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Denmark: MGP 2018 Artists Presented

Danmarks Radio has just presented this year’s Melodi Grand Prix hopefuls in a bid to improve on two-consecutive non-qualifications and a 20th place finish. The return of 90s sensation, Whigfield, is the main talking point, as well as writer, Lise Cabble, who penned Denmark’s last Eurovision winner.

So far, DR is promising a top-10 finish.

1. Ditte Marie – Riot

There tends to be at least one song from the opening few entries that makes the super-final, and Riot is lively enough stand out. Ditte last took part in 2012, but was never in the mix for the latter stages. This time should be different so she looks a bit long at 8/1+.

2. Anna Ritsmar – Starlight

Anna’s chorus doesn’t really go anywhere and relies too heavily on the twee, folky feel of Starlight. Despite it’s early popularity with the bookmakers, I struggle to see it reaching the super-final being wedged between two powerful songs. Having said that, the fan jury (50% of the vote) may have some sway here.

3. Rasmussen – Higher Ground

When I heard the 30-second snippet I thought Rasmussen’s Higher Ground was the most distinctive song in this lineup. My initial optimism waned as soon as I got hold of the full version, which plods and loses its edge after the two minute mark. The vocal layers sound like they could be tricky to deliver live too.  There’s no doubting its popularity with fans and I’m certain it will appeal to the Danish psyche, but I’d like to see some rehearsal footage before taking a decisive position. As mentioned above, the fan jury will support this entry.

4. Sannie – Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls is quite an infectious little number, and with Sannie’s vocal, it gives it an early Cardigans quality. It’s not the sort of song one would expect to standout at MGP, but it is a great radio track. Even so, I doubt it is strong enough to make the latter stages.

5. Sandra – Angels to My Battlefield

Nice enough but probably too bland to shine in this mid-field run of songs.

6. Lasse Meling – Unfound

Lasse may lack sufficient experience to pull off the live performance of Unfound. In these videos (one, two), he struggles to convey any star quality. There’s a rather forced recording voice there, but not a commercial artist or someone capable of galvanising a televote.

7. Carlsen – Standing Up for Love

DR have been known to hide some of their winners in slots 7-8, and this is in the right position to stand out given what follows. Standing Up for Love has a enjoyable warm quality and is, in my opinion, underrated on the Exchange. I reckon these girls will deploy the customary pyro-curtain, which could see them challenge for the super-final. I suspect the televote will show more love than the fan jury.

8. KARUI – Signals

Signals comes across as background bar music and not the sort of song one might expect to do well in this kind of selection. KARUI does delivers a strong ending, but it ultimately it lacks the commercial hook and appeal.

9. Rikke Garner – Holder fast i ingenting

Along with KARUI, Rikke is one the least listened to DMGP songs on YouTube at the time of writing. If anything this sets up Albin from the pimp-slot.

10. Albin Fredy – Music for the Road

If Avicci released a song in his 40s, Music for the Road would probably be it. On first listen, Albin’s entry sounded rather plastic and formulaic for the genre, but then this selection is hardly the vanguard for pushing new musical boundaries. The full version does raise my hopes for a decent stage show which really should aim to exploit the percussive and ‘hey’ elements.

The 9/1 at Unibet for Albin’s pimp slot looks good value given the mediocre two-song build up, but some of the favourites like Rasmussen and Ditte should be respected. It’s quite a level playing field and the fan-jury will carry a lot of influence.

Who’s your money on?

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  1. Higher Ground is basically a Roger Pontare version of Switzerland 2013.

  2. Carlsen is peak Denmark. Both S Club’s Reach for the Stars and Steps’ cover of ABBA’s Story of a Heart came into my head when I heard that preview.

    They’re all shit, really. Send Riot, I s’pose.

  3. Yeah, Denmark being Denmark here. Starlight sounds alright- without bothering to check I’d assume that is the Lise Cabble one, as it’s cut from the same cloth as only teardrops. There’s one or two other songs that could reach a middling position but it’s a fairly limp line-up. On first listen I had Carlsen and Rasmussen 9th and 10th based of their song so interesting to see they’re market leaders. Denmark are screwed if either of those win and will be a certain nq.

  4. Nice to see Gemma Collins singing in Carlsen!

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