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Romania: Ilinca feat. Alex Florea – Yodel It!

The big fan favourite of Selecția Națională 2017, Yodel It, has just won the televote-only final and ticket to represent Romania in Kyiv. Ilinca feat. Alex Florea will perform Yodel It in first half of semi-final 1. About 10-days ago, Romania were matched as low as 10/1 in the Eurovision outright on the basis this song would be selected. I have no idea why punters thought that juries would rank Yodel It any higher than 10th, let alone televoters from outside of Romania’s diaspora supporting it. I guess if punters were drawing parallels with Playing With Fire, then fair enough, but…
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Yodel Off

The whole presentation looks rather amateur at the national final.

User Rating: 3.26 ( 33 votes)

The big fan favourite of Selecția Națională 2017, Yodel It, has just won the televote-only final and ticket to represent Romania in Kyiv.

Ilinca feat. Alex Florea will perform Yodel It in first half of semi-final 1.

About 10-days ago, Romania were matched as low as 10/1 in the Eurovision outright on the basis this song would be selected. I have no idea why punters thought that juries would rank Yodel It any higher than 10th, let alone televoters from outside of Romania’s diaspora supporting it.

I guess if punters were drawing parallels with Playing With Fire, then fair enough, but at least in 2010 they had a catchy and coherent song with entertaining staging. This time they have a yodelling girl and a guy that does the Sean Paul MCing thing, albeit even more off key. There is no concept, or actually any real charisma on show. The whole presentation looks rather amateur in current form.

If they can design a visually impressive stage concept and tighten the choreography for Kyiv, they could have a shot at top-10, or maybe higher, which would be heavily dependent on the diaspora turning up. However, if they can’t broaden its appeal to juries and a non-Romanian audience, then a Cezar result will likely be on the cards.

Can Romania’s Yodel storm the top-10 in Kyiv?

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  1. I like it but looking at semi 2 Romania do look a lot more friendless than usual and have a first half draw so I think they really could have done with a much more jury friendly song, could see juries tearing it apart. I think Romania should be okay and qualify but this year I think they could be ore vulnerable than usual even with this being a weak semi thus far. On the face of it it should qualify comfortably but if it come’s bottom 3 in the jury than will Romania have a strong enough tele vote to overcome this in a 19 song semi? My answer would be probably but it would by no mean’s be a comfortable qualification, on the plus side it does add a good bit of fun to the semi and imo is the perfect show opener for the semi!

    • There are diasporas in Denmark and Ireland, while even Norway could throw in some points, due to the Ovi connection. Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary could also help Romania, but don’t think 10-12 points. Having the Alpine duo Austria-Switzerland is also likely to help a little, thanks to the yodeling part.

      This song will be fanwank, but it’s the best Romania could come up with. M I H A I was shit, only Instinct looked like were trying, their painted-hands was a nice gimmick.

      • As an Irishman I agree about Ireland but it will probably be behind Lithuania & even Estonia in terms of diaspora. Yes they have support they are Romania after all but what I’m saying is it’s not as strong as normal, Romania usually have Moldova,Spain or Italy there but this year they have none meaning no more or less certain 12’s. If a jury in Ireland for example ranks Romania last (this is the sort of song I could see our jury tanking) than it won’t mean a whole lot how well they do in the tele vote they will only be getting a point or 2. Like I said they should be okay but this year for the first time in a long time I think Romania could be in a spot of bother but that could will only happen if a lot of thing’s go wrong.

  2. Will qualify for sure and will be in top 10 in the final, you underrated them a little bit I believe.

    • Suppose you dont know how juries work.

      • Pretty sure it wont do as bad as you in juries said, will be 15th- 20th in the final, and will also get top 4-6 in tellevoting. Will finish 8th- 12th in the final, two stars is really low score.

        • 15-20th is being a little optimistic it has to be said. If everything goes well i’d say 8th to 12th could be possible but will be heavily aided on the tele vote.

      • Don’t forget the jury and televotes are unlinked like last year, hence why Poland made the top-10. If Romanian diaspora is motivated, the same could happen for Yodel It.

        • The Romanians are likely to vote just for the fun of it, but bear in mind that both singers are not household names in Romania.

          Ilinca was a semifinalist in The Voice in 2014 and did some backing vocals for her coach, while Alex took part in X-factor 2014 and The Voice 2015 and lost also in the semifinal.

        • Now that you mention Poland last year I think its a good point granted Poland did have a lot more support in there semi, in this one the only country that is guaranteed to have a high tele vote for Romania with diaspora would be Ireland and probably Hungary & Bulgaria (that might be more of a neighbour vote than diaspora though). I just dont think this in the same bracket as Poland last year, Last year’s polish entry despite being awful had something about it to pull in vote’s ( the fact it got more tele vote’s than the 2014 entry show’s this) but looking at Romania 2017 I’m not exactly sure what there is to vote for. Also Poland 2016 was faultless live where this song really isn’t performed that well and could be a car crash live in Kyiv.

