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Spain: Alfred & Amaia – Tu Canción

Following a unique, Big Brother influenced selction concept, Spain has just selected their Eurovision 2018 entry. The victors were in-love couple, Alfred & Amaia with the song, Tu Canción (Your Song). There's no escaping the chemistry between Alfred & Amaia. It transcends what is an unremarkable song for non-Spanish speakers. But it's a song that describes the dizzying rush of excitement that is young love. The package in current form is far from perfect, though. It isn’t Salvador mark-II and nor is it an Ilse & Waylon reprise. The duo lack the vocal security and gravitas to match those performances.…
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True Love

It’s a song that could go viral on the night, or could disappoint and finish well outside of the top-10. The jury is out for now.

User Rating: 3.17 ( 58 votes)

Following a unique, Big Brother influenced selction concept, Spain has just selected their Eurovision 2018 entry.

The victors were in-love couple, Alfred & Amaia with the song, Tu Canción (Your Song).

There’s no escaping the chemistry between Alfred & Amaia. It transcends what is an unremarkable song for non-Spanish speakers. But it’s a song that describes the dizzying rush of excitement that is young love.

The package in current form is far from perfect, though. It isn’t Salvador mark-II and nor is it an Ilse & Waylon reprise. The duo lack the vocal security and gravitas to match those performances. However, they do have elements of those delicate Eurovision triumphs that may serve Spain well in Lisbon.

The Common Linnets simmered their way through Calm After The Storm in Copenhagen. It was the ‘real music’ winner in 2014, but it was the staging that made the Netherlands crash from over 100/1 to short-priced favourites before the Conchita frenzy took over. The connection between Ilse & Waylon was both intense and heart-warming, and was perfectly captured by a circling steady-cam.

Fast forward to 2018 again and Alfred & Amaia showed the tiniest glimmer of potential during the rehearsals, as they performed face-to-face while holding hands. This moment caused Spain’s price to drop as gamblers recognised what could be a magical entry. As many former Eurovision acts have found out to their cost, you can’t manufacture this sort of chemistry. And it’s a chemistry that transcends any language barrier in the same way that Salvador seduced Europe with a Portuguese love song.

The national final performance was clumsy. The two pianos added nothing and instead focussed viewers’ attention on Alfred’s awkwardness. The winner’s reprise was much stronger, as Alfred & Amaia stood centre stage like a newly married couple about to take their first dance. The magic was back. So the message to the Spanish delegation is, let them be themselves. No frills. No gimmicks. Just let them sing to each other while a Common Linnets-style steady-cam circles them. This is an excellent opportunity for Spain. I feel the current 10/1 is a tad too short, but I would never want to be red on this until I saw the Eurovision version. It’s a song that could go viral on the night, or could disappoint and finish well outside of the top-10. The jury is out for now.

  • Genuine chemistry
  • Doesn’t need gimmicks to standout
  • Vocals aren’t perfect
  • Alfred can appear awkward
  • Juries less likely to be on board with this song


Blimey! They’ve gone full Albania-devamp in butchering this. The extra instrumentation layers make it sound like a Richard Clayderman composition for the hot new album soon to hit shelves, ‘Elevator Moods’. It’s like they took the BBC’s Eldorado theme tune as inspiration. Try again next year, Spain. Dear me.

Can Alfred & Amaia keep it together for Lisbon?

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  1. Iv followed Operacion Triunfo all season.I watched it to pass some time,but when i saw Amaia i knew she was something special and started backing Spain on Betfair at 60s and all the way down to 28s and was hooked on the show.I probably got a little lucky in the end with the duet and the romance,but il take it.
    Spain have a challenger for the top places here.No doubt about that.Maybe even the win.However they also have an amazing chance to make a mess of it.The staging tonight was wrong.Pianos,seperate,walking around?.Shows how far Spain are from understanding staging.
    This song has an incredible bridge,yet they didnt use it at all in the staging.?
    For me its simple.Natural stance,no gimmicks.Camera work in close and intimate right until the bridge.Then swirl the cameras around the couple.Make the violins much higher in the mix here as the vocals go up the range.Swirl the camera around and then out into the roof space.Rush back in to an explosion of vocals,emotion and light as they come out of the bridge and let the televoters fall in love during the refrain.Its as simple as that.That way your laying it down to the rest,come and beat us.
    This is a cracking entry,if Spain dont get top four then the delegation should be burned at the stake for making a mess of it and letting down a great song and fantastic artist in Amaia.
    I have sold my original stake at 11.5 though as i think thats probably slightly short at this stage.

