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Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess

Earlier today, Bulgarian Broadcaster, BTN announced The Voice Kids Russia finalist and X Factor Bulgaria runner-up, Kristian Kostov, as their Eurovision 2017 representative. Then just a few hours ago they unveiled the delicate Beautiful Mess as his song. Russian born Kristian will perform Beautiful Mess in the second half of semi-final 2. Following Monday's song release, the Betfair outright price shot from around 20s to over 40s and has since gradually been backed in to below 20s. The initial reactions were probably 'oh no, not another ballad', or 'this isn't another If Love Was a Crime', which clearly overlooked the fact that…
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Might Kristian become the unofficial surrogate for Russian diaspora, as well as the Bulgarian diaspora and regional support?

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Earlier today, Bulgarian Broadcaster, BTN announced The Voice Kids Russia finalist and X Factor Bulgaria runner-up, Kristian Kostov, as their Eurovision 2017 representative. Then just a few hours ago they unveiled the delicate Beautiful Mess as his song.

Russian born Kristian will perform Beautiful Mess in the second half of semi-final 2.

Following Monday’s song release, the Betfair outright price shot from around 20s to over 40s and has since gradually been backed in to below 20s. The initial reactions were probably ‘oh no, not another ballad’, or ‘this isn’t another If Love Was a Crime‘, which clearly overlooked the fact that even though Beautiful Mess is ‘another f*cking ballad’, it’s a chart worthy song performed by a telegenic kid that straddles two diaspora blocs. As Beanie mentioned in the comments: “he is very accessible – quite James Arthur-esque and more current than the few other male ballads this year”.

The gentle build of the Beautiful Mess may sound too understated to achieve mass appeal, but it’s as relevant as Australia and Belgium and both of those songs are equally soft in approach; and as hinted above, Bulgaria benefits from greater regional influence. More on that in a moment…

Belgium has been matched at much lower prices than Bulgaria so far, yet while Belgium’s City Light’s is credible, it is very alternative and lacks the call to action one would expect from a top-4 entry. Bulgaria, on the other hand, fits the more conventional Eurovision and chart-worthy structure while promising an evocative and cinematic stage show.

A number of folk (not on here) have criticised Kristian for looking too young and suggested he’d be better suited to Junior Eurovision. Erm… he’s not eligible. He’ll be 17 once he gets to Kyiv, and as you’ll see from this video, and this video, mums and girls will be quite smitten with his innocent looks and vocal maturity. Cute and innocent works at Eurovision with the likes of Roberto Bellarosa and Donny Montell being fine examples of over achievement owing to some sense of insecurity and innocence. The good thing for Bulgaria is that Kristian has a cracking song and is a worthy contender for the win.

As mentioned at the start of the review, Kristian was born in Russia and even took part in the Russian version of The Voice Kids. It’s also worth reminding everyone that Russia’s entry is well below average this year, so might Kristian become the unofficial surrogate for Russian diaspora, as well as the Bulgarian diaspora and regional support? If I were part of the Bulgarian PR team, I would be promoting Kristian all over Russian TV and across the ex-USSR nations to harness and galvanise that support.

Last year Poli scored well from Balkan nations, as well as in places like Germany, Spain and the UK where there are high levels of Bulgarian diaspora. I think Kristian has the potential to score even higher if you accept that Beautiful Mess will appeal to the international juries. If so, then Bulgaria could be dangerous if given a second-half draw.

Beautiful Mess, or delicate dark horse?

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  1. Now, this is what Ireland were attempting to achieve!

    However, the more interesting parallel is with Australia. Both have similar types of singer and similar styles of song. Beautiful Mess is a modern easily accessible ballad, but still with sufficient quality, which could appeal to juries and televoters and East and West alike. This is a clear top 10 candidate which could go top 5. I would say much the same about Australia. However, I don’t think both will go top 5. On the night one will thrive and the other may fall back into the pack. But which is which?

    For now, I’m going to use the time-honoured Eurovision cop out and say it will come down to live vocal, stage presence and staging.

    But well done Bulgaria and for F*!& sake Armenia hurry up and declare your entry!

    Ps: I’ve also noticed that with the launching of the official videos a number of countries have changed the production of their songs. Some to good effect, other’s less so! Gav, are you planning to do an item on these changes? I would be very interested to hear your opinion and the opinions of others on here as to what has worked and what hasn’t.

