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France: Destination Eurovision Final Lineup

After two semi-finals, the Destination Eurovision final lineup of eight artists is complete.

The final will be determined by 50/50 split between the televote and a ten-member international jury panel. The international jury from the semi-finals will be joined by members from Bulgaria, Armenia, Switzerland, Russia, Israel, Finland and Iceland.

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  1. I watched these semis.Utter rubbish.Jury were pathetic.Songs were beyond bad, and the artists had no business being anywhere near a stage unless they were building or sweeping it.The staging of them all was gut churning.Merci was a half decent song destroyed by the bloke standing like an undertakers dummy with a guitar.No reason to be there,but helped destroy the performance.Nassi was the worst singer iv ever seen.I refuse to watch the final.This year has some terrible selection shows so far,this is fighting for the worst of them all.Horrible.Merci might win,but she needs to ditch her husband on the guitar.

    • He’s the Monsieur, she’s the Madame. He won’t be going. I don’t see what’s wrong with him on stage. The song has guitar in it. They just need to develop the staging because the song is a touch dull, if hooky.

  2. Madame Monsieur has the most accessible song for non-French ears, even though it’s a bit lightweight to do much at ESC – but as an act, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Igit wins. I can’t even imagine what the song must be about to name it Lisboa Jerusalem – but his busker in a haunted French carnival thing he’s got going on makes it quite memorable.

  3. Gosh, people, you are harsh. I actually enjoyed Igit a lot and think that quite a few acts are very salvageable with proper staging. Igit has this Brel appeal when it is more of artistry and less about vocals, but there is a distinct niche of voters for that

  4. France certainly won’t be a top player in this year’s ESC.

    ‘ Mercy ‘ is quite enjoyable to listen to but I forgot about the song while I was watching the show which doesn’t bode well as there were only 9 songs.

    I however feel that ‘ Eva ‘ will win this selection based on him being the most popular act and decent jury support in his semi final. It sounds like a melfest reject from 2014 and will most certainly get lost in ESC. ( and the very cringy lyrics will put a lot of people off ).

    All in all I think France really tried this year but it seems like they did not salvage any of the problems which hampered them the previous two years.

    These mediocre songs in combination with France their amazing ability to never do staging right just smells like a disaster.

  5. Catriona Colville

    Not sure why the negativity here. Several good songs for France to select. It seems it’ll be between Eva and Mercy. Juries will favour Eva and televote Mercy. Mercy is the outstanding contender. Could get France top 10 at Eurovision.

    • They need to remove the guy on the guitar.He ruins the whole thing.A song like that needs her up there alone.Given its France though who have a terrible record at staging Merci will win and he will remain stood on the edge of the stage taking the camera away from her.
      Eva is horrible as well.Shes just a single mother while grabbing his crotch somehow just doesnt work.

      • Well I guess by grabbing his crotch Lisandro wanted to demonstrate where all the problems of single mothers are coming from in the first place. On a serious note, this is easily editable. We need to see if there is potential there , right?

        • I see no potential with it Reader.He isnt talented enough and the song is very poor.I do think Mercy has a bit of potential,but the staging and look are poor and i wouldnt trust France to put that right.They really do need to remove the guy on stage,but i doubt they will.

      • One insignificant part doesn’t ruin the entire thing. You’re exaggerating. Considering they are a duo, him not being there would make zero sense. And aren’t they a married couple? I doubt she is going to ditch her husband from the stage because of the views of a few Eurovision fans. The camera focuses on her during the verses, which is correct. Wider shots including him work for the chorus due to the emphasis on the melody, rather than the lyrics.

        The agree about Eva though. The “single mother” part is cringe worthy. Grabbing your crotch does not make you Michael Jackson.

    • I agree – its between Eva and Mercy. Mercy is the better song, Eva the better performance. Comparing the audio and live versions of all the finalists, Lisandro was the one artist who really elevated his entry when performing it live. Eva does, however, have the feeling of a song that could have done well at ESC a decade ago.

  6. It can be yes really tight between “Mercy” and “Eva”. “Mercy” more successful in charts and polls and “Eva” has better stats on YouTube.
    So it may be easily a situation where “Mercy” wins tele and “Eva” jury.
    “Mercy” kind of has better vibes for Francophone space, but “Eva” would be more universal and better act for Eurovision (wider appeal).
    Overall very strong selection in Destination. At least 4 very decent songs in selection which is pretty good result for France and shows clear progress in their selection process.

    One local poll in France: http://www.20minutes.fr/culture/2207415-20180123-votez-destination-eurovision-voulez-voir-representer-france-eurovision

  7. France may have a sleeper hit on their hands with Madame Monsieur. It reflects the domestic industry in France well and benefits from not sounding like something deliberately written for a contest.

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