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Eurovision 2017: Final Running Order Published

The running order for Saturday’s Eurovision 2017 Grand Final has just been published:

  1. Israel
  2. Poland
  3. Belarus
  4. Austria
  5. Armenia
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Moldova
  8. Hungary
  9. Italy
  10. Denmark
  11. Portugal
  12. Azerbaijan
  13. Croatia
  14. Australia
  15. Greece
  16. Spain
  17. Norway
  18. United Kingdom
  19. Cyprus
  20. Romania
  21. Germany
  22. Ukraine
  23. Belgium
  24. Sweden
  25. Bulgaria
  26. France

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  1. Croatia 13……..does this imply they nearly won semi 2….????


  2. The EBU is clearly trying to give the victory to Bulgaria. They are being so biased here.

    • Catriona colville

      I have no doubt they want Bulgaria to win, but 25 isn’t ideal, especially with the songs surrounding it. Portugal has a fantastic draw, considering it’s position and songs around it.

  3. Spots 22-26 will they advantage or disadvantage these countries (Ukr, Bel, Swe, Bul, Fra)?

    It could be advantageous because they’re all last…

    Or it could be bad because they’re all popular entries competing against one another…

    What do you think?

  4. I think its safe to say that Armenia has lost any chances to win.
    Plus than Denmark ( worst slot ever? ) and France ( last, after 3 strong entries ) were completely f**** up 😛
    Also, Azerbaijan may have done better than Armenia in the end, and Australia and Greece were bordeline qualifiers.

  5. Hm, I wonder where Armenia finished in the 1st semi then… I had top 3 as a lock and will weep a little (a lot) if it lost.

    Bear in mind though that Armenia, as an act whos biggest points will come from diaspora and jury, is affected a bit less by bad running order

  6. Very clearly Portugal v Bulgaria in the final. I’m leaning towards Portugal and have been since the first rehearsals, but we’ll see what happens. This will be the most interesting final in a long time.

  7. If she performs well the UK looks nailed on for a top 10 finish. Cracking draw, surrounded by some really weak entries.

  8. Does anyone know when the ad break comes – is it after Azerbaijan or Croatia? If Croatia is the song before the ad break that might imply it did very well in the semi indeed. If after the ad break this is less likely.

    Also, Sweden is sandwiched between Belgium and Bulgaria? What does this mean? Did the latter two do well in the semis and Sweden didn’t, or could it be the other way round?

  9. What about Austria being announced as the 10th qualifier? Could this mean that they ended up in top 4 together with Croatia which will appear 13th?

  10. Belgium and Bulgaria so close towards the end of the show aren’t doing each other any favours. They´re two of the best songs in the contest, if not “The” best ones, both are dark and modern, both are out of the box as far as eurovision is concerned. They’re kind of fishing in the same pond in my book. What will be the effect on Sweden that’s what i would like to know. I know of people outside the esc buble who hadn’t listened to any songs prior to the semis who went crazy for Belgium, despite her obvious fragilities. What’s your take on a match up between Belgium and Sweden for saturday night?

  11. Sweden must have won SF1 which is very unfortunate from my betting point of view.

    Bulgaria looks to have won SF2 with Croatia 2nd.

    It looks like there is an attempt to de-ramp Italy without making it too obvious.

    The draw might not be helping a lot of the favourites as i always feel that 17-22 is the sweet spot.

    • So the song that was trading at 13-15 before the semifinal and is the new favorite and also was assigned the best draw was beaten by a song that is now trading at 30s?

      • well Portugal is in the same position as France was last year which was good for them but Croatia is in spot 13 which suggests it scored better than Portugal and then there’s Azerbaijan’s run off spot. Croatia is trading at 105 and Azer 437 but both have been given good draws – both those slots finished top 10 last year. not saying my reasoning is right but there are a lot of ways to interpret the draw. i take back saying Sweden won SF1 though as i think it would have been given a more favourable slot.

  12. Theres a fuss going on in Greece about how the Ukrainian production bailed on Greece and Fokas Evaggelinos at last minute.
    The main idea was that Demy would be sitting on a huge swing from falling down from the roof and a glass screen in front of her would be showing a fairytale.
    5 days before the rehearsals they said to Fokas that they tried the swing and for security reasons they cant accept it ( while they had agreed before ).
    The funny part: The platform that lifts Demy up during the first chorus was just there to lift Demy to the swing and it was all Fokas Evaggelinos was left to work with! :’)

    Tbh I dont think it would make much of a difference as the song + vocals would still be weak
    but that explains why Fokas Evaggelinos has dissapointed this year ( and why Demy’s dress looks out of place for example, it was especially designed for the swing etc )

    • To me it shows that I’m glad the producers don’t allow all these antics from this ‘God-like’ fool named Fokas Evangelinos. Let’s talk about the Eurovision Song Contest here, not a frikkin’ Circque Du Soleil. What Greece needs to do is composing GOOD songs foremost. And in this year’s contest, we’re steering towards a prime example of terrific songs ending in the TOP 3. It’s luckily not 2005 anymore (obviously Fokas still thinks it is), but 2017.

  13. anyone know when the running order for dishing out the points is published?

  14. Betfred doing an offer if you bet a tenner on a single market in Eurovision you get a free 5.00 bet in play. Decent offer.

  15. Anyone else found Bulgaria’s draw of second half slightly fishy? Their delegation does seem to go all-in this year, in all respects:


    • I hate to be cynical, but yes, it looked very suspicious. Called first to ensure they could pick while 2nd half slots remained, eyes fixed on the one at the top, picked very precisely. Everyone else who picked either mixed the ‘balls’ up, or if picking carefully looked around the bowl for a while.

      Something not particularly natural about it – but delegation gets the draw they want and EBU avoids the nightmare of having to work out how to fit all the main contenders into a small space at the end of the first half.

      (hope you are doing well btw squall!)

      • Hey beanie, all good – hope you are too 🙂

        Yeah, fully agree. I’m always veeeery sceptical to any conspiracy theories, and have also challenged Gav on several of the cheating theories relayed here. That being said, I’m positive this draw was rigged. It doesn’t help that at least two punter friends predicted this exact outcome before it came to pass (with 3% chance of happening unless actually rigged).

        • Im the same – I think it’s often easy to see things that are not there and forget that the main priority for the organisers is to put on an entertaining and slick show, but that pick didnt look quite right.

          Bulgaria have made their desire to win very clear this year…EBU doesnt seem averse to that idea 😉

  16. Interesting video on how the running order is being decided. It does give me the feeling that not a bunch of criminals are there to falsify stuff. At one point Italy was about to perform 7th, followed by Denmark at 8th (already coupled, makes sense), and then Netherlands at #10, Moldova at #11 (also coupled already, makes sense too) and Portugal at #12.

    Also nice to see is how the producers identify the song. I completely agree with the tags for The Netherlands: “Country-Pop, ‘Schlager’ ” :-). Seeing Christer Björkmann being busy doing this stuff, leaves me actually with a reassured feeling.

    So in the end, I continue to prefer this producers-appointed running order over a complete random drawn running order. We have to take into account that Eurovision is a jury-sport and not a football match, where you win by scoring a goal. And jury-sports will always be probed and dissected into eternity (Like I do now).


  17. Just noticed William Hill have settled my “Portugal to win semi final” as LOST. Anything in that or admin error. Still waiting to hear back from them.

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