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Melodifestivalen 2017: Final Lineup Complete

Following tonight’s andra chansen round, the Melodifestivalen 2017 final lineup is now complete. And as suggested in our preview article, Loreen went out to Anton Hagman! FO&O, Boris, Lisa & Anton will join the other eight direkt finalists in Stockholm next week.

The 12 finalists are:

  1. Ace Wilder – Wild Child
  2. Boris René – Her Kiss
  3. Lisa Ajax – I Don’t Give A
  4. Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On
  5. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – En värld full av strider
  6. Anton Hagman – Kiss You Goodbye
  7. Mariette – A Million Years
  8. FO&O Gotta – Thing About You
  9. Nano – Hold On
  10. Wiktoria – As I Lay Me Down
  11. Benjamin Ingrosso – Good Lovin’
  12. Owe Thörnqvist – Boogieman Blues

A full final betting preview will be published on Wednesday alongside our preview podcast.

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  1. So… SVT wants Wiktoria?

  2. Its interesting that the top 2 in the betting Wiktoria and Nano are back to back in slots 10 and 9. I wonder what the reason behind it was to put them next to each other.

    • To make it fair for two of the three main challengers.Those are Swedish pimp slots.The other main challenger is Jon for me and the reason SVT have him there is to try to kill off Robin.I doubt they want him winning and Jon has the best production so should help send Robin down the memory hole a bit.

  3. Two horse race then.
    My gut says Nano will be the jury winner, Wiktoria the public. The way the app has flattened out the public vote I make it advantage Nano but it will be tight.

    • I’ve been thinking that if the televote is as close as it was last year, that opens it up for a clear jury winner to take it by the reins. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the televote winner won’t win MF.

      The thing is though, what would the international juries go for? I kinda feel like Wiktoria’s song isn’t really the kind they would go for…

  4. Jon will be a serious contender.

    • I agree.SVT put Loreen up against Wiktoria and Jon (and Aninia who is superb) because they knew they were the two strongest entries this year and were playing with the audience.The charts dont matter for Jon.Its all about the power and visuals live.I think Wiktoria wins this,but Jon is a big threat.Nano isnt good enough for me,but could be a default winner if the jury think its better than it is, so needs to be kept green.

  5. So far: 1363 votes
    Ace Wilder – “Wild Child” 6%
    Boris René – “Her Kiss”2%
    Lisa Ajax – “I Do not Give A”2%
    Robin Bengtsson – “I Can not Go On” 10%
    Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – “A world full of battles (Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh)” 21%
    Anton Hagman – “Kiss You Goodbye”3%
    Mariette – “A Million Years”11%
    FO & O – Gotta Thing About You5%
    Nano – “Hold On”14%
    Wiktoria – “As I Lay Me Down”15%
    Benjamin Ingrosso – “Good Lovin ‘”5%
    Owe Thörnqvist – “Boogieman Blues” 6%

    Yes, this is unreliable, it credited Loreen with a 61% of the votes, but it could have been accessed worldwide and that helped her. But, my oh my, JHF as a favourite? Even a 5% one (80 votes), but damn… FWIW, though, it is the moment with the biggest emotion and he really stepped up from Jag ar Fri. But does SVT want a Swedish entry? A translation would kill the moment and the connection between JHF and Aninia… The ending of the Youtube clip, their semifinal act, was pure and true, with their hug transcending any language barrier…

  6. Have I detected just a little gloating on this site at Loreen’s MF demise?

    If you have profited financially gloat by all means, but in a year when it doesn’t look like Sweden will be able to field a genuine Eurovision contender, spare a thought for the implications for the quality of what we will be watching at Eurovision in May (which by any measure is currently not that high).

    • He’s probably praying to all the gods that the vastly overrated gorilla suit will win in Kyiv, so by his logic the more crap songs the better.

      Personally I’m starting to think this is turning out like 2014, we’re probably not going to know the real winner until the second semi is over.

      • If I had the best position, with the biggest green on Italy, yes, I would be praying that Gabbani lands the ESC. I think that is the point of this site, not bitching about a favourite that did not get the wanted result.

        It was said from the get-go that Loreen is not going to have the best song, therefore the odds were too low on her, ergo bigger on any other contestant, creating value in other parts. I think that counts as a win.

        • I know it’s not a fanboy site, but personally I just think that people are getting too carried away over what is in my opinion a pretty cheap gimmick and I wouldn’t like the comments section here to be full of Italy backers kicking themselves for backing the wrong horse on May 14th

          • I think buying Italy at 15s, 13s, 10s can be easily sold, if another challenger appears. Right now, that looks like the song to beat. You wouldn’t like to have it green right now? I also wouldn’t say that the monkey is a cheap gimmick. It is an ironic song, “la scimmia” is there and I think it fits very well. The challenge is to build up the momentum and make sure the viewers understand it. Yes, it is tough. But the ball is in their pitch.

          • I suppose fuss over Occidentali’s Karma is because it’s the only thing so far that has the feel of a genuine contender

            That’s not to say other contenders won’t emerge or something else may slip through on rails on the night.

          • I backed Italy at 50/1 Kylie and im still backing it at 4s.its all about price.Where are the challengers coming from?.How many?.Might we get one,or two maybe who might get close?.Im taking a green into an average of 5s on my book and that will leave me enough room to move if needed.Saying Gabbani has only a cheap gimmick is ludicrous.There is no way you win a Sanremo with a weak song.To get past Fiorella was a huge ask.He also had a superb jury song in Ermal Meta to contend with.It was a stunning result,make no mistake about that.
            As for MF Gav works hard to get the inside take.I told him i thought Wiktoria was a huge challenger from the start,he didnt agree with me.I was right on that.However i had no thoughts on Nano and would of been blindsided without Gavs podcast.Instead i got him on at 11s and that has helped make for a very easy book.I care about £s in the bank and if thats from my own work,or others here i dont care,they spend the same.Thats what its all about.Twists and turns and shared knowledge to make sure the end result is green.
            As for gloating at Loreens demise id say that has nothing to do with backing Italy.Wiktoria and Jon would be a much bigger threat to Gabbani than Loreen.Id say Italy backers would be jumping for joy if she had won MF given how pants her song is.

