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Eurovision 2017: Semi-Final 2 Qualifers

In a semi-final that largely went to form and the qualifiers are as follows:

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Israel
  3. Belarus
  4. Norway
  5. Denmark
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Croatia
  8. Austria
  9. Hungary
  10. Romania

The worries on Estonia were well founded and those who followed the advise to cover by laying cheap did well.

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  1. When is the draw for which half they get in the final?

  2. Tonight was all about Bulgaria.Im a sucker for delivery, and it was perfect.With Armenia perhaps being a bit too arty the East and the Balkans will provide a massive head start.A lot of the comp for local points are knocked out and that might matter this year.Im also not convinced Portugal is winning the jury.It might,but Bulgaria also might.Its tight.It looks like a very close 3 way fight.Most early traders will be happy with that fact.
    Very pleased for Hungary and Belarus as well.Authentic beat plastic tonight and thats a good sign for future years songs.

  3. Bulgaria didn’t give me chills, emotions or whatever. It was just (very) good, but not that edge to push on in my eyes. Still got a shot with a good draw and Russia-votes though… I think they really need to draw second half tho.

    A good mix through. True music, fun, weirdness, authentic and modern songs (Estonia fake 80’s cringe luckily out). Very very very succesful night here too, this is why I love Eurovision betting.

    • Nice fix-draw, at least try to hide it a bit more.

    • Catriona colville

      I agree. Italy and Portugal have soul…I feel Bulgaria is very cold and very much about the box-ticking. It can still win, but I think third is it’s limit. Depends how split the eastern vote is with Armenia and Azerbaijan.

  4. Those who backed Fyrom when the song came out xD lolol

  5. Austria – 1st half
    Romania – 2nd half
    The Netherlands – 1st half
    Hungary – 1st half
    Denmark – 1st half
    Croatia – 1st half
    Norway – 2nd half
    Belarus – 1st half
    Bulgaria – 2nd half
    Israel – 1st half

  6. The Bulgaria draw was so rigged….

    When do we find out the grand final running order? Tonight or tomorrow morning, can anyone remember?

    • Agree. He didn’t mix paper rolls in the bowl. It is suspicious to me. And as we can see Bulgaria was called first as a qualifier. If it was called 2nd or whatever then it wouldn’t have worked.

  7. i guess looking at the running order Bulgaria probs took that semi with Romania second. god knows what came third? i think if Belarus had got a 2nd half draw it could have surprised but not so sure now.

    anyone know when the order is drawn for the final?

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