    • Hi, erm I won’t change the reviews unless there’s a major overhaul, hence addition to UK. Instead, I’ll do my pre-rehearsal roundup before I fly out to Kyiv.

      • Thanks, I hadn’t realised you had updated the UK review. At the moment I’m slightly less convinced by the revamp than you, but from the other comments I seem to be in the minority.

      • Will there be an addition to Albania, or is that not considered a substantial overhaul?

  2. I agree ej, this is very accessible – quite James Arthur-esque and more current than the few other male ballads this year(and the rest of the ballads in general).

    From the other videos I’ve seen his vocals are strong enough (for a simple song like this anyway) – staging is all important as viewers may lose interest during the opening 30 seconds.

    Excellent entry though – I could see this as top 5 given that Bulgaria sound like they putting a lot of effort into this years contest…and perhaps better.

  3. This is very well-produced. I think Bulgaria are looking at another good result this year. Could potentially win the Semi 2 jury vote.

  4. Might sneak a top 10 on a good night. I think there’s too much ahead of it for much more but should definitely make the final barring any disasters.

  5. His voice is fantastic, but the sound of it in the chorus reminded me of something from a while back that took me about 20 minutes to pin down. I found it eventually.


  6. A Great song.I love it and want it to win.

    • The song is gorgeous, I can only reiterate how much I love his voice – but I’d advise caution betting on this to win, as it just has a straight 2 verse 2 chorus structure. It uses the refrain of the 2nd chorus as its climax, so there’s no moment of quiet followed by the big finale. This is quite crucial to creating that ‘winners moment’ on TV that the vast majority of winners need to click with people.

      Have there been any Eurovision winners in recent years without a traditional third chorus finale? Even the most unusual ‘top 2’ songs in recent years, 1944 and Calm After the Storm, had a traditional structure. The only winner that’s slightly deviated from this in the last 12 years is Dima Bilan.

      The potential for exploiting his Russian links is a good PR move, but Russia themselves will be attracting a lot of that on their own, assuming all goes ahead with Samoilova. You’d have to be a medium to say with any certainty that Bulgaria will succeed in winning Eurovision on that foundation.

      • (Also, is shouting about his Russian-ness really something you want to do in Ukraine? :P)

        • It would be too late if they only started that once they got to Ukraine. But any anti-vote will be against Russia, rather than Russians – or indeed a Bulgarian boy who was born in Russia.

          • What is an anti-vote? You cannot vote AGAINST someone, or can you?

          • It’s a delicate situation. What I meant was that if you’re trying to build PR around the Bulgarian act by promoting him to Russian and Russian-friendly audiences, there’s potential for backlash of doing so in a contest hosted in Ukraine. If you overdo it with characterising him as Russian-born then it will turn some people off and potentially leave the Ukrainian hosts with a foul taste in their mouths when that sort of PR narrative finally gets to the commentary booths and across the airwaves. It should be more of a wink and a nudge to the Russians rather than the headline.

            On an unrelated note, I should add the whole traditional structure caveat gives me concern for Italy’s final mix.

  7. I’m impressed with Bulgaria’s approach of late. Beautiful Mess is commercial, but it’s not throwaway by any means. Kristian’s vocal and the downtempo rhythm sync really well together. Something I’ve been thinking is, if Italy weren’t to go down too well with jurors than this would be a strong alternative. Great to see Belgium, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and others pushing the boat out this year.

  8. For starters I think Italy will stroll ESC this year but if something does beat it I dont think this is it, for me its a dark horse at best.

    • I personally think with an outstanding staging this could potentially win the semi, it’s got great staging potential, I could imagine some really cool camera effects during the warped synth instrumental breaks

      For me Italy needs to be 5th minimum in the jury to stand a chance, and I can already think of five songs that could potentially get a higher jury score in the final: Bulgaria, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Portugal. Maybe you could throw in some other potential jury favourites like Finland and France (the ESC cut is more dynamic IMO). And even if it wins the televote there’s no way it’s going to rake in anywhere near the 300+ that Sergey got.

  9. To me, it’s clear that Bulgaria VS Australia is gonna be a thing. They’re fishing in exactly the same pond. I’m not too sure what makes Bulgaria more of a contender than Australia other than just how much you might like this song more. I think there’s a lot more feeling in Bulgaria’s song, it’s not as generic, but Australia’s got the edge of having a traditional structure with a proper climax.

