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Melodifestivalen 2018: Heat 3 Preview

Over to the typically international-sounding Malmö now, which rarely fails to deliver a decent song or two.

Heat 3 Malmö – February 17th

1. Martin Almgren – A Bitter Lullaby

Martin won Swedish Idol back in 2015. He doesn’t have the profile of someone you’d expect to do well on a televote-based show, but there are some likeable traits one shouldn’t dismiss. The writers have tended to work with BWO, Agnes and Margaret, yet the title of the song implies Martin’s performance could be more heartfelt.

If Martin still has some popularity in the bank, he could do well.

2. Barbi Escobar – Stark

There’s something about Barbi that makes her appear somewhat unfriendly in terms of vote-power. One of Barbi’s main writers was responsible for Alice’s Running With Lions, which also failed to qualify from the coffin slot last year. I’m expecting Barbi to face a stark reality.

3. Moncho – Cuba Libre

Moncho is reportedly performing a latin/hop-hop themed song. I suspect his writers will attempt to create a more hook-laden version of this song. With Jansson, Strääf and Schylström in the writing team, Cuba Libre should at least be distinctive enough to challenge for a top-4 position. However, Mendez’s latin-party closer may cancel out much of Moncho’s support.

4. Jessica Andersson – Party Voice

Jessica thinks she has a chance this year, so it was interesting to read Björkman eulogise the updated schlager sound for this year’s lineup. With the king of hooks on board in Fredrik Kempe, Jessica’s voice could be partying all the way to the final.  The sub-evens odds do not appeal at this point, given how competitive this heat is looking.

5. Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän – Min Dröm

In 2010 Kalle & Orsa qualified to andra chansen in 3rd place. Performing from a slot earlier this time around keeps their chances alive. Last year’s heat 3 delivered Owe Thörnqvist, so anything is possible. Even so, while I respect their chances, andra chansen is probably their best hope.

6. Dotter – Cry

Judging by the writers, Dotter should have a competent song up her sleeve. She’s a hard sell to me; a more niche Emmelie de Forest, but obviously still extremely talented. On the one hand, you have the easy to like Motown-influenced My Flower, but then the rather alternative Evolution. Hopefully, her trio of mainstream writers has helped create a more commercial and voteable sound, as Dotter really should be a contender. She has described her song 0% for show, 0% for dance, 20% odd, and before we all slip into a mild coma, 40% for tempo. Dotter added that she hasn’t heard anything like her song at Melfest before, which is courageous, to say the least given what Loreen endured last year.

I don’t read anything into her being given slot 6, which was probably designed to secure Mendez’s qualification while providing sufficient space between the upbeat entries. Crucially though, Dotter needs to appear warm and human.

7. Mendez – Everyday

Everyday is reported to be an explosion of latin flavours, which should perfectly capture the current musical trend. His writers are famous for lots of things, including Hello Hi. Will we get Despacito-chic or vintage Ricky Martin? Whichever route Mendez takes, I think it’ll lead to the March 10th final.


Dotter is probably the main qualifier here judging by the impressive writing team behind her song, but I’m guarded about backing without first hearing how odd her song is. An Amanda Fondell-type performance could really see her odds drift. Mendez looks set to take the remaining direkt slot with a three-way tussle for andra chansen. Jessica would be my shock direkt qualifier based on her 100% show rating and early confidence, but likewise, she could sail through via andra chansen.  The other AC place should go to either Martin or the Kalle/Orsa duet.

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  1. This is the most difficult heat to predict yet. Bloggers are saying that Dotter and Mendez are going direct till final, whereas social media stats suggest Jessica and Martin. It could be a close one!

    • Semi 3 – dress rehearsal audience poll

      Mendez – 367 (38 %)
      Martin Almgren – 254 (26 %)
      Dotter – 175 (18 %)
      Jessica Andersson – 75 (8 %)
      Moncho – 40 (4 %)
      Kalle Moraeus 35 (3.5 %)
      Barbi Escobar – 14 (1.5 %)

      Mendez and Dotter performed twice.

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