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Finland: Saara Aalto to Lisbon

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2018 kicked off today from Hotel Kamp in Helsinki.

Departing from the recent multi-artist format, YLE has internally selected UK X-Factor 2016 runner-up, Saara Aalto, to fly the flag in Lisbon. The public will choose from 3-songs.

Having been rejected by the Finnish public on two occasions already, it’ll be up to Saara Aalto to prove she can appeal to an international audience. Just be mindful that most Eurovision viewers will have no idea who she is – and nor will Saara benefit from the underdog sympathy narrative whipped up by a gang of ITV producers. She will need an extremely strong, contemporary song to compete.

Saara turned down Syco Music a few weeks back, probably due to her wanting to compete at Eurovision again. She promptly signed to Sony/Warner with an album due out in the next few weeks.

The final will be held on March 3th.

A welcome decision by Finland?

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  1. Looks like The Family might be writing a song for her https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb7UVavhoqD/?taken-by=linneadeb

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