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Netherlands: Waylon – Outlaw In ‘Em

Following a 5-day previewing of his potential Eurovision entries, Waylon has finally made his choice for Lisbon. Waylon will perform Outlaw In 'Em in the first half of semi-final 2. Semi-final 2 is turning into a mini rock-fest with Netherlands, Romania and Hungary sending different sub-genres for rock fans to enjoy. Outlaw In 'Em is by far the most jury and radio friendly of the bunch and should see the Netherlands fight for another respectable finish in May. Country-Rock isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I think it's at the more palatable end of the rock spectrum for average viewers.…
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Rootin' Tootin'

With Waylon charismatic stage presence, Douwe Bob's 11th is well within reach and potentially beatable. 

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Following a 5-day previewing of his potential Eurovision entries, Waylon has finally made his choice for Lisbon.

Waylon will perform Outlaw In ‘Em in the first half of semi-final 2.

Semi-final 2 is turning into a mini rock-fest with Netherlands, Romania and Hungary sending different sub-genres for rock fans to enjoy. Outlaw In ‘Em is by far the most jury and radio friendly of the bunch and should see the Netherlands fight for another respectable finish in May.

Country-Rock isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s at the more palatable end of the rock spectrum for average viewers. Mixed with Waylon charismatic stage presence, Douwe Bob’s 11th is well within reach and potentially beatable.

With Pannecoucke appointed to look after staging again this year, I would be aiming for an edgy monochrome palette with lots of lens flare and wind to give it that live concert feel. Also lots of ultra closeups on Waylon from different angles like we saw from Oscar Zia a few years back. There’s a lot of potential to extract from Outlaw In ‘Em!

For now it’s waiting to see what they come up with in May’s rehearsals.

Can Waylon gunsling his way into the final?

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  1. Catriona colville

    First time I heard this, I thought It could win. Haven’t changed my mind.

  2. Risky but a standout in that dire semi final.

    Not sure if jurors will get behind it to the amount you are saying though.

  3. Personal favourite, but I’ll not get carried away- making the top ten is the best this can hope for in my opinion. On the other hand, I don’t see it lower than 15th and it goes without saying this should be in the final.

  4. This is superb. The song, the vocal, the energy. This is what Eurovision should be about, someone prepared to come along with authentic, bloody good music – and saying to Eurovision juries and public voters alike, take it or leave it.

    And you know what? I think they’ll take it. I don’t care that this is country rock, it’s just too good for the juries to ignore. The televote may be harder to persuade but if a head of steam gets up behind this song in the run up to ESC, it could do well there too.

    Does it sound like your typical Eurovision winner? No, but neither did the last two winners when they were first released. But for the time being I’ll say definite top 10, and if it can win public voters over in sufficient numbers, possible top 5 with an outside chance of the win.

  5. High on the new in ESC word, “authenticity “, but not sure the televoters are yet primed for the full Nashville sound. Think likely to be closer to “Slow Down” 2016
    (11th) than Common Linnets 2014 2nd place.

    But definite quality.

  6. I fuckin’ love this! So glad this is the song he’s taking to Lisbon, I was afraid it was going to be one of the ballads or, before the songs came out, I thought it might be something a bit more 3JS or crooner-ish. Of the songs he put forward, this has the strongest USP. If you’re going to take a risk in Eurovision, dial it up to 11 and you’ll find the typical red flags we and the Sofabet crew talk about magically just no longer apply in several cases, such as with Nina Sublatti.

    Waylon’s got this, he doesn’t need to go dressed in a ripped denim vest and wipe his nose on his arm with half his face visible under a giant panama hat at the end of his performance and all that other theatrical rubbish. Crucially, this song is better live than it is in recorded form, (that hasn’t stopped me buying the 3mins version on iTunes, or should I say 2:45,) and I’m looking forward to seeing him and his backing band just rock out and blow the roof off. Get that across on TV and those watching will sit up and take notice. It’ll be a bit like a Keith Urban concert. At the risk of letting my taste get the better of me, I’ll say qualification isn’t a question here. Rehearsals will tell us how high this climbs, but I can’t see it lower than 15th at an extreme.

  7. Very, very interesting one, and these 40+ odds were a nice present for me, will keep adding to my stake if it ends up drifting a lot and nothing spectacular will be selected…

    I think these high odds are/were purely based on the ‘Oh, [insert-niche-genre], this is not gonna work on Eurovision’. In Eurovision betting there’s lots of money to make if you put this mindset aside a bit, like so many examples in the last years.

    But, is this really niche? I kinda disagree, most comparisons I read to this songs are songs/artists like Kid Rock, Bon Jovi, Paradise City. Quite popular, right? I think this ‘this genre won’t work at Eurovision’ can only be applied to a few genres, like hard rock. If it’s great quality and has a mainstream flavour, it will be picked up, like this song/performance.

    This has a lot of things going for it:
    – Great build up
    – Grabs you and doesn’t let you go, no toiletbreak here
    – Great voice, the jury can’t ignore this
    – Very chararimatic singer
    – Pannecoucke appointed for staging. He might be a one day fly after all, but I believe he can come up with a great staging concept.
    – Stand out song, nothing like this has ever been seen in Eurovision imo, still it’s easy enough to get into

    If I look at the other (possible) song this year, from what other song can you actually say ‘This will end up higher than Waylon for sure’? None for me until now. Take Finland, I don’t see the Saara songs competing in the top, surely with a live performance. Czech? Not sure this should be the number 2 favourite, fun song but no winner-vibes for me here and so many doubts to consider. Comparable odds to France, Belarus, Croatia, Germany, Italy and a few more, but this song has much more to offer. To be honest, Spain gave me the most winner-vibes in the first video, but they got too much going against them to bet for.

    Don’t get me wrong, don’t think it should be the number 1 favourite, but I think these odds are based on the wrong mindset and are too high. Really realistic atm is 4th at the jury and 7th televote or something like that, but there’s even more possible imo.

  8. Don’t exaggerate now guys. I don’t like orgasms on here.

    • Gert, I’m sure we all remember the one you had on here last year over ‘Do it For Your Lover’ (wink!!!)

  9. Pannecoucke specialises in camera angles and this is what this song needs, not stetsons and plastic cacti.

  10. this is excellent. possibly the best rock song ever entered in Eurovision

  11. Waylon told in a interview that it probably wouldn’t be a super stripped back performance. He said ‘I want it to be spectacular, even when you don’t like this type of music. It’s probably not gonna be just me standing with a guitar, something is defenitly gonna happen. I want everyone to think ‘this was fucking awesome!!!”. They got a meeting about this next week to come up with their plans, so this is all not sure yet. Also he’s commited to losing a few kilo’s.

    But got full trust in what they are doing. He’s told he’s going for the win from day 1 and is very confident. He picked this song, while most others in the commitee wanted other songs (because of these typical opinions about Eurovision), but he stuck to it. He could have gone for one of the ballads and end up 15th, but he wants to show what he’s all about and not go for safe. He doesn’t believe in the cliche-approach when it comes to selecting a typical lovelovepeacepeaceballadsong… Only had good interviews until now!

    He has done lots of work/performances for TV, I think he knows what he has got to do to have a shot at winning (“it’s not just a contest, also a TV-show”). Combine this with Pannecoucke’s vision and his vision, I think they have one of the best (possible) packages in the field untill now.

  12. What a fail by the broadcaster (avrotros) to upload the live performance with live band as the ‘official music video’. Without editing or cool shots, just a mediocre live performance. The band just knew the song for 2 days(!) and never played it together before… There’s no enjoyment, he’s too busy playing his guitar and with his band.

    This needs to be energenic and full of energy and soul, like at the song release (without live band).

    But he already stated he will be on the stage on his own I believe, so doesn’t matter too much eventually, but might cause some drifting

    • I don’t give a r**’s ass about all these beautiful videoclips. In the end stage directors like Hans Pannecoucke and Sacha-Jean Baptists now that’s about that one moment on the Eurovision stage that lasts 3 min’s. Off course they can get it wrong too (I was so wrong with Spain last year Gavin :-/), but it also helps if the actual artist, the whole delegation actually, is grounded in plentiful stage experience and creative directing skills as well.

  13. It’s very similar to the song “Little Big Town – Little White Church” and on many songs of this group.

    I think this will not work with the jury, because it’s just genre music. It sounds like all American country music at the same time.
    With televoting, I also think it will not work.

  14. I have to agree with Gavin here regarding his staging advice. Just rewatched the staging from Oscar Zia’s performance. It has this ‘rock’ vibe with all those stroboscopic white lights, various fastly paced camera shots from many angles, some great close-ups, lots of black-and-white’s regarding light colors and LED-Visuals.

    Build on that and perhaps include those lens flares from the above live recording from Waylon at the DWDD-Talkshow. Personally, to distinguish Oscar Zia’s “Humans” from Waylon’s “Outlaw In ‘Em” I would perhaps opt for some slightly warmer colors as opposed to ‘grey’s. Perhaps some dark-brown, yellow lights mixed with lots of those Oscar Zia-style white stroboscopic white lights.

  15. So, Ewan from ESCInsight is predicting Waylon and Rybak as possible winners in the last Juke Box Jury.

    Again, you probably shouldn’t rate the Eurojury polls too much for NL, because the horrible live official video is probably used (with live band). There was no official studio version available on youtube at the time.

    Ewan had great views on Salvador last year (that he might not be at the rehearsals for example), predicted the Moldova top 3 and for example also the Conchita win while others didn’t see it yet.

    Ofcourse shouldn’t base bets on 1 persons analysis, but great to see someone like him agreeing…

    Again: 100+ odds are way too generous in this open field, probably because it has no momentum at this moment, but this can easily change.

    Also a good moment to promote his staging series, nice content for betters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNY0oU2pZ7U&index=1&list=PLQsDbOBGaJAbWFquAcT9MweTG8MODttTg

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