  2. Now watch them turn this into a ballad version of Lithuania 2015 on stage.

    Ok but seriously. If this couple are genuinely in love and you’re backing them, you have to consider the possibility that they might no longer be in love in May.

    They would then be under a contractual obligation to sing a song that reminds them of their broken romance in front of 200 million people on live international TV and several times before in rehearsals and put on a brave face for the parasitic paparazzi. God, the very thought of it all, it’s like a bad Spanish soap opera, or an episode of Black Mirror.

    I can see what others are seeing in this, but I’m not sold. I just feel sorry for the lovebirds.

  3. I’m not calling plagiarism or anything but I really do see strong similarities between this and Portugal last year abd that could be its big down fall. I do see the strong potential in this but it’s sort of irrelevant if the public consider it a copy cat of last year’s winner. I personally really can’t stand it as a song and a package but until I know more I am not prepared to make a prediction yet, my money would be on not a great finish but lots can change.

    • Honestly I hate the song so much I refuse to listen to it again, if I’m being honest I will be pissed if this does well as it feels as if the team behind have basically forgot the song bit decided to just cover it with glitter. Part of me can’t see this doing well at all (deservedly so) but part of me thinks the public will be stupid enough to fall for it and vote accordingly… I hope Spain do well as I got a strong affiliation to Spain but I hope this song crashes and burns. I would call about 18th-19th at this stage.

  4. I’m conflicted on this, I don’t quite see it as a challenger for a top place but then I can’t see it flopping into Spain’s typical places or just hovering in mid table. Partly, I feel that alot of the impact and charm of this could be diluted by following last year’s entry. The idea of a sweet, old fashioned love song in Spanish following up on a sweet old fashioned love song in Portuguese is a little odd. Salvador had such an impact that anything else suffers in comparison, and this is open to comparison. It also did nothing for me on first watch. I didn’t watch anything of Spain’s selection until the rehearsal videos and my first thoughts on all of them were Spain are in trouble again, unlike with Salvador which made me take notice immediately. I don’t think this has the gas to go all the way for a win, but with sensible staging is a top ten and could be Spain’s best finish in a lot of years. Until I see how strong or otherwise this year becomes, I have this 5th-12th

  5. It really has potential. But it also has a problem – this is a presentation. They need a romantic staging. And I did not understand why the girl is dressed in office clothes.

  6. Keyword for me will be: Genuine.

    Please, keep it genuine. If this gets pulled from the performance it’s just a ‘good’ duet and it can get lost and will be (bottom) on the right side of the table.

    When seeing the audition video, I got the ‘magic feeling’ like Salvadors, but not as strong as last year. When seeing the live version (with the piano’s) it dropped drasticly already, it didn’t feel as genuine and sweet anymore.

    I wouldn’t care if they just put them on the stage without preparing anything in their casual clothes, it needs to be genuine and magic like the audition was. This chemistry is the vital part.

    Even if this magic is there, the jury will be a big doubt for me. They could go for Salvador because it was seen as art. This is just super sweet, but from jury-perspective, I’m not sure they can go for this for the top spots based on that. And it isn’t like the song and vocals are that impressive to go for. Also, the Salvador comparison could be a danger indeed.

    Would back arround 30 at this moment, but not for these odds.

  7. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, I do not think this song will go anywhere in the top 10 in the contest.

    Why? The song ( and presentation ) are very cheesy, it’s an outdated ballad-form and juries will surely smack this down. Televote will like it a bit more but then again, how many other ‘ tasteful ballads ‘ will we get after Salvador his speech ?

    It seems like a lot of people are jaded by the ‘ non fastfood music ‘ speech Salvador gave previous year togheter with his very sincere simple song winning, this song is nowhere near that quality.

  8. No ART here. Just some emotion is not enough. Low jury vote… Good televote. However, Spain can expect a better result comparing with last year.

  9. Trying to follow the Salvador Sobral line is a lost challenge … The probability of two intimate and eternal songs coming in two years in a row is extremely low. Be that as it may, the Spaniards had a much more challenging alternative: Arde. There was no jury of experts to put Tu Canción in its right place … That was to stay in Spain. I predict TOP15 with some optimism. It’s still too early.