          • Fair enough, maybe it’s just me. For now I’m not touching any of the Eurovision markets until at least all the songs are out, and even then I’ve got a bad feeling that I won’t see any good value bets anywhere until rehearsals :/

          • I agree it looks like it might be a very tough year from here in to find value.There could be a few strong songs yet to come.Im pretty shocked at the low quality so far as im sure most people are.Its almost like everyone is trying not to win.

    • Well, if Sweden did not vote for it, how in the world would you expect Europe to vote for it? Let me put it another way: Sweden had two chances to vote for it, but passed, with the second time being h2h with a 18-year old boy, who has 2250 likers on fb and 62.500 followers on Instagram, who is in his first Melodifestivalen and has a lot of experience on covering songs on Youtube.

      I made this point once and I will do it again. Explain to a Romanian, Moldovan, Lithuanian, Bulgarian or Albanian the woman with the bag. We are watching a song contest and suddendly a woman with a bag comes and hits the other dancers. If the commentators tell this story before, the surprise will be spoilt. If not, I will either

      a) get over it and think twice before I vote; or
      b) i will lose 2-3 minutes to google it and try to understand why a woman hit a neo-nazi with a bag in Vaxjo in 1986.

      Yes, probably it looked very good. But it also looked too staged, too much in too little time. And we have already seen the little girl in Sia’s live performances or in videos again and again. So, tell me again, please, why Sweden would have stand a better chance in Kiev with Loreen than with any other contestant. I can’t understand a word in Sweden, but everytime I look at JHF’s youtube video, I get the chills. It’s easy: you can relate to it and there is a lot of emotion, sheer emotion, from both of them. I did not get that from Loreen.

      • Walrus – I didn’t expect Europe to vote for it. Loreen wouldn’t have won or probably came even close. But if you are going to go down at least go down taking a risk, rather than sending Wiktoria, Mariette or Robin – which if they don’t win Eurovision (and I can’t see any of them winning) will be likely to be all but forgotten come 1st June.

        I haven’t a clue what the woman waving the handbag was about, but it left a strong visual impression almost like every other second of the performance of Statements in a way I can’t remember any Eurovision entry before doing.

        Now, if JHF went to Kiev that would be taking a risk. I haven’t listened to that particular song a lot, so I am happy to bow to your opinion on it’s merits. The only thing that slightly bothers me is that it does sound a bit like the guy is yodeling, but I’ll try to get over that.

        • Am I assuming wrong that you are a Loreen fan? 🙂 I like to think I am a curious person and I am always looking for things that are part of the narrative. Because you started your assumption with the implication Loreen would have been better for Sweden than Wiktoria or Nano. Then you said that she wouldn’t have won. In such a year like 2017, I really think that both Nano and Wiktoria are in for a top 5 placement. Is it really that bad of a result?

          Second, if I see something I can not understand, I google it. Believe me, not many people from Romania knew what happened in Vaxjo with that neo-nazi parade. Heck, probably they don’t care. But don’t expect them to vote for you, either in that instance. The presentation should be easy to understand. Jamala did that, she cried her pain. You could relate to Mans’ stickman.

          I think Wiktoria would do well in charts here. I am talking about Romania, where even piss poor Margaret Berger is still a radio hit and gets her share of weekly plays, even weekly charts. Also, Euphoria was a big hit here. But you know what wouldn’t be a big hit? Statements! It isn’t radio friendly, it does not have a hook, it has those dark riffs….

          • I can assure you I’m no Loreen fanboy. I actually thought I was the only person in Europe who didn’t ‘get’ Euphoria.

            Statements made no impression on me on first viewing and then a massive impression on second viewing. A matter of personal taste, which clearly many people in Sweden didn’t share.

            I don’t know if it would have done better for Sweden than the other songs you mention but in my opinion (and it is only my personal opinion) it would have been better for the contest as a whole. By the same token, now that Loreen is out, JHF may be the remaining best choice in the interests of the contest in terms of quality and variety.

  7. The producers have thought along the exact same lines as me. Wiktoria is Plan A, Nano is Plan B. Pretty much everything else would be unacceptable to send to Eurovision, although both Jon Henrik and Robin both have solid claims for the Top 3.

  8. Anyone who traded the Andra Chansen round on Betfair should check their Betting History under voided bets. Seems like they voided a load of bets by mistake instead of settling them. I have contacted Betfair regarding my own bets, but everyone else should check theirs and do the same in order to get this sorted. I’ve heard from two others thus far who are experiencing this problem.

    • You didnt get your money, did you? Seems betfair forgot to set the market in-play (which I didnt realize) and voided all those bets. Sucks, cause AC was my biggest win :/

  9. Prediction, Anton hagman will come last, what do you think?

  10. Hmmmm, about Boris Rene, I like more her kiss than his song last year, and I have a feeling he won his duel quite easily, and was close to the second place in the semi. Moreover, his song can do well in both jury and tellevoting, I think he will surprise as positively. FO and O will have a big enough support from fan girls to avoid the last place.

    • Owe could be last. Should get 0 from juries and the novelty could well have worn off.

      • I agree that he will get 0-3 points from juries, but some older people will vote for him like they did with Haase Anderson, of course he wont do as well as he did, but he might finish 8th or 9th.

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