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Romania: 60 Semi-Final Songs Released

Romanian broadcaster, TVR, as released the 60 songs competing for the opportunity to represent the nation in Lisbon.

The selection format will feature five semi-finals with the top-3 – decided by a jury – proceeding to a 15-act final on February 25th. The winner will be 100% decided by televote.

You can listen to all 60-songs by following this link.

Bunâ de Iubit has a promising ethno-party vibe which could inspire a decent televote. Likewise, End the Battle plays to the Saturday night crowd, but the live performance will be vital for these two songs.

Mihai returns with a less flamboyant song, but his hunger for the spotlight often lets him down. If he can appear more sincere, in addition to delivering a solid vocal performance, he might be in with a chance. Alex Flora fancies another shot at Eurovision having finished 7th in Kyiv. His pop-ballad has a Ricky Martin She’s All I’ll Ever Need feel about it, which is fine if Romania is just aiming to make up the numbers in Lisbon.

The song with the most Eurovision-y appeal – at least to my ears – is Reach of for the Stars by Carolina Gorun. There’s a memorable hook and attractive Celtic riff which roots it the early-noughties Corrs era. Passable. Tom Hartis’ Teardrop Rain also boasts a strong hook, but his song runs out of steam after 2-mins. However, if the juries are looking for something current, then Manuel Chivari’s Somebody to Love might be dangerous going into the 100% televote final. For some reason, that generic tropical-house sound remains in high demand.  ¯\(°_o)/¯

Can you unearth a dark horse?

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