  10. Now I have to preface my comments by confessing that last year I spent a lot of time spelling out why Salvador couldn’t and wouldn’t win Eurovision, so I have to keep an open mind on this one. That said – pluses:

    – The song is very sweet.
    – There is undeniable chemistry there.

    – The song is no Amar Pelos Dois or Calm After the Storm
    – She is much better vocally and more comfortable on stage than he is
    – Their voices don’t entirely gel
    – Their costumes (especially hers) were wrong. It had the feel of an office romance. All that was missing was the on-stage photocopier. By the end of the song it looked as if she wanted to pull him into the stationery cupboard for a knee-trembler
    – Experience has shown that trying to follow the previous year’s template for ESC success usually comes a cropper.
    – No one ever got rich backing Spain to do well at Eurovision!

  11. On the issue of Amaia looking like an office worker.I agree.Its also one of the reasons she beat Ana and Aitana who looked like they were about to perform sexual acts on the crowd that would of made Caligula blush.
    50% of the working population go to an office every day dressed like her.She was relatable to them.That matters.
    The song itself has little in common with Portugal.This is more an orchestral pop ballad where the melody is designed around piano,strings and vocal harmonies leading to an explosive bridge.As Gav says it could go viral or it could flop if they stage it wrong.20s feels about right at the moment.

  12. I cant believe no one sees how cringey this is and this being awarded with more stars than France is crazy, Gav
    This will be lucky to avoid bottom 7 ( and that thanks to ” ah a cute couple ” votes and nothing else )

  13. Hoping this doesn’t come to pass, and that is not a bad premonition, but in the life show all the finalists received coaching on how to deal with the press and Ana asked Amaia

    Are you concerned about the possibility of coming last? :-{

    Video here: https://youtu.be/eexhF_WgwVo?t=42m31s (In Spanish)

  14. It’s hideous! Hahaha. The cringe. I had to just…breathe… through it.

    – eye contact should always be with us. For star-crossed gazing, less is more. It’s not a staring contest.
    – there’s no melody. Though this didn’t harm Portugal
    – speaking of, you can rarely copy last year’s winner’s vibe/shtick and get away with it
    – stop grinning at each other what is this i don’t even

    This will vie for last place.

  15. Apart from their positions on the Iberian peninsula, I don’t see any relevance in this Portugal/Spain business….this is nothing like Salvador 2017…..that was class, this is, as the Spanish might say, “acaramelado”…syrupy and over sweet….

  16. I don’t believe this is “cringey” to the majority viewer. As Gav said there’s real chemistry here.

    And they’re bound to stay together until May and beyond, so much riding on it, and I’m sure it’s the real thing. Even UK BB showmances who hate each other have motivation to stay together for a year or two lol.

  17. Looks like the delegation are listening already.The Fiesta performance at the end of the series was much closer to whats needed.Piano’s are gone.There are two stairs on the ESC stage so its possible we are getting a “coming together” staging without silly props..Alfred is still a little crunch faced,but much better than before,obvious they are schooling him for that.Amaia perfect as always,shes hugely talented.Very very well executed orchestral pop.Its just a shame we dont still have an orchestra so the camera would swing through the string section during that explosive bridge.


  18. This entry is embarrassingly bad, both in terms of how weak, bland, boring, dated and non-special the song is and of the pathetic attemp to create an emo-moment USP. I am a lover of a good bridge and JESUS, this has one of the worst, most uninspired, insipid bridges I have heard for a long time, even by Eurovision standards. Juries will rightly puke inside and bury it. A few televotes from “I cry when watching Blackbird”-type viewers might see it come 12th in the pv. God, even the indie version of Perfect Life in Germany is better than this. OFFENSIVE.

  19. This is such a glorious song. The whole of Europe will instantly be charmed by this sweet couple. It’s probably he most beautiful song that has ever been sent to Eurovision. I imagine it will win, and win easy.

    • The problem Spain have is the delegation messing the staging up.Get that wrong and this will look sickly and dated rather than warm.They performed last night with a stripped back version.The dreaded piano was back and now we have a guitar.Amaia also missed the intro to the verses as she was too busy giving Alfred the take me to bed again look.Delegation might be struggling to get things right.
      Unlike others i think this is a very good song of its genre,but it could easily flop badly if things arent done right,the risks are easy to see.


      Iv sold a lot of my green now in the 18s/20s area (and 11s at first) and had been re-investing on Italy at every price above 50s,but il keep the rest until ESC.

