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Armenia: Artsvik – Fly With Me

Armenia have just completed the lineup for Eurovision 2017 and Artsvik's will perform the song Fly With Me in the second half of semi-final 1. Fly With Me isn't your run-of-mill piece of Eurovision euro-pop, it's a stylish drizzle of entho theatrics. The song isn't much on its own, but it's a mightily memorable package with that colourful video. To me it feels like a cinematic production from a bygone age set in a far off exotic land, yet it also feels quite avant garde and fresh. Artsvik sounds vocally assured and sells the song well. And given the alternative nature of the presentation, Artsvik…
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Armenia have arranged a bold package that should see them secure another respectable placing in Kyiv.

User Rating: 3.62 ( 38 votes)

Armenia have just completed the lineup for Eurovision 2017 and Artsvik’s will perform the song Fly With Me in the second half of semi-final 1.

Fly With Me isn’t your run-of-mill piece of Eurovision euro-pop, it’s a stylish drizzle of entho theatrics. The song isn’t much on its own, but it’s a mightily memorable package with that colourful video. To me it feels like a cinematic production from a bygone age set in a far off exotic land, yet it also feels quite avant garde and fresh.

Artsvik sounds vocally assured and sells the song well. And given the alternative nature of the presentation, Artsvik still looks voteable. It’ll be interesting to see if this staging concept remains for Kyiv given they’ll have to lose a dancer and add some vocalists. If they are 100% sold on this concept, I suspect they’ll use the holo gauze effect to create a line of holographic dancers behind Artsvik.

Either way, standing out at Eurovision is the key objective, and it looks like Armenia have a bold package that should see them secure another respectable placing in Kyiv.

Top-10, top-5, or neither?

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  1. I can see this doing decently. Takes a while to get going, but is something a little different. I think it will be more effective live and presented very nicely

  2. Pretentiously bad

  3. Really not sure what Gavin sees in this. It’s solid enough but far too low key to make in impact. I agree that the staging could be epic, but i don’t see much here for voters. I’d say top is upper echelon of where it can go. Probably higher end of the right side of the scoreboard.

  4. After listening to this, two minutes later I can’t remember a single word of it. I don’t see this getting anywhere near the top 5 unless the staging is brilliant.

  5. I think much like last year, this is a “performance song” as opposed to something ready-made for radio.

    I think it’s a welcome addition to the final lineup, it’s a nice contemporary take on something a bit more traditional I think.

  6. I don’t think this is that good at all in a competitive environment. It is seriously lacking a hook and she is really struggling with diction throughout. Armenia is trying to do too much in three minutes and for me it just isn’t working. Should qualify but not in the top five of the semi and once in the final will likely fall mid table (12th- 16th)

  7. I don’t really like this but its growing on me, and I can find many attractive points on the song. I agree with Gavster and Purple Kylie, and predict it will end up top 6 in the final.

  8. I listened to this six or seven times (mostly just the audio) before reading the review and the comments. My uninfluenced thoughts on the song itself were ‘starts promisingly, nice ethno-modern feel, lacks a hook, ends before you think it ought to’.

    The video is wonderful – especially the colours and the arty dancing, but as you rightly point out, Gav, they can’t totally reproduce this live. They will have to lose several real dancers, so there is no guarantee that what we’ll get in Kiev will live up to the promise of the video.

    For me this entry has all the strengths and weaknesses of Loreen’s ‘Statements’ – challenging, artistic, a big-bonus for the quality level of the contest, but with a limited voting appeal.

    • Songfestivalwerk!

      It reminds me of Belgium 2015. Also the Belgians had posted a live performance / clip, somewhere in April, that was already a blueprint to the final stage performance in Vienna.

      This has every bit of staging potential that Belgium had in 2015. I wouldn’t call this a winner, but…..TOP 10 is very much possible…….and in my opinion anear-certainty. Anywhere between 4th and 10th place is seriously possible.

      One last thing @Eurojock. I do think these artistic songs only come forward when they are chosen internally. Would we have had a ‘Birds’ in 2013 with a Melodifestivalen format? No. Would the Common Linnets have won a national final back in 2014? No. Same with this Armenian entry.

  9. I like it, but it’s like their entry last year. Unusual, spirited but lacking a certain broad appeal. Something it’s easy to appreciate artistically but has a certain ‘eh?’ factor for the rowdy Saturday night crowd. Even if the staging is as cool as the video I still think the song gets going too late and then ends (just like last year). I’m getting Live Injected vibes (one for the art house crowd).

    Top 10 is the strongest I can see but I’m glad for it. It’s great. I think any surprise ‘placers’ this year will come from more conventional tunes done efficiently and fortunately drawn.

  10. “entertainment is a desired effect of performance arts but not the primary goal,the primary goal is to transport the individual in the audience into another parallel reality, full of wonder, where he experiences the essence of his own consciousness, and reflects on spiritual questions”.
    From the Nāṭya Śāstra ,the Hindu text on art.
    The Hindi influences provide the backbone to this wonderful song. Lilith and Levon no doubt wanted to pay homage to that long ago influence on the Armenian psyche while fusing the mystic into a contemporary package.Hugely brave and audacious,they have anchored the best song this year (for me) into an ancient past while looking forward at the same time.The song simply opens the gateway to the imagery by the fantastic delivery skills of Artsvik.Its a key to the overall package.It feels like Lovewave was a practice run for this.If the staging is done right this is could be flying.
    The Armenian diaspora will be all over it i expect.The east is there for the taking this year and Armenia might sweep up all the 10s and 12s there.The juries might be tempted to really go for this in a year where ESC has given up and gone all monochrome, where even Sweden has become a parody of itself.Could this top 3 the jury?.Maybe.
    I can understand that it might also fail to connect.That there is a chance it will be seen as pretentious.If the staging especially around the instrumental bridge fails the viewers might lose interest.Those are the risks when you push boundaries,but at 45s+ those are risks im very willing to take.Iv filled my boots.