  3. On first listen I kinda liked it. Now I really don’t. It has no chance at a top 5 and a top 10 is a real push. Jurors will be turned off by yodelling and rapping, no matter how well done it is. It’s a fairly easy qualifier and will probably make it to a high mid table position. My guess is 12th- 16th. I don’t think Romania’s diaspora will be able to lift it into a top 10 overall. Could get 7th or so in the televote on a good night.

  4. The more I think about the more I think this will probably get a result similar to Russia 2011, because of diaspora and regional support it will get a high tele vote but then the jury will hold it back and it will end up coming mid table in the final (Russia that year only snuck through the semi in 9th place aswell).

  5. Il admit to the fact i love this.I could also shoot a hundred holes in it,and they need to fix as many as possible before ESC.The first problem is Alex cant sing.He spends far too much time jumping around and going off key all the time.He needs to sort out a simple routine and all his bits needs strong backing singer cover.Its crucial they do that.
    Ilinca is simply charming.She is also a great singer,but again needs to have a solid routine that doesnt get in the way of the vocals.They need to really tighten things up so that the jury can start awarding some points.
    Get the staging right and deal with the vocal issues and i see this flying in the televote.The contest is already stuffed with horrible ballads who everyone will want to forget.A lovely yodeling girl from Romania will provide some much needed relief.The producers will be desperate to get this in the final i expect,as long as they do tighten things up.In an average year this would be looking at 14-18 i expect,but this year might push much higher IF the right changes are made.

    • For me, both of them drifted off key in the Romanian final, but in the interview before their performance, which was taken 2 days before the final, her voice was so hoarse she could barely speak. I think she can master the yodel (did that twice in The Voice), but for me the key will be the staging. They already changed the routine from the chorus, but it’s still too dull, it’s a too little right now.

      • I agree I love the song, but the staging needs work.

        • True, although TVR’s production values didn’t help. Give it some really good backdrop graphics.

          • Knowing what TVR can do and the abysmal level of their production, it is hard to imagine they will rise up to the level. Their ratings are down, it’s a politised business and being dated could be their motto.

  6. Just when we thought that things couldn’t get any worse, Romania serves up this weird rap-yodeling fusion. Dear God! Now I’ve nothing, against yodeling as long as it’s done in the privacy of one’s own Alpine pasture, but not on a Eurovision stage!

    Ok, rant over, let’s try to look at this more objectively.

    Pluses – actually the backing track isn’t bad and on it’s own it wouldn’t constitute the most boring 3 minutes at this year’s Eurovision, the staging, particularly the lighting scheme wasn’t bad at all, and then there’s the diaspora vote (mind you I find it difficult to comprehend the fathomless depths of love for the mother country that would persuade anyone to pick up the phone for Yodel It)

    Minuses – the song’s not that great, (alternatively it’s unlikely to make the audience laugh or smile even) yodeling, rap, badly out of tune singing – if this doesn’t bomb with juries then you’ve got to question what the juries are there for.

    I’ve yet to do the math re the number of free diaspora votes it might get, but my gut feeling is NQ.

  7. Mark my words, this is televote top 5 material. Juries will bury it

    • I wouldn’t go as far to say top five but yeah, a high televote wouldn’t be surprising because much as we want to deny it, this kind of weird oddity is what a decent chunk of the casual viewers at home (a lot of whom are probably drunk on a Saturday night) expects from Eurovision.

    • They come from The Voice, so certainly not. If this gets a top 5 televote, top 5 could be. Bookmakers rate it as 3rd outright winner.

  8. According to an interview they did with TVR (Romanian Television), they will have an “international-calibre act” that will include “projections”.

  9. Only just realised I haven’t recorded my thoughts for Romania here.

    I have never been made so enormously happy watching a Eurovision song being performed on the first go. I had the biggest grin plastered across my face the entire time.

    I feel like anyone who thinks this is a weird combination is too far down the Eurovision rabbit hole and has lost touch. We’ve endured Malena Ernman, Euro Neuro, Kuunkuiskaajat, Narodnozabavni Rock, I Love Belarus, The Social Network Song, I’m a Joker, Disco Serhat and whatever Bosnia sent last year, all with a relatively straight face – but this we find weird?

    Reality check – yodelling is generally seen as weird. Alex the rapper makes it not weird. He makes it a fun, accessible pop sensation for kids and people who have had too much wine. These two compliment each other perfectly.

    And to call it without concept as a negative is just missing the point completely. It’s a rapper, a hot yodelling girl and a massive 90s beat. Why does there have to be any more to it than that? The song is a massive happy pill. Televoters will love this and the juries shouldn’t bury it any more than they did Russia’s grannies. It’s sailing into the final and I’ll be surprised if it misses the top ten. I wouldn’t even write it off from causing a stir at rehearsals.

  10. You seem to be experts… still, I need to remind you this year’s slogan:CELEBRATE DIVERSITY! This song really is diversity. Try to see from this point of view. Jury should see the mixture of genres surprisingly combined and the great chemistry between the singers. For sure they will get some improvements to their show. I mean, they have to. And then they’ll reach the top10 for sure.

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