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Melodifestivalen 2017: Heat 3 Betting Preview

Heading north-east to Växjö now where we have one big, surefire name and several others vying to make it to the Stockholm final. Five of the songs are upbeat with Owe and Anton sending ballads.

Heat 3: Växjö – February 18th

1. Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On 

Melfest 2013 winner, Robin Stjernberg, returns as writer along with Undo writers, David Kreuger, Hamed ”K-One” Pirouzpanah. Robin really should be vying for the second qualification spot alongside The Fooo, however, there is potential for an upset considering the vast bulk of votes are expected to go to the boyband and that Robin has been given the first slot. His high profile should still allow him to qualify if the song is strong enough.    

2. Krista Siegfrids – Snurra min jord

Krista will be hoping to progress to the latter stages this time after a disappointing 5th place last year with Faller, but I fear the dreaded coffin slot will see her struggle again. Krista has a budding solo career in progress and exposure to the lucrative Swedish market appears to be the main plan. Gabriel Alares remains in place as writer, so a big step forward is required.

3. Anton Hagman – Kiss You Goodbye

Anton might be an unknown to most folk in the same way that Anton Ewald was in 2014. Unlike Ewald, he won’t be performing a dance floor banger with A Friend In London frontman, Tim Schou, on the writing team. It’s unfortunate he’s been placed in the same heat as The Fooo and Bengtsson, as there’s good potential here judging by his series of YouTube covers. This is probably a career launch opportunity with the most likely route to the final being via andra chansen, but going after Bengtsson does aid his chances of direkt.

4. Jasmine Kara – Gravity

Jasmine gets the second Anderz Wrethov song (Alice Svensson has the other). The 28-year old rose to fame on the back of Allsång på Skansen and Körslaget appearances, but has struggled since despite concerted efforts to promote her. In 2014, she took part in the Swedish version of Strictly Come Dancing and was the fifth celeb to be voted off. Benjamin Ingrosso won that season! I think we have a likeability problem here, so it would be a huge surprise to see Jasmine making the final. Her more recent work and image doesn’t scream voteable                                         

5. Owe Thörnqvist – Boogieman Blues

The older artists haven’t done as well of late and the self-penned Boogieman Blues might struggle to stand out against the likes of The Fooo, Bengtsson and Hagman. Owe does go into the Contest as the oldest ever, and while direkt qualification should be out of reach, if the narrative gains traction he could nab an andra chanson place. 

6. Bella & Filippa – Crucified

A potential thorn in Owe’s side could be country duo Bella and Filippa. They’re a bit like two Anna Bergendhals, but given the Swedish appreciation of Country music, this duo shouldn’t be totally be ruled out. The writing team aren’t as well known as others, though Peter Hägerås has Eurovision national final experience, in addition to credits with Perrelli and erm… Paul Potts. Bella & Filippa aren’t high on my list, but I wouldn’t oppose them either. They’re a bit of an unknown.

7. The Fooo Conspiracy – Gotta Thing

The Fooo are the biggest name in the line up in terms of current popularity – they could totally romp the televote Yohio style, but if their song lacks a big enough hook, a Robin Stjernberg situation might arise. [New readers see Melfest 2013]

The lads are decent live and have two solid song writers: Nilsson wrote Darin’s Nobody Knows, which featured in the Eurovision 2013 semi-final interval. On top of that, he’s written for Agnes, Lindgren, as well as a rather fantastic song for Ulrik Munther which deserved much greater chart success. Robert ”Mutt” Lange is much rockier in style, but boasts bigger names such as Foreigner, Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, The Corrs, Nickelback, Maroon 5 and Muse, to name just a few. Most of those credits were for production, so hopefully that’s where his talents have been put to use. 

The Fooo are the obvious qualifiers here, but with at least three names challenging for the second qualification spot, it’s unclear who will be joining them in the final. We’ll hopefully have some solid gossip ready for our preview podcast with Aftonbladet’s Tobbe Ek later this month.

Who do you think will join The Fooo in the final?