  11. The East has come to play then. Azerbaijan has a song that is contemporary, cool and with huge staging potential. And now Armenia step up. The song won’t set Spotify streaming records, but for a piece of art on a Saturday night, this has it all. It reminds me of St Vincent or TuneYards and has a beguiling metronomic quality which draws you in. If they can capture the quality of video on the stage, they have the potential to stand out massively in Kiev.

    Of course with an arty winner last year, I am sceptical a similar sounding vibe can win the big prize this year – plus there is Italy to contend with – but if we are looking for two songs the East can rally behind, both of these more than fit the bill.

    • Songfestivalwerk!

      I personally think the winner will again be a çlassic Eurovision nation’. A country that has been participating in Eurovision as early as the late 1960’s I think Armenia and to a lesser extend Azerbaijan have cool songs this year. But to me Italy and Sweden are the ones to beat at this stage. Closely followed by Finland, Spain and Estonia. And indeed now Armenia. There’s a good chance we’ll see Australia in the Top 10 as well, but I’m less certain about that since this country has some stiff contemporary ballad competition (Bulgaria, Ireland). Belgium is great, but still less ‘straight-in-your-face’ as Belgium 2015.

      At this stage, a ranking like this would be mine:
      01. Sweden
      02. Italy
      03. Spain
      04. Estonia
      05. Finland
      06. Armenia
      07. Australia
      08. United Kingdom
      09. Belgium
      10. Bulgaria
      11. FYR.Macedonia
      12. Hungary
      13. Cyprus

      • I think Spain are a good bet with Germany for the wooden spoon….(becoming a Teutonic speciality in recent years…)

        UK 8th…? In a post-Brexit world…? Anything that beats Joe and Jake would be a bonus….I’d expect a decentish jury showing and bombing on the televote…just like 2016.

        • Songfestivalwerk!

          Well, regarding the UK…….I hear the same kind of pessimism and negativity surrounding your entry that preceded the announcement of Anouk’s ‘Birds’ and ‘Calm After The Storm’ from The Common Linnets.

          Therefore, I think judgment in the UK about their own Eurovision entry by definition is very much politically coloured and way way too subjective. I hear too much emotions, and not so much rationalism and pragmatism. Perhaps Brexit is too blame?

          Anyway, from all the ballads I think the UK has one of the more unique ballads. I certainly rate it higher than that ‘male treesome’ from Bulgaria, Australia and even Ireland.

          Secondly, Are you Brits blind? Lucie is an enigmatic performer. She’s certainly more emotive than that ice queen from 2014, Molly. Add to that superb vocals, and you’re en route to the first TOP 10 scoring since 2009.

          • I think UK will do better than some people think, on account of the vocals, but like many of the ballads this year, the song plateaus and does not go anywhere or build…..I’d be amazed if it made the top ten…..

          • Songfestivalwerk!

            What do you think Gavin?

          • I agree with Mark. I love the rework, but ultimately, the song lacks enough distinctiveness and lift. However, if they nail the staging – something the BBC isn’t known for – then maybe Lucie could shock.

            It’s worth looking back at the makeup of the top-10 by region. If you think Italy, Belgium and Portugal are in then it’s difficult for the UK too, especially when you add in two Balkans, a Scandie and at least two ex-USSR.

  12. Songfestivalwerk!

    First of all to Daniel Gould: Please buddy, get well soon. I think most of the betters here were quite shocked about the news. Good to hear you are already working heavily on Betfair Exchange :-).

    Secondly, I made a YouTube comparison of all ‘Likes’ vs. the total of ‘Likes & Dislikes’. Despite certain heavy demographical factors that need to be taken into account when looking at YouTube ‘Likes’, it does give you an idea where countries are standing right now.


    Regarding your reply Gavin….I’m less certain about both Portugal and Belgium. Portugal, because the singer doesn’t come across as a voting magnet if he continues performing with these motorical spasms. Belgium, because the song is slightly less ‘instant’ than, let’s say, Belgium 2015 and Belgium 2016. And after having seen some live performances of Blanche, I am not entirely convinced.

    What works in Lucie’s favour to me, that she has a song that’s slightly more easier to stage than previous three British entries. If Lucie keeps it simple like Anouk did it 2013 for instance. And if she continues belting out such intense and emotional vocals, then the UK could be in the TOP 10. I have UK higher than both Belgium and Portugal.

  13. Glad to see Armenia starting to shorten.Amazing that it was trading at 4 times Belgium on Betfair when it should be around 14s max before rehearsals.No doubt people started to see what a quality artist Artsvik is after Israel.She smacked that delivery without even trying,a good sound engineer will have her nailed at ESC.Is top 3 in the jury out of the question at ESC and a lot of the eastern block televote?.If they nail the staging i think its very possible (head mics please).I rate this and Bulgaria as the likely two pronged attack on Italy at this stage,even though no polls are picking it up at all.Easily my personal favourite entry though so i have to be careful,but the prices were a no-brainer for me to have it my biggest green.

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