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United Kingdom: SuRie – Storm

SuRie has defied expectations to become this year's Eurovision representative for the United Kingdom. The early favourite did what we all expected: crashed and burned and probably ended up joint last. As has already been mentioned in the comments, SuRie was the standout performance from what was another below-par You Decide! selection. The Annie Lennox comparisons have also been mentioned and I would tend to agree with these. SuRie has a similar tone to Lennox, and Storm does have that punchy, early 90s Walking On Broken Glass feel, albeit notably inferior. There has already been lots of hate directed at…
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Subject to a rework, I still think we're heading for around 17th-20th

User Rating: 1.83 ( 51 votes)

SuRie has defied expectations to become this year’s Eurovision representative for the United Kingdom.

The early favourite did what we all expected: crashed and burned and probably ended up joint last.

As has already been mentioned in the comments, SuRie was the standout performance from what was another below-par You Decide! selection.

The Annie Lennox comparisons have also been mentioned and I would tend to agree with these. SuRie has a similar tone to Lennox, and Storm does have that punchy, early 90s Walking On Broken Glass feel, albeit notably inferior.

There has already been lots of hate directed at Storm; the constructive criticism is justified, as there is still a huge lack of boldness and vision in the way the BBC present and stage their songs. And stop worshipping Sweden. I can’t remember a single UK song praised during the national final show, yet ABBA were shown twice. Embarrassing really. Now on to the song…

Storm is a perfectly listenable radio track that lacks the fine tuning and arrangement capable of standing out in a 26-song final. The chorus becomes a bit tired and repetitive by the two-minute mark, yet I concede that it is at least memorable. The middle eight is probably the most effective part. As soon as that’s done with, the song does plod to the end where SuRie grasps for notes right on the edge of her range, which could get interesting in May.

The main weakness is the choreography, or lack thereof. SuRie is just stood there, arms down for the most part, wearing an unflattering green pantsuit. Fashion aside, I would enlist the use of a close-up steady-cam during the ‘hey, hey brother’ soft verses just to create a connection with people at home. The BBC really need to get her moving, though, as there’s only so much lighting and cameras can do in selling the pantsuit off this song.

Subject to a rework, I still think we’re heading for around 20th, though I will be very happy to be proven wrong in Lisbon.

  • Chorus is memorable
  • SuRie does look capable of selling the song better
  • Positive, radio friendly sound
  • Not 100% vocally secure
  • SuRie too static
  • Song loses momentum

Will the UK get a Stormy reception in Lisbon?

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  1. I just think it will be like Germany 2017 at this moment, like Germany last year I do like it and would listen to it if it came on on the iPod but I would never vote for this over 26 other songs on a Saturday night

  2. Lol did really UK pick this over Legends. They are kinda worthy of their Eurovision fate arent they

  3. She sings a totally vacuous number rather well, but it makes the word “superficial” seem kind and profound……and was I the only one listening to the melody of the chorus and getting flashbacks to LOCAL HERO (1983)…the “Going Home” theme, 2 mins 30 in. Expect plagiarism noises fairly soon……

    UK revival is postponed….by another year at least.

  4. Ive been backing Surie to win the selection since the markets opened to limits with bookies and on Betfair so im more than over the moon she won,id suspect easily.The cream goes to the top,the favourite couldnt sing as anyone who looked at her past performances would see.At ESC i think this will do ok,enough for the jury to give a few votes and maybe some televotes if done right.Very talented singer who just needs a bit of backing help in the top of the range.
    Song just needs a bit more power in the refrain and i think then it will do ok.

  5. Reminds me a bit of Annie Lennox :-). Love the looks…and voice of this singer. But well, Gavster probably is right. And probably I am too old for this contest hehe: 36.

  6. The UK had a good song with a staging concept that worked, but why did the BBC give it to an artist who clearly wasn’t ready? Legends was not a song that made an immediate impact on me but objectively I could see it was the only one of the six that stood a realistic chance of making it outside the bottom 8 at ESC.

    Storm, was the other song of the six that I initially picked out – but unlike Durhamborn its success is not filling me with jubilation. It obviously went big in the hall tonight but the energy it generated in the Dome did not really transmit down my television screen.

    It feels 1990s and middle of the road (in song feel and styling of the singer I too was reminded of Germany 2017 – not good!!!). The production needs a revamp to make it feel more modern. SuRie needs to get out from behind that mic stand pronto, and there need to be backing singers on stage. Whether we get any of these is anyone’s guess, but I’m 100% certain there will be a pyro curtain on the last chorus.