      • I agree with Ursa. It’s good that they’re trying out subtle variations to get ideas and feedback but I think they said it’s mainly for promotional purposes. That pause is fantastic. Very good that these versions show that they know not to over-produce or change the essence. Looks like a runaway winner atm. Let’s see what Bulgaria etc come up with.

        • What makes you think Spain looks like a runaway winner atm?

          • It’s a charming, genuine love story between two young people and it’s a lovely tune and well produced. Just what the viewers will love. We had Ell & Nikki win in 2011 and other duets have done well but Tu Canción has a bigger wow factor than any of them.

            I put atm because we may get something special from the countries yet to announce. Though even if something great comes along Tu Canción will remain a contender.

          • Not sure if Ell & Niki really did that well..

            1. 2011 was by far the weakest contest since introduction of the semis. 43 voting countries and the winner only got 405 points if you combine televote and juryvote. This is the lowest score since introduction of the juries.

            2. Azerbaijan did profit from the discrepancy between jury vote and televote. Almost all other countries who did well with the televote did poorly with the juries and vice versa.
            Sweden Televote 2nd -> Juryvote 9th
            Greece Televote 3rd -> Juryvote 14th
            UK Televote 5th -> Juryvote 22th
            Bosnia Televote 6th -> Juryvote 11th
            Russia Televote 7th -> Juryvote 25th
            Georgia Televote 8th -> Juryvote 16th
            Italy Juryvote 1st -> Televote 11th
            Denmark Juryvote 3rd -> Televote 18th
            Slovenia Juryvote 4th -> Televote 22th
            Austria Juryvote 5th -> Televote 24th

            Azerbaijan was 1st in televote and 2nd with juries. Isn’t it extremely weird that they received 12 times Nul points in the combined voting!? It does not make a lot of sense if you consider that Azerbaijan and Ukraine were the only songs liked by juries AND televoters.
            (One more note: Those 10 points San Marino gave to Azerbaijan are also counted as 10 Televoting points in the official split results although San Marino only had a juryvoting)

            3. In 2011 Azerbaijan had some buddies from who they always(!) receive points (Russia, Georgia, Bosnia, Turkey, Ukraine). If you analyze some other years, the points Azerbaijan received from San Marino, Malta, Albania, Czech Republic or Moldova do look suspicious. In 2011 they received at least 7 points from every one of those countries.

            There are almost zero detailled votings from 2011 avaiable, so who knows how fair Azerbaijan did play in this year.
            But if you watch all those details, it does look fishy.
            From my knowledge, in 2011 only Estonia, Germany, Finland and Uk revealed some of their detailed rankings.
            UK revealed both their televote and their jury Top 10. Azerbaijan wasnt in the Televote Top 10, with the juries they received 1 point.
            Germany only revealed their Jury Top 10. Azerbaijan was not in their Top 10.
            Finland only revealed their jury Top 10. Azerbaijan was 2nd. Overall they received 5 points from Finland. If you calculate all possibilities, this means Azerbaijan was not in the Top 10 Televote of Finland.
            Estonia only revealed their jury Top 10. Azerbaijan was not in their jury Top 10, but overall they received 10 points from Estonia. That means Azerbaijan either received 12 or 10 points from the estonian Televote.
            The question is, why should Azerbaijan be above average high in Estonia when it normally does not get a special treatment from them? Why did Azerbaijan receive a lot of their points in 2011 from countries with a rather small population?
            From my point of view it seems Azerbaijan was in a lot of countries around 8th-13th in the televote and they did boost their televoting numbers with simcards where it was possible.

            I don’t think the EBU will ever reveal detailed results, so we will probably never get our answers.
            No matter what.. I doubt Running Scared would have done any harm in a year like 2017. Playing fair and without their buddies they probably would not have reached the Top 10 in 2017.

          • Regarding Tu Canción I am still searching for the wow factor. Lets say people would listen to it without watching any performance – would it still have a wow factor?
            Is the wow part only relying on their chemistry?

          • “Not sure if Ell & Niki really did that well..”

            I’d say winning the competition was doing that well.

            Spain aren’t even favourite, they’re 6th on the table, up one from 7th recently.

            As for the wow factor, it is euroVision so I don’t think it really matters where the wow factor comes from but I think the song is strong enough. I think after it’s performed in the final there’ll be loads of downloads.