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  1. I would actually describe Bella & Filippa as more pop (read: more Melfest friendly) version of First Aid Kit (look them up, seriously). They’re the act I’m most looking forward to in this year’s Melfest even though they’re probably not going to the final, sigh…

    Here’s one of B&F’s songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqBwMWkhUCs

    • Cheers Kylie. I had looked at a few videos, but I just can’t make up my mind on B&F. I do think the right country style song could do very well. They are value with over 4/1 available for qualification and 50/1 on the outright.

  2. Bella&Filippa are the ones I’m looking out for here. Have they been given the 6th slot as a means of propping up FO&O, or are they there because they’ve got a genuinely good song on their hands? I’ve a feeling they might turn up with something good.

    • It seems all of this week’s songs are strong and can each make a claim for direkt qualification. I have a small investment in Bella & Filippa, but will be waiting for tomorrow’s clips before deciding whether or not to cash out of my position. I’m away this weekend, so not planning to get too involved.

  3. Just like last week, I think we have the first and last in the top 2.
    Foo’s song so poor it hurts but name and running order more than enough to qualify and probably win the semi. Jury will stop them dead in the final. If they don’t this wouldn’t qualify in Kiev.

    I think this is the worst semi yet, only Bengston is half good but still completely lacking in originality.
    Anyway, my first thoughts (and probably last since I don’t really care) :
    1. Foo
    2. Robin Bengston

    Andra Chansen :
    3. Bella and Fillipa
    4. Anton Hagman

    5. Krista Siegfrieds
    6. Jasmine Kara
    7. Owe Thornqvist

  4. Unless SVT have saved there best till last, with a first half draw I’m not sure if Sweden are even assured of qualifying in Vienna never mind winning.

    • So you are saying that if Nano wins it, it will not get out from the semi? 🙂

    • Nano, Mariette and Ace Wilder would all qualify very comfortably.

      • Marietta definitely wouldn’t qualify comfortably, we all have this idea in our head that because it’s Sweden is a qualifier regardless. It’s a deadly semi final and with a first half draw I wouldn’t be looking past the semi. I think Sweden would still qualify but there’s nothing so far that is in the same league as any of Sweden’s entries since the last failed to qualify (Bar Robin probably) and if Sweden do qualify it won’t be in position 1,2 or 3 but it will likely be around 6th or so. In my post I didn’t mean Sweden wouldn’t qualify all I said was Sweden aren’t a certain qualifier like they have been since 2011.

        • No, it’s not the idea of Sweden, but you must respect them. It’s clear that the song is not a ESC winner, but it is a good one and should qualify with ease, in what appears to be a sea of ballads and slow tempo songs.

          • In a 18 song semi no song can be considered to qualify with ease (especially with a first half draw) unless the song is bloody good one, until we have the 43 we can’t be able to say it will stand out or not all we can do is judge the song and the song’s as they stand are not sure qualifiers, they are probable qualifiers but no more than that. Then again, semi 4 could have a top 3/potential winner and all of what we have been saying here could be irrelevant.

          • Last year, Samra, who could not hit a note if she tried her best, managed to sneak into the final with 80% more points than the first NQ. Ditto for Gabriela Guncikova, who managed to qualify with 60%.

            Donny Montell had 222 pts, while the 10th placed in the other semifinal, Sanja, had 105. I think these numbers are the synonyms to “with ease”. And yes, I would expect the same from Mariette, if not better.

          • She got through because of $$$$ Each song is different.

          • I’m kind of with Walrus on this one, not just in regards to Sweden, but at the rate things are going, any well-staged act with a half-decent hook should do relatively well this year amongst all the slow songs.

  5. After predicting correctly the first two weeks, I am going to risk it this time.

    2. Robyn bengtstton
    3. Anton hagman
    4. kara

    I fear that the country duo will be very repetitive. Terrible semi.

  6. 1. Robin
    2. Jasmine
    3. FO&O
    4. Owe

    Gonna predict a “shock” AC placing for FO&O in addition to Anton going out altogether.

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