    • To me in terms of staging, Bulgaria can get away with looking contemporary, while Australia can only get away with a very classic staging, so when it comes to the final there will be a direct comparison as they’re both baby-faced 17 year old boys with voices beyond their years, so when it comes to voting it will come down to whether you prefer contemporary or classic.

  10. This has a very well developed and strong melody that could of grown into something special as its starts lovely,but for me it didnt,at least in this studio version.The Balkans are very strong this year and their votes arent certain to go Bulgaria’s way.The east might go for it with Russia and Ukraine out of the picture,but again that isnt certain.Im sure a big section of ESC fans will love this mainly for the sweet just legal young boy,but will he standout in the quick fire esc grand final to 200 million?.
    A good jury score is likely and televote,but 1st,or more likely 4/5th?.To win this would need staging far far superior to all the other challengers.It might get it of course as its obvious they are trying and the EBU are pushing them (they were very worried when all the Balkans started dropping out and have pushed them all since).Iv kept this just green,but wont be adding until i see how the staging looks.

  11. this entry has a lot of things going for it, potential to take both Balkan and eastern votes, a super modern polished song, and maybe most importantly kristian has a nearly BGT child singer cuteness that could influence televotes and jury alike.
    Very interested to see this performed live because if he nails his vocals it becomes a bit more impressive coming from one so young and juries could really support this.

  12. Oh my. Just seen the price of this entry. pmsl

    No pro punter would be backing at these odds. They’re completely being manipulated by the Bulgarians.

    The song itself is distinctly average. The singer is distinctly average. His diction is poor due to that huge gap between his front teeth. He practically whistles half of the song

    People are expecting some fabulous staging, but they seem to forget the mess they made of Poli’s last year.

    I suspect people are remembering as being good staging now as it gained 4 place, but it wasn’t by a long way

    Poli achieved a high position despite the staging, not because of it

    • Songfestivalwerk!

      Perhaps some people are jumping the Bulgaria-promo-bandwagon, only to influence the odds themselves (shortening) so they can act accordingly once the, almost certain, time arrives of odds growing again. They know very damn well once the time arrives to ‘lay’ or ‘back’. There are some people who completely ‘love’ Bulgaria, but at the same time I really wonder if their intentions are really honest. It’s not the first time in the betting world, outside Eurovision, that this happens. Moreover, I am starting to think that even Eurovision betters create their own ‘little bubble’ as well, knowingly or not knowlingly.

  13. For sure there is lots of dishonesty in betting bubble. Some people say how good a song is but in secret they are laying it.

    People see a song going shorter price and fearing they are missing something and back it. Their money shortens it further and it’s like a spiral.

    The price drifted massively when it was released, rightly so, and yet now it keeps shortening. Strange how this happens with such a poor song

    • Not much alternatives in the offer and market needed a ballad close to top as a consequence from last year. Why not Oz i.s.o. Bulgaria you might ask?
      Well nobody hears anything about Isaiah while Bulgarian promo is running full steam, people see the possible Russian vote for Kristian, ambitious artsy video clip, there is a quite staging promise, Gav is boring us to death with his re-tweets how good Kristian is 🙂
      Reasons enough I would say but it could mean nothing as you know.
      Last but not least, there was a talk about Russian money injected in the market last year, this could be Bulgaria’s year…

      • Just wait until we get to Kyiv Boki!

      • Songfestivalwerk!

        Since I’m not earning my money to the extend that Gavin does (obviously he lives for a large part from betting), I can only say what my predictions would be. But that doesn’t mean those bets are the most profitable ones. In the end it’s all about the most favourable exchange rates / odds and less about correct predictions. Something that has to be understood. But if you were me asking only which ballads have the best chance to end well this year, I instantly would choose:

        –> Finland, &
        –> United Kingdom
        –> Netherlands (to a lesser extend)

        Those countries have ‘ballads’ that are far more unique in the field. Finland being the more celtic one, reminding us about the likes of Enya for instance. And the UK because it simply sounds more pure, and not necessarily a ballad from a bunch of Sweden based hit composers.

        Both UK and Finland are relatively easy-to-stage and the biggest USP’s are actually their vocals. Both Norma and Lucie are very charismatic on stage.

        To a lesser extend this is the case with The Netherlands. An relatively mediocre song, but with tons of staging potential (both charisma-wise, vocally and looking at camera/lighting).