          • Isn’t Tu Canción kind of losing against Lo Malo in the Spanish download charts?

          • Yes you’re right but I was just making the point that the song is pleasant enough to be downloaded after the ESC performance in May. The wow factor does rely on the visuals and their chemistry. It’s not a chart type of song but it’s still in the charts now.

            3 Lo Malo – Operación Triunfo 2017 by Aitana 225,186
            16 Tu Canción – Operación Triunfo 2017 by Amaia Romero 128,319

            6. Lo Malo
            12. Tu Canción

      • It was a live acoustic performance so it’s only natural they have a piano and a guitar there. Amaia missed her verse because she had a cold for the last few days and the few times they rehearsed she only played the piano, so she was expecting him to sing 😛 She says as much after the performance.

        Anyway I agree that this is a risky bet as the spanish delegation has proved to not know what to do in multiple times, but I feel they are taking this more seriously than other years. I also do not think they will include fake instruments in the performance, but I did really like the ilumination and mood of this one so i hope we can see some of it in the final version.

        • Please bear in mind that apparently it is going to be Gestmusic (the production company behind OT) rather than TVE working on staging. That’s good news for Amaia & Alfred.

          Apart from that, I think that betters should not be blinded by all the hate Tu canción gets. Marmite love-hate songs get more points than MOR songs, because those who do love it pick up the phone to vote for it.

          I don’t see this winning, but it will surely get loads of 1-7 votes and some 12s by neighbours. Enough for top10? who knows.

          • I thought OT was fantastic this year.I was backing Spain at 60s and then 38s on the strength of the show,it was just a shame liquidity was hard to get on Betfair without trickling in small amounts until matched.I look at the song from the genre its in.Its orchestral pop.Is it a good example of that?.Yes it is.Its pretty much a Burt Bacharach song for The Carpenters,Close to You is a prime example of how the genre is structured around a piano melody,a string build and a strong female vocal.(im not comparing Amaia to Karen of course).Is it dated?,Yes of course,and that and the staging are the two big worries why it could flop.Im happy to keep it green for now,but selling 3/4s made that an easy choice.

  20. Laying Spain for Top 10 is probably the best value bet of the contest right now. A recent poll on the All Kinds Of Everything group on Facebook had Spain 5th of the Big 5 after all of their songs were known. France was first, Germany close second. UK and Italy were 3rd-4th.

    If the fans don’t like this very much, there’s not much chance that ordinary people across Europe + Australia will imo. Plus it’s just really, really bad.

  21. Spain. 😂🤣😂🤣

    New version in the review.

  22. Songfestivalwerk! (Gert)

    Spain has an identity crisis. Also culturally. If you see how pro-Spain people and Catalans keep fighting and bickering. The Operacion Triunfo Gala Show all of a sudden also needed to highlight all the beautiful regions and provinces of the beautiful United Kingdom of Spain. As if everything was so beautiful. Personally….I didn’t like the Spanish entry from start. Personally, I think Aitana with “Arde” was better. Or Amaia solo with “Al Cantar”. The current duet stinks too much like Portugal 2017. Similarly when in 2015 suddenly a lot of duets tried to replicate The Common Linnets. It. Never. Works. In search of the winner we need to look for something unique and radically different. Some song that isn’t easy to compare with its own competition or with the participants of the previous year.

    PS: I could be dead wrong here. Since I was dead wrong last year with that poor boy from Sabadell 😛

    • As an independence supporter myself, I wouldn’t say the Spanish political crisis is a cultural crisis as well. The reason for independence movements in the Iberian peninsula are multiple and probably beyond the scope of this site, and obviously culture (or, rather, the existence of at least 4 different national cultures, even if only one is recognised as such) plays a part, but it all gets kind of blurred when you consider twenty-first century pop culture. After all, a good proportion of cultural references nowadays are global.

      That being said, there is a Sofabet-like conspiranoia around in Spain about how OT producers could have been subtly rigging the show in order to select Amaia and Alfred and how they could have been subtly manipulating them to fall in love with each other. I’m not that sure about the latter part, but the former was more or less obvious in the Cowellesque treatment of Tu Canción during the Eurovision Gala (pimp slot, extended video, name checking, jury intervention… the full package).

