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Netherlands: Waylon Signs Up for Eurovision 2018

Waylon, one half of the Common Linnets duet from Eurovision 2014, has signed up to represent the Netherlands once again.

The 37-year old will be aiming to deliver the Netherlands their first Eurovision victory since 1975, which they narrowly missed out on in Copenhagen in 2014.

It’s worth remembering that it was Ilse & Waylon’s smouldering chemistry during Calm After The Storm that set Europe’s pulses racing.  On his own, Waylon has rather misfired in the hit department. However, Waylon’s stage presence and gravitas are as engaging as 2017 winner, Salvador Sobral. With the right song and intimate staging, Waylon could be flying the flag for ‘real music’ again in Lisbon.

As long as he steers clear of his funk music and sticks with the moody Country, we should get a decent song.

Should Waylon be wary of the law of diminishing returns?

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  1. He is only as good as the song he is given. He is not the kind of singer that will get a song to punch above it’s weight on the table but he can be trusted to perform a good song to a tea, a real professional.

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