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Czech Republic: National Final Lineup

The Czech artists competing to represent their nation in Lisbon have been officially confirmed

I had Mikolas Josef on my list to compete last year, so I was particularly disappointed to see Martina Barta emerge with her beige coloured dirge. Lie to Me is certainly the most compelling of the songs presented so far, but I think it is rather too esoteric for Eurovision. Debbi and Eva offer the next best options, but nether would trouble the top half of a Eurovision semi-final.

It looks like the winner will be decided by online voting, which is risky, but it should be OK as long as the EBU have nothing to do with it! 😝😂

Update: the EBU does have something to do with the vote, therefore, anything could happen.

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  1. Very good line-up. I’d go with Debbi or Mikolas here, either of them can certainly qualify, but Mikolas is going to have a tough time with all the live vocals overlapping one another and giving the song the same punch on stage. Both have feel-good tracks that would liven the party up in their own way.

    Eva’s song isn’t really my cup of tea, it reminds me a bit of Denmark’s Heart Shaped Hole… as in, it doesn’t stand up to much in the ears but has a lot of stage potential. The other three are a write-off.

  2. To my mind Mikolas has the best chance of reaching the ESC final of these six – but a lot will hinge on him being able to sell the performance of a genre of music that may not normally attract high votes. At least it will stand out in the semi line up – whatever the other songs.

    I like Debbi’s song – but I can’t see enough ESC semi jurors or televoters sharing my opinion.

    I can’t get into Eva’s song at all. It might grow on me but for now it feels like a slightly dated semi-loser.

    Doctor Victor and Pavel are no hopers. I can’t say I hold out much hope for Eddie Stoilow either. I don’t particularly like We Rule This World but there is a small chance that enough ESC Semi Jurors and televoters will latch on to its cheesy anthemic qualities.

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