      And why? Well, politically OT started at the peak of the independence crisis, and it has often been repeated that it has been “a well deserved break” from all the tension, and how better to show the supposed healing of national tensions than sending a Catalan boy and a girl from Navarra (which presents a shared national perspective between Basques and Spaniards) as Spanish representatives for Eurovision? As I said, it is all a bit of a conspiranoia, but it is not that farfetched either. [Anyway, far right media rapidly denounced Alfred as an independency supporter (he is not, and the social media messages shown as evidence were evidence of him being, simply, Catalan), and the national question came back in full force, so not too much success in that.]

      But back to the point, I do think Tu Canción has been designed as a REAL attempt to win and showing Spain in a good light, and that the song should be analysed from that point of view.

  23. Well at the moment, my thinking is similar to the crucial question from last year, “if not Italy, then who?” (obviously we know how that turned out) but now I’m thinking if not Spain, then who?

    Because really all you’re left with is a yet to be released Bulgarian entry, a supposed ‘banger’ from Australia, the Czech Republic, (please tell me that’s a joke,) the shell without a pearl that is Estonia, the long shot of Russia and her narrative, and a couple of songs that the market have all but written off in +50s odds. Bulgaria, Russia and Australia have to be the last remaining suspects for me if not Spain.

    • Well all of the names you mentioned are able to easily beat this, certainly how its looking now. How can they score jurypoints – or even televote – with these type of liveperformances as seen above. Its a big open race for me with quite a few possible winners and lots of different genres, which is fun.

      Id certainly add Holland in the mix too. Cracking song thats not too hard to get into, very charismatic and quality singer, worked with Pannecoucke before and seems to have good views how to have a shot at winning it all

    • I lost hope for Russia when I found out that they are preparing a dance song. Julia is not a very good singer and quiet singing in a ballad saves her.

  24. Incredible how badly they have butchered this.That lovely build to the refrain gone.Drums for some reason behind the strings sound like a child wrote the beat.Then that moment when they stop the melody dead,all emotion lost.If you click on the link above it says we cant watch it on this website,go to Youtube.Maybe RTVE dont like hearing the truth.Fans are saying its dramatic,missing the whole point.
    Amaia should refuse to sing this new version,they have done an Albania on her.

    • Maybe the BBC can lend them a crazed drummer for the staging to complete the devamp of this? Small things make a big difference here and it just doesn’t work as well.

  25. I don’t get all the hate. I think the new version is fine. It’s not that different to the original, it’s just ‘bigger’. The song isn’t my taste at all, but romantic duets can never be underestimated when they feel real. It’s difficult to stage this badly. All they need is the two of them front and centre doing their little wedding dance and some backing singers that don’t sound like an out of tune harmonica. It’s a wait and see approach with Spain for me.

  26. I don’t get the hate, the new version is way better than the previous one, now it sounds like a real contender to win, they have elevated the song, now sounds more professional, more eurovisive without losing its essence and less similar tp Amar Pelos Dois. It’s a great job, I think Spain is gonna be Top5.

  27. I so believed in Spain. But this is a new version … they lost all the Spanish romance. It began to sound like a typical radio ballad.
    They just do not have to do anything, just leave the old version, remove all the requisites, give the girl a white dress and just leave them singing.

    • Don’t worry, the differences are only over analysed by us but irrelevant to the viewer because it still has all it’s original punch and essence. (I personally think the changes are OK).

  28. By the way, I never thought that Spain could win. They simply can not collect as many jury votes as Salvador. Salvador had a great timbre of voice, the voices of Alfred & Amaia are nothing special. The song of Salvador was modern and nastolgic at the same time. The song of Spain is just a jentle ballad. But they can do very well with televoting if they try.

    And it seems, last year there was a trend for quiet melancholic songs. Remember the popularity of songs from La La Land.

    • The vocals are OK, as good as many winners. I always think the juries behave in less predictable ways than gamblers think, following chaos theory. It’s a shame they exist.

      • It seems to me quite predictable. Either a good voice (Jamala, Salvador Sobral), or a modern well-made song (Heroes). Also it seems to me that many voices get the qualities of the artist, to stand firmly on the stage (Ira Losco, Kristian Kostov).

        I just want to say that I do not believe that Spain is the first place of the jury. Nothing outstanding in this. No special songs, no special voices, and on stage they are clearly newcomers.
        Although this year is very bad for the jury favorites … everything can be.

    • I have to strongly disagree, Amaia vocals are wonderful

  29. Out of all the songs this year, Spain and Australia have the most emotional spark…. Ignore them at your peril!

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