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Melodifestivalen 2017: Preview Podcast

ScandieAndy rejoins the podcast crew as we preview each of the four heats with Tobias Larsson and Aftonbladet’s Torbjörn Ek.

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  1. Another marvellous podcast from the Ren & Stimpy of the Eurovision betting world. 😛

  2. Another marvellous podcast from the Ren & Stimpy of the Eurovision betting world. 😛

  3. Great listen and very insightful. Thanks fellas.

  4. Great pre-MF show as always, love the little insider info!

    In regards to Lisa’s song, I don’t imagine that it would actually have any foul language, some pop songs intentionally blank out where you would expect a curse word in there as some sort of subversion and I’d imagine her song would go for a similar thing. Basically in a nutshell: being as edgy as you can realistically get away with.

  5. Great info and even better to see Andy back steering the ship.I must admit im in the camp of thinking Wiktoria is very talented,though putting her hair through the GHDs is a bad idea and she will need a great song to do well.I also think Ajax can win this if she can sell the song better.She wasted a great song last year by delivering it like an undertakers dummy.Hopefully better this year.

  6. Thanks again guys. My take on Melodifestivalen of late, is that SVT have attempted to pitch recent contests as the big name versus the newcomer. Danny v Loreen, Sanna v Ace, and Frans against Molly/Ace. From a TV perspective, it maximises the spectacle to have someone come from nowhere to challenge a star and put their reputation on the line.

    I think Nano could easily fill that role. He’s definitely a lot more distinctive in image and musicality than many of the names on the list, so it’ll be interesting to see how far he can go. Benjamin Ingrosso is another one I’ve kept my eye on, although in terms of votes, he’s fishing from the same pond as the Fooo and Robin, so he’ll have to come up with something special to contend.

    Loreen isn’t to be discounted though. You can bank on her to produce a visually compelling show irrespective of the song. The way I see it is, she could perform a song about making scrambled eggs on toast and still have it sound edgy and other-worldly. I’m surprised Tobbe thinks her song may not have a decent hook or any at all, considering the Debs and Segerstad are essentially the go-to people if you want a catchy hook.

  7. Great listen, as always. It really feels like Eurovision season hasn’t really begun until your Melfest podcast is posted, so thanks. Will be at Friends Arena again for the final this year, so really excited

  8. Nice to hear that you guys are back. I appreciated the podcast as always, and I would say: Keep up the good work!

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