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Malta: National Final Lineup & Songs Published

Maltese broadcaster, PBS, has published the full lineup and songs, with the national final due to take place February 3rd.

Eleanor and Brooke have the most competent packages to take to Lisbon with maybe Dwett offering a lower tempo option. On the face of it, the return of the jury looks intended to ensure at least one of Eleanor & Brooke wins overall. Brooke should do well on the televote regardless.

Who gets your vote?

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  1. Brooke looks favourite,but gosh what a shocker of a song.The whole lot are horrid though.Eleanor has a well produced song,but having had to suffer watching her perform for a decade,she has zero stage presence.She is a great singer,but thats it.
    Christabelle might be able to push towards the top places,the song was building ok until the lazy bridge that smells of we ran out of ideas,sell this to Malta cheap.She is a bit cheeky Christabelle though and might be able to cover those bridge horrors.
    What with this and Eesti Laul with its rancid quasi Italian number having the fans all excited its not the best start to the season.

  2. Durham ‘compares’ the Maltese national finals with Eesti Laul. At least with the latter there is a reasonable element of variety, innovation and quality.

    The songs in the Maltese line up all tended to merge into one another, particularly the uptempo songs. It sounded like all the songs had the same producer. If so, they should sack him. I also thought English was an official and widely spoken language in Malta. Then why are the lyrics so appalling?

    Among all the dross, on first listen one song stood out for me by a mile – in terms of song quality, vocals and lyrics and that’s Rhiannon’s Beyond Blue Horizons. It was the only song that I could bear to listen to all the way through. Yes, its a lady ballad, and as we know from ESC 2017 there are risks in sending dated lady ballads to the finals, however well sung. But I think Beyond Blue Horizons is different enough to merit a measure of support from ESC juries and give Malta some chance of qualifying for the Grand Final.

  3. Just got through this lot here and I was coming to get it all off my chest but it looks like Eurojock has done it for me.

    It might be the way the lyric videos are uniformly produced, but the songs do all sound more or less the same, as if produced by the same person, and the lyrics written by some sort of auto-generator from a word cloud of clichés. Every line of the lyrics seems disjointed and the vast majority of the songs don’t seem to be about anything in particular or even have anything interesting in the backing tracks.

    I know the fan momentum is with Brooke but I wouldn’t assume she’ll be chosen now, because her song just sounds like it’s come off the same conveyor belt as 80% of the others, only having a slightly livelier chorus going for it. ‘Song for Dad’, ‘Dai Laga’ and ‘Call 2Morrow’ are also noticeably not part of this samey glut (spent a while trying to find the right collective noun) but that doesn’t make them particularly great either.

    The one exception being Rhiannon’s Beyond Blue Horizons. That’s the only one that held my attention longer than the first chorus. It would be a stretch to start using words like quality but it’s got character and shows off her voice nicely.

    Whatever they pick, it’ll be in dire need of a post-NF revamp.

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