful and thought provoking (maybe veering on the mellow dramatic, but definitely not empty).

    “Hey Mamma” had personality and joy- and with the performance a sense of narrative.

    “We have Love” sets out to be inspirational, but falls flat on this promise. If the words “we have love, we have love, we have love” were pitched for an inspirational greeting card, they would be rejected as “ too empty,”

  11. We must remember that more plastic throw away pop and vapidity was exactly what Salvador Sobral made an impassioned plea for in ESC. Oh hang on…

    • Just because that’s what Salvador requested doesn’t mean every pop song is automatically disqualified from winning. Eurovision goes in cycles and the winning song still requires that fine balance of an infectious sound, positive mood and provoking an emotional response. Now each year’s winning song will have different variations of those components.

      Am I saying Australia is winning? Absolutely not. But I’m at least recognising the strengths in the melody and vocal.

      • There are strengths in vocals. But in the melody ???

        Comparison with Heroes is ridiculous. It was a stamped MODERN song with a great message in it. Australia has a stamped PAST DECADE song with nothing in it.

        Comparison with Hey Mamma is ridiculous. It was a FUNNY EASY song. And it was not fast food music. It was a well-made song with saxophone inserts. Australia has a PRETENTIAL song with no interesting and fresh elements in it.

        I read the review with a laugh.

        But thanks to the jury we will have to endure this burp from Australia. As last year we were patient with Isaiah

  12. yes this is going to do well but i think east europe is more likely to vote for the Azer song, which imo is better anyway.

  13. Whilst I see the similarities with the Azer song, I think this is far better. It’s more anthemic and uplifting. Better lyrics than Azer’s ‘stronger than cannonballs’

  14. I actually think this is the winner.

  15. Such a pathetic generic song with a whole lot of nothing. It is just a bland copy of the worst pop songs from last decade. It is simply bad in every way. But, HERP DERP it-s Australia so we have to praise to hell and back and call it perfect. The bias in your review is plain ridiculous. Congrats on reviewing a flag and not a song.

  16. I like it. It’s definitely got a chance but I’ve got a feeling that something is going to jump from the pack that hasn’t really been considered so far. Belgium? France?

  17. Of course it’s good for the jury. But this is such a typical inconspicuous song from the radio, which we heard already a million times. I do not think that it will be very good with televoting.

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