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Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2018 Final Lineup Compete

With tonight’s four andra chanson duel winners joining the eight direkt qualifiers, the lineup for next Saturday’s final is complete.

  1. Mendez – Everyday
  2. Renaida – All The Feels
  3. Martin Almgren – A Bitter Lullaby
  4. John Lundvik – My Turn
  5. Jessica Andersson – Party Voice
  6. LIAMOO – Last Breath
  7. Samir and Viktor – Shuffla
  8. Mariette – For You
  9. Felix Sandman – Every Single Day
  10. Margaret – In My Cabana
  11. Benjamin Ingrosso – Dance You Off
  12. Rolandz – Fuldans

We’ll have a full preview article and podcast published early next week.

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  1. Catriona colville

    So Benjamin given the pimp slot between 2 no hopers? 6 to 9 will likely hurt each other, so I can’t see anything other than an Ingrosso victory, unless Samir And Viktor can get a respectable jury vote and win the televote.

  2. Lets try to analyze this then, step by step. I think the last place is between Renaida och Margaret. Then it will be a jump to the other songs above, So who will finish last? Renaida is a better singer and has a better song. But Margarets song is more easy and there are a lot of polish people living in weden (will they vote for her!?) Renaida finishes last.

    • Then to place 8-10 where Rolandz and Samir & Victor will get quite a lot of votes from the people. Perhaps Rolandz will get more than Samir & Victor and finish 8th and Samir & Victor 9th. None of them will get any or just a few jury points. Mendez will get more from the jurys but much less from the people so place 10.

      • Place 6 and 7 will be between Jessica and Martin. Will be a close call but both will get quite deecent with votes from the people and the jurys. Perhaps Jessica is a bit more popular among the people and Martin among the jurys. Martin 6th and Jessica 7th.

        By the way, could Rolandz even win the people? Might be placed before these two then. Prhaps even top 5!?

        • I think Mariettes song is a bit to cool to be better than 5th. The show is not so good and she has not so strong result from the people before. John will be 4th. Probably better result from tje juries than from the people.

    • I’m pretty certain Renaida won’t finish last! She will get few points from Jury and I don’t think Mendez will!

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