        Bulgaria, Ireland and Australia to my honest opinion are too ‘soft’, lack impact. Perhaps only Ireland gets a rousing unforgettable ending in the climax. But these three countries on the whole are way too similar. When they end high, it will be because of the juries I think.

  14. All this Bulgarian hype is fine to influence those in the bubble but when it gets to the final the average voter won’t have a clue about it and will just judge it on a song basis. It’s average at best. If their staging is similar to the vid then I struggle to see them even getting Top 10

    A 17 year old, gap toothed kid, dressed in black isn’t what gets votes imo

  15. Malta were manipulating odds last year and it done them no favours

    Traded way lower than they should all through and finished outside the Top 10

    • Songfestivalwerk!

      Exactly George

    • Malta and Russia were at it last year and years prior it was mostly Ukraine. I think Ireland started it when Jedward first took part.

      Now I look at the market every 30-mins or so and I haven’t seen any suspicious betting activity outside of the ‘Russia under 30s’.

      Italy is a justified favourite, albeit a tad too short, but outside of that there aren’t many challengers. Someone else has to be close and the market has decided Bulgaria is that song. At one point, people thought it was Belgium. Those days have gone. Once we get to rehearsals the market may unearth another challenger to Italy.

      But as a fan of Bulgaria’s song, I feel I have to challenge a few of your points:

      “If their staging is similar to the vid then I struggle to see them even getting Top 10” – They’re working quite hard on the staging, but as you imply, if they or anyone gets it wrong, it will damage their chances. But to finish outside of the top-10 is an ambitious viewpoint at this time given the makeup of this year’s entries.

      “The singer is distinctly average. His diction is poor due to that huge gap between his front teeth.” – Have you heard his English? It’s flawless. I don’t mind technical debates when I feel it’s justified, but I think you’re being unreasonably harsh.

      “The song itself is distinctly average” – compared to what? Taste is subjective, but as Beanie pointed out when the song was first released, James Arthur could have released this and landed a top-5 hit.

      There are three solid male ballads this year and I think two are capable of occupying the eventual top-5.

  16. I have to admit i dont like Bulgaria,its just not my thing,but a genre im weak in reading is young contemporary male vocalists.However i have it a very nice green because a few fellow punters who’s opinions i regard highly think its a challenger and have for a while,not just Gav.Iv made good money over the years following my own opinions,and iv also won some very nice money listening to people who also know their stuff when i dont get what they see,it all spends the same.Win or not i dont care now because its come in to second favourite and that means i can back some outsiders i think might shorten a lot during rehearsals with a well set,if quite low book,having the top two locked in (though now where Italy doesnt win me much).The top of the market looks priced right for me,but Iv been backing Armenia ,Hungary and Azer and a few others at big prices hoping one of them (or more) might do enough to be a springer.
    Iv never seen an ESC yet where a couple dont show themselves as challengers during rehearsals,so in a difficult year value wise at the top of the market my focus has been keeping the main challengers at this stage green while getting big greens on some iv got a hunch on by giving up a lot of the Italy profit.

  17. Not going to go into massive detail on Bulgaria right now, but the effort they are going to to win this totally year reminds me of Ukraine last year. Alarm bells started to ring for me for Ukraine when they had gone to the effort to get an English language translator to commentate their national final live for online viewers. It’s clear that there’s a lot of money going into Bulgaria’s entry this year, that’s for sure.

    • Songfestivalwerk!

      I disagree. I predicted Ukraine last year for TOP 5 even before the rehearsals. And that was solely based on her impressive vocal live performances in the semi final. I just thought it was a bit too ‘alternative’ to actually win it (with two 2nd places with juries and televoters I might add). People in hindsight focus a bit too much on the eventual staging triumphs of Ukraine 2016. I mean come on, vocally this was as stunning as Rona Nishliu in 2012. The song was also way more unique in the complete field of finalists.

      I don’t have that with Bulgaria. You can inject tons of money in it, but that’s by no means guarantee for the victory. I also think English commentary during a national final….is one of those exaggerations. If I use that as ‘alarm bells stuff’ I can also say that Malta has a shot at winning, because their national final was so crap :-).

      Right now I think the current standings of Bulgaria in the odds are slightly exaggerated. Well, slightly? I think it’s a huge exaggeration. In the end: Always look what the song has on offer for you…….and what the anticipated live performance in Kiev could realistically look like. My above examples of previous high-scoring ballads could give you a clue.

