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Belgium: Laura Groeseneken To Lisbon

It’s been a while, but we’ve finally got some proper news to report, rather than some pre-historic relic getting married or releasing another musical non-event.

If you think Russia is sending someone other than Julia to Lisbon, then Laura Groeseneken, also known as SENNEK, has become the first artist to be officially selected for Eurovision 2018 in sunny Lisbon.

Laura performed an English version of Salvador Sobral’s Amar pelos dois during the unveiling and looks well capable of delivering at Eurovision if given the right song. And you can see she has the vocal power in the video below.

Can Belgium continue their rise up the scoreboard?

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  1. From Blanche to beige.Great singer,but as we have seen the last few year years that doesnt get you much with jury or televote if you look like a secondary school teacher who needs a laxative.
    Delegation have talent to work with here though if they can get the song and image right.

    Over in Estonia they have been having their song writers camp to put forward a few songs for Eesti Laul and Aminata is among the songwriters/producers.Interesting to see who she is writing for.Maian is among the singers at the camp and could imagine her being right up Aminata’s street.
    There are also some very interesting rumours of return acts,and all the songs will be premiered on the 19th and 20th of December.Better not to give a nod to any at this stage,but i think Estonia might have a strong EL.

    Malta are down to 30 acts now (16 the final number) and there are the usual names,though quite a few missing.There are also one or two acts who will go under the fans radar at this stage who might do very well.
    I almost miss the Swiss uploads at this stage.Almost.

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