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Denmark: Melodi Grand Prix 2017 Lineup Unveiled

Danmarks Radio have just presented the full lineup of artists competing to represent Denmark at Eurovision 2017 following two successive non-qualifications.

Their aim was to be more commercial and varied in style, but we all know that isn’t a trait Dansk Melodi Grand Prix is accustomed to, however, we’ll wait patiently for the songs. Nevertheless, DR have reintroduced the international jury to neutralise the sex starved female vote, which has resulted in two lame boybands winning over their preferred act.

  1. Ida Una – One
  2. Thomas Ring – Vesterbro
  3. Rikke Skytte – Colour My World
  4. Anja – Where I am
  5. Calling Mercury – Big Little Lies
  6. Anthony – Smoke In My Eyes
  7. René Machon – Warriors
  8. Sada Vidoo – Northern Lights
  9. Jeanette Bonde – Hurricane
  10. Johanna Beijbom – ASAP

The final will take place on February 25th. We’ll have a full betting roundup as soon as songs and odds are published.

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