  18. I don’t think finishing outside the Top 10 is an ambitious viewpoint. People are looking at it’s chances and saying ‘oooo it’s second favourite, it must be good’

    Well it’s not imo, it’s 2nd fav because its odds are being manipulated. If you look at most polls he’s struggling. Not what you would expect from a 7/1 shot

    If you listen to his songs carefully you will see he has a slight lisp, this can be covered a little but Jurors will hear it for sure.

    I’m not sure comparing him to James Arthur is a positive if i’m honest. I can’t think of many tracks, except ‘say you won’t let go’ which is on a different scale to ‘Beautiful Mess’, that Arthur has success with outside of the UK .

    • A slight lisp. If I remember rightly, Lena was hardly a pinup for Received Pronunciation and that’s not even accounting for Ell and Nikki.

      There isn’t a bot running the Bulgarian price, as there’s no pattern to the movements. I would agree there’s a lemming affect at work; so people who hadn’t previously considered Bulgaria as contenders are adjusting their books or building a position before rehearsals.

      I wouldn’t put much faith in polls, George. On average, they only tend to call 2 of the eventual top 5 and just half of the subsequent top-10. Plus, they’re heavily influenced by fanboy hype. I prefer to work out which countries will do well with juries and take it from there, as those points are revealed first.

      • Songfestivalwerk!

        Comparing Lena (Germany 2010) with Kristian (Bulgaria 2017) is a bit too much really. Germany 2010 really HAD a realistic shot at winning. What made her win was thee total package of: very contemporary up-tempo pop song and a girl that oozed charisma on stage.

        Kristian has that too. But I really think pronounciations of the English language are never a valid or credible potential USP. It’s all about the total package, and if that can actually be regarded as winning or lower echions of TOP 10.

        So far, what Bulgaria has on offer, even with tons of money, a big promo campaign and a potentially good staging plan, doesn’t scream “Victory!”, “TOP 3!” or “TOP 5!” for me.

        • I’m not comparing their win chances, but merely pointing out that any perceived lisp doesn’t count for much given Lena’s pronunciation issues.

  19. Polls being influenced by Fanboy hype is exactly why I would expect Bulgaria to be doing well in them

    I agree with Songfestivalwerk with regards Lena. I don’t see a connection in the slightest.

    I’ve never suggested the money for Bulgaria was Bot driven. It’s someone placing bets to force the price down.

    The question is how deep are their pockets 😉

    • If a bookie priced a tissue now on ESC,before any money it would look like the Betfair market now,but with a bigger overround of course.The market, if it is making mistakes it is higher up the odds,the top of the market is priced right for me.

  20. And if that last tweet that you just posted is referring to me or SFW or both, then i shall not be happy

  21. Calm your paranoia. Today I’m in Walsall, home of the world’s worst drivers. Who are you on twitter, I’m curious? I sense we may have spoken before.

  22. I still don’t get the Lena comparisons. Sattelite was all about selling a performance. Kristian is doing a ballad which is all about the voice.

    I will let it pass though 🙂

    • Gavster wasn’t comparing Lena and Kristian’s chances of winning though, he was comparing their pronunciation, saying that Kristian having a very slight lisp means zilch when Lena had much bigger pronunciation problems and lo and behold, she still won. Besides, the whole thing about the lisp is ridiculous; I’m a native English speaker and I must’ve heard the song at least 15 times by now, yet I hadn’t noticed any lisp at all.

  23. I know he wasn’t comparing their win chances, never said he was

    I’m pointing out that a ballad is judged more on vocals than a song like Satellite would be

    If you can’t hear it that’s fine, but i can and so will professional jurors

    • A lisp/mispronunciation wouldn’t impact vocals though, and you said yourself, if you listen “carefully”, he has a “slight” lisp. Doesn’t sound like a huge, super noticeable problem to me.

  24. Regarding comments about lisps and Kristian´s English….well, as a qualified speech and language therapist, I have to say that if it is there (the lisp) it is ever so slight and I cannot imagine this costing him points with the juries. As for his English, I have just had two listens to his London Party performance and I have to say that there are many British artists with much worse diction than his……he also has a neutral-sounding English, with no heavy accent….in other words, if this song has weak points, they are not in this domain.

  25. Lol this is like youtube comments where everyone is a professor of some sort

    • Hi George. I’d like to think I gave you a chance, but the general level of disrespect and subtle baiting has gone far enough. Therefore I have blocked your ability to comment here.