    I just can’t see ESC juries supporting this and the televote was always going to be a struggle for the UK. So, despite it being a listenable song, I predict 18th or below in the Grand Final

  7. Asanda’s fate was obvious from the start and the odds were ridiculously short.
    As for the winning song, Cathal nailed the comparison – this is Germany 2017 all other. Perfectly fine, respectable but just a bit bland. Too forgettable sadly, I feel another bottom five is likely.

    • I think the UK was bottom five regardless of what was sent from tonight’s motley crew. At least now they have a good vocalist who, with a revamp might be able to pull the UK out of the lower reaches of the right side of the scoreboard.

  8. Astonishing negativity here. Undoubtedly the best overall package on the night and came across much better live than the studio version. For me it sounds more akin to Denmark 2013 than Germany 2017.

    She has Eurovision experience, looks different without being off-putting, song is anthemic and she’s vocally strong. Not a winner and probably not left hand side but will have some televise appeal if in 2nd Half of final and if performs well then middling jury votes. I think 15-18 is very possible.

    • I’m not buying the “this is the new Only Teardrops” angle (which I have seen in a few places)…..with the military staging, the tin whistle and an anthem to pull a divided Europe together after all the ravages of historical wars, there was an convincing and spirited authenticity to Denmark 2013 that “Storm” totally lacks…..the lyrics belong more in Mary Poppins 2 or “Saving Mr Banks” movie than on the ESC podium…..

      Germany 2017 alas, feels spot on to me, as Cathal remarked at the outset.

  9. It is a bit Perfect Life-y, yes, but I will admit Only Teardrops briefly came to mind for me, as well as Carola’s Invincible and Dana International’s “Ding Dong.” Storm sits somewhere in the middle of a square where those four songs are the corners.

    I’m reserving full judgement until we get a revamp, however modest. I am slightly frustrated however that in a selection where we get 5 songs that all sound to some degree like current British pop, we go for the one bit of bouncy Euro-fluff instead.

    SuRie herself is lovely, I really like her and her attitude towards this opportunity. I don’t get the Annie Lennox comparisons besides the hair, and Annie is a far better vocalist. SuRie needs some help on those high notes towards the end, she nearly went full Harel Skaat there.

    I think with a slightly folksier kind of arrangement, more lush strings, less plastic 90s Steps “uunce uunce” beat, you can get a really pleasant, easy to like, anthemic entry out of this. Staging it won’t be hard. She just needs to march around, get out on the catwalk, interact with the crowd and get the lights and camera angles right, and then I think a modest improvement on Lucie’s 15th place is within reach.

  10. I think you were overgenerous with the stars at the song apeal and vocal strenght section.
    She sounds just ok to me. And that bum note at the end. The Annie Lenox comparisons are ridiculous, the only similarity is in the hair.
    As for the song, there’s a catchiness in the ” storm dont last forever part ” but thats pretty much all.
    Generic beat, generic melody, super generic lyrics ( spread love and dont give up no no, only Russia gets away with lyrics like these nowdays 😛 )
    The biggest problem with this of course is thats its not something instant or personal. Its indifferent to the eye and to your ear, especially during the first time you listen to it ( admit it Gav, you were going to award it less stars after the first listen but it grew a bit on you later ). This will go completely unnoticed among 26 strong entries in May.
    If Lucy wasnt able to catch the public interest with a more personal song and good staging ( I doubt UK will surprise us again with the staging ), there’s no chance this is escaping bottom 6.

    • “This will go completely unnoticed among 26 strong entries in May.”

      That’s generally my point, but I recognise the areas it can improve and maybe hustle its way to a marginally higher finish, even though still right-hand-side.

      • Despite my own reservations I agree there is potential for improvement in two key areas. (a) The arrangement needs to sound more modern, have more drive/energy/attack and, above all, avoid reminding anyone of Perfect Life (b) SuRie and her backing singers need to leave the mic stands in the green room and get to all corners of the stage engaging with the audience in the arena and down the TV camera.

  11. Your analysis is spot on Gav…..maybe 22nd/23rd????

    Jo and Jake??

  12. Always nice to have a shout out to Walking on Broken Glass haha. This is no that, but it is serviceable and radio friendly, whoch is the BBCs point and the songs problem. It is too low impact. Lands with a gentle bump and is then forgotten. Pity. Its all very nice and catchy but the melody is catchier than rather pedestrian uplifting lyrics. She’s very likable though. I recommend they play her up in the staging as a beaming pixie leading us through a storm.

  13. As every other song gets released, the live version of this sounds better and better

    • Thats because it has had time to grow on us, our first impression of this is the one the majority of Europe will get in May bar a major revamp.

      • I Understand what you are saying but so far, not a single other released song has had as good a first impression as this song did for me. I totally see it is not a massively strong package but the standard is incredibly bland so far and nothing else at all stands out. This has probably the most memorable middle 8 and hook so far.

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