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Switzerland: 6 Finalists & Songs Released

Switzerland benefitted from the advice of Melodifestivalen supremo, Christer Björkman, at their Spring musical workshop. There is a notable improvement in the quality and production compared to previous years, with at least two songs capable of improving on their recent woes.

Chiara, Zibbz or maybe Vanessa would be my picks. Redlights sounds like a Molly Petersson Hammer-type song that didn’t quite make the cut for Melfest. Even so, it’s well delivered and boasts plenty of energy. Chiara, on the other hand, has a theatrical ballad that really shows off her delicate vocal. Secrets & Lies could disappear in an 18-song semi-final, which would be a risk for a nation with such low voting power. Zibbz’s Stones has plenty of attitude, which could help or hinder her depending how fiercely she performs the song; remember that Eurovision doesn’t tend to reward angry women, so it’s a fine line to tread.

The national final will be held on February 4th.

Who gets your vote?

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  1. Sorry for the offtop about Belarus but Alekseev has just confirmed his participation in the Belarus’ selection. He is a fairly popular guy in Russia and Ukraine – I would be buying the Belarus stock now before it hits the roof

  2. Gav, having listened to the songs before reading your review, I have independently come to almost exactly the same conclusions. Big improvement from last year – all six entries are listenable. The same three songs stood out. Chiara is the most distinctive and has a lovely tone to her voice – but it’s probably too Theatreland for ESC juries. Vanessa is the safest bet and probably the front runner. Zibbz has he best song but is it too edgy and risky?

  3. Only just getting started with ESC 2018 here. Definitely feels like the routine addiction is wearing off. Anyway – marked improvement from Switzerland here which is nice to see. I would personally send Zibbz as they make the most impact out of a largely middle of the road but perfectly decent selection. I wouldn’t be concerned about the ‘angry girl’ pitfall at this stage. It’s got the most radio hit potential of the six.

    Otherwise I’d go with Chiara, but something makes me wish her song was in French instead. The lyrics are a bit blah, aren’t they? Compass has a funky refrain but it’s lacking a certain something and makes the mistake of having an instrumental chorus, which typically gives you a 20th place in the final ceiling at ESC.

  4. I found a youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sde61m5URhs which contains some very astute observations from a guy who says he was involved in shortlisting the Swiss National Finalists.

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