      Enjoy Eurovision and I hope it’s a successful year for you.

  26. It’s a worthy second favourite in my opinion, super polished contemporary ballad with a team that sounds like they will totally be bringing their A-Game to Kiev. The staging also sounds like it will be awesome and cinematic with holograms.
    I seem to remember dami I’m’s song also being called bland last year and that didn’t stop her crushing the jury, and kristian should be able to pick up a decent televote with many regions.

    • Totally agree Geoff. I think the potential Dami Im parallels are very much in evidence.

    • But IF he continues to sing with his eyes closed…

    • Songfestivalwerk!

      So this is new to me. Holograms in the Bulgarian stage performance this year? Where did you get that?

      To be very honest, comparing Australia 2016 with Bulgaria 2017 is like comparing cars with tractors. Sorry. Dami Im’s song in the first place was build around massive, big, ‘straight in your face’ vocal belting. That really helped her securing a 1st place with the juries.

      To me, Bulgaria is far too gentle, too soft to compare it with that. If you do want to compare Bulgaria 2017 with a recent predecessor in the same field of, I get reminded of Norway 2014. Both entries were/are to me uttermost jury friendly, but really depend on a good running order to do well with televoters.

      Earlier today I typed a post in which I compared Bulgaria 2017 with previous recent TOP 5 scoring ballads. And that makes it even more clear to me that Bulgaria’s chances for TOP 10 are realistic, but at the same time its chances for TOP 5 could be too much to ask for:

      –> ALBANIA 2012:
      Unique yet not chart-worthy song. Stunning, remarkable vocals. Simple staging. No eye contact.
      –> AZERBAIJAN 2012:
      Same as Albania. Vocally stunning. Perhaps better song. OK eye contact.
      –> AZERBAIJAN 2013:
      Fairly dated Eurovision ballad. Rousing climax. Completely enhanced by A-Game in staging. OK eye contact.
      –> RUSSIA 2013:
      Another fairly dated Eurovision ballad -intro, key change, rousing climax-. Vocally superb yet notas memorable as Ukraine that year. Great staging. Good eye contact.
      –> NETHERLANDS 2014:
      The current benchmark for applying cinematic staging to a fairly simple country song. Can’t see this being done with Kristian. Good eye contact.
      –> SWEDEN 2014:
      Perhaps the least contemporary Swedish entry in recent years (ballad with key changes). But A-Game in staging. Good eye contact.
      –> RUSSIA 2015:
      A rousing Eurovision ballad, slow build-up, fantastic ‘straight in your face’ climax. Vocally superb. Very emotional performance. Good eye contact.
      –> ITALY 2015:
      Fairly dated popera stuffwith OK-staging, though not great. But totally enhanced by impressive vocals, intense camera work and tons of charisma (O’G3NE?).
      –> AUSTRALIA 2016:
      Like I mentioned before.

      –> BULGARIA 2017:
      My conclusion stands. Kristian’s charismatic performance and the emotional, gentle, pure song really lacks the “Ooomph!” to be compared with the above ‘ballads’. A-Game or not, I think we need to be a bit more realistic here and compare Bulgaria with other recent ballads that ended in the TOP 10, but were a long way removed from TOP 5 (eg. ITALY 2013, NORWAY 2014).

      If you can really confirm Geoff that Bulgaria is planning to do something with holograms, then that does change things a bit. But not much.

  27. Hi Gert, Yes I heard kristian will be intereracting with holograms and will have cinematic tv only visuals .
    There is obviously Big differences between beautifull mess and sound of silence, they are not really close as songs I just brought that up because one of the criticsisms of SOS was that it was also unexciting and bland, I’m sure dami’s vocals were a big selling point. But it was also a very modern polished song something the two do share.

    There is quite a few flaws we can point out with a lot of this years contenders, I think At least Bulgaria has the potential to jump out at rehearsals whilst with some acts ie Sweden we already know what we are getting.

    What do you think should be second favourite out of interest ?

  28. Bulgaria could win it this year !

    Please read my blog 😀

    Mario’s Eurovision 2017

  29. DaStar⭐ (@dastarsays)

    I also think Bulgaria could be the one to win this year, to me the song copes quite well with all the tensions around the world and also in Europe

    • Too young isn’t he? For the song to have any meaning and for anybody to relate to him. Also inconsistent. Let’s see what their staging is like.

      Interesting year, I think the front 2 can easily be beaten.

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