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Eurovision 2017: Semi-Final Running Orders

Despite the ongoing dispute over Russia’s participation, the EBU plowed ahead and released the producer-decided running order for semi-finals 1 and 2.

This is where the fog begins to clear, as the producers will have noted which nations are making an effort and which songs should probably be culled in favour of better versions from the same genre.


  1. Sweden
  2. Georgia
  3. Australia
  4. Albania
  5. Belgium
  6. Montenegro
  7. Finland
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Portugal
  10. Greece
  11. Poland
  12. Moldova
  13. Iceland
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Cyprus
  16. Armenia
  17. Slovenia
  18. Latvia


  1. Serbia
  2. Austria
  3. Russia
  4. FYR Macedonia
  5. Malta
  6. Romania
  7. The Netherlands
  8. Hungary
  9. Denmark
  10. Ireland
  11. San Marino
  12. Croatia
  13. Norway
  14. Switzerland
  15. Belarus
  16. Bulgaria
  17. Lithuania
  18. Estonia
  19. Israel

We’ll have some analysis up next week after the first few pre-concerts. In the meantime, feel free to share your views below.

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  1. A surprisingly good draw for Ireland, late as possible plus being followed by 2 song’s in San Marino & Croatia which with all due respect aren’t the best.

    Else where in semi 2 I think Austria are dead in the water, qualifying from 2nd with that sort of song is just a step too far I think. Netherlands is right between 2 very weird eastern european songs in Hungary & Romania which makes me think its either all or nothing with them. 2nd half I think Croatia look like a NQ now, It needed a later draw to qualify imo and the same could be said for Switzerland. Bulgaria and Israel imo are being kept as far away from each other as possible while making a good show aswell and It looks like Lithuania & Estonia are being used as ice cream between 2 wafers.

  2. Semi 1: GEO will seem like a major buzzkill after SWE. GEO-AUS-ALB seems like such a tedious run of songs to me (only serves to make BEL more refreshing in comparison). GRE looks so tacky coming after POR. SLO treated as pure filler like last year when they put Eneda before Laura.

    Semi 2: Can’t tell who stands out in first half, flow of songs is very seamless imo. Totally thrown SMR under the bus. BLR feels like the warm-up for BUL, but that’s not a bad thing for them imo. LTU got a really bad deal coming after BUL. EST seems natural coming before ISR, again, not a bad thing for them.

  3. I had a listen to the semi-songs in their running order. My first impressions were:

    Semi One
    Sweden – coming first could harm its chances of winning the semi and could have a knock-on effect on its final running order.
    Australia – might stand out between Georgia and Albania. However, if Lindita outsings Isaiah she might not be totally dead in the water.
    Belgium – by the same token if this doesn’t translate live and sounds bad vocally compared to Albania it could surprisingly be in trouble.
    Greece – coming after Portugal may work for it as it will come across as more accessible to many listeners than the Portuguese song
    Iceland – in trouble as it has a less favourable draw to its main comparator, Latvia
    Armenia – good draw and the staging will make this stick in the memory
    Latvia – Not only has it got the pimp slot. Coming after dated Slovenia will make this look fresh and current. Definite qualifier now and stands a good chance of finishing high in the semi and maybe even top 10 in the final

    Semi Two
    Serbia and Austria not helped by this early draw
    Russia – no need to comment!
    FYR Macedonia – May have been placed 4th in the hope that this strong number coming after Yuliya, will finally kill Russia off if they decide to show up. If they don’t show up, 3rd in the running order could harm it.
    Romania – Feels like a breath of fresh air after dreary Malta.
    Netherlands – With the promise of strong live vocals they will be much helped by the comparison to dreadfully out of tune Romania.
    Denmark – Feels like a big winner in the running order. Stands out from the songs around it
    Belarus – A run of songs seems to be designed to benefit them.
    Bulgaria – Will be very happy with this late draw between two inferior uptempo numbers.
    Estonia – Benefits from following no-hoper Lithuania but would have preferred not to be followed by Israel.
    Israel – Would have preferred if there was no Estonia before their pimp-slot but nevertheless, certain of qualification and potentially a stronger grand final finish than originally imagined.

  4. It’s worth pointing out that historically, the ad break comes after songs 5 and 13, so this year’s ad breaks will come after Belgium, Iceland, Malta and Norway, so good news for them.

    • Yes Kylie, good point about the ad breaks which is probably more relevant now than first half-second half. I couldn’t remember if it was 5 and 12 or 5 and 13. Interestingly, in Semi 2 I can’t imagine them going into an ad break on Malta. They may be banking on Russia not turning up which would mean that the first segment would end with Romania which is more understandable. If the second break comes at 13 that would mean that segment would end with Switzerland which is less logical than Norway.

  5. Songfestivalwerk!

    Time to re-assess my predictions a bit….

    Semi-Final #1:
    01. SWEDEN
    (I think for the first time in many years a song will win from spot #1)
    02. ARMENIA
    (Best of the ‘arty’ songs in this semi. No, not Belgium. Artsvik screams ‘stage potential’)
    03. FINLAND
    (Simply too wonderful and unique. Enya meets Adele. Reminds me of Estonia 2009)
    (Very contemporary pop song. There they go again)
    05. ICELAND
    (By jolly so much underestimations here….)
    06. MOLDOVA
    (Fun, fun, FUN!)
    07. BELGIUM
    (I just hope Blanche is very much her own stage director like Loic Nottet was)
    08. GREECE
    (Germany 2013 meets a…much better singer, and that bald stage director)
    09. LATVIA
    (Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad”)
    (Ughhh, this is so difficult…But Portugal pleaseee get rid of your fake motorical spasms/ticks!)

    Semi-Final #2 (Goodbye Russia):
    01. ESTONIA
    (This will now be a much easier win)
    02. ROMANIA
    (Hate it, but it’s ‘fun’. And that counts for the average televoter)
    (Since when do best songs win? Vocal powerhouse, like Albania 2012 or Italy 2015. Will create goosebumps)
    04. ISRAEL
    (Hate it, but now I have no doubts anymore)
    05. DENMARK
    (Not a fan of it. The Dami-Im comparisons are off the scale, but not realistic looking at Danish staging)
    06. HUNGARY
    (Ethnic uniqueness)
    07. F.Y.R.O. MACEDONIA
    (First comfortable win for FYROM after quite some time)
    08. BULGARIA
    (Can’t see this winning, needs a lot of jury favors)
    09. SERBIA
    (Nice enough. Everything said)
    (I tend to favor Norway. Dear Trent, Look what the running order did to Douwe Bob in last year’s final televoting-wise)

    • Why are you hoping that Blanche will direct her own performance? That’s a big ask for someone that – unlike Loic – doesn’t have a background in choreography or stage directing.

      • Songfestivalwerk!

        Because I don’t think RTBF has the money or is the pro-active facilitator for a magnificently staged performance. Back in 2015 it really was Loic Nottet who directed all bits and parts of his performance. And since RTBF is not that rich, nor that Blanche is similarly talented as Loic, I am very wary of a good result for Belgium.

  6. I predict these countries will qualify:

    1. Sweden
    2. Australia ( thanks to jury support mostly )
    3. Belgium
    4. Finland ( will barely qualify )
    5. Azerbaijan
    6. Portugal ( this will qualify, but I dont think it will do as well as many think )
    7. Greece ( its Fokas Evaggelinos )
    8. Moldova ( there’s always room for an entry like this one in the final )
    9. Armenia
    10. Latvia ( if its not atrocious live )

  7. Sweden have the perfect starting place with his performence to enter the arena from backstage.
    Robin an his 4 Dancing-Gladiators will open the ESC 2017 with a visual firework from Spot Nr.1

  8. Portugal has the best entrance ever! 12 points from Romania! Good look Portugal, the most beautiful song! You will be in the final an wopfuly win this ESC

    Europe please vote for them! GO SALVADOR

    (I also like Italy, Belgium and France entrances! the others are very weak this year… sorry